9 thoughts on “Pope’s anti-gay comments denounced

  1. The Pope Ratzinger has again demonstrated today that he is STILL a Nazi, and the head of the ongoing Catholic Inquisition – now against gay people, as well as against truth.

    Christ NEVER said one word against gay folks. The Ten Commandments don’t say one word against gay folks. If one is a true Christian, he or she would honor and emulate Christ himself. There is absolutely no reason to think that people who are born gay are any more heinous than those born with blue eyes or left-handed. And if one sifts through every last obscure passage in the Bible, far more verbage is spent condemning the consumption of shellfish and the simultaneous wearing of cotton and wool than any questionably translated references to gay individuals.

    Ratzinger has proven that the Catholic church’s tradition that insists that popes are magically infallible is total nonsense. Ratzinger forced his way into his current power position like a member of the Mafia, twisting arms all the way. He is a totalitarian bigot, and not even a real Christian. What a sick joke that he was allowed to strong-arm the Cardinals into allowing him into the head power position. He is nothing more than another self-serving Bush-like bully.


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