Over 500 children in Pope Benedict brother’s choir abused

This video says about itself:

Pope Benedict‘s brother, Georg Ratzinger, in spotlight over choir abuse

9 January 2016

Brother of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI in spotlight over choir abuse.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV about Germany:

More Regensburg choir boys abused than thought

Today, 12:34

The abuse in the famous cathedral church choir of Regensburg is worse than thought. Over 500 choir boys have been ill-treated and abused sexually by priests and teachers over recent decades. Half a year ago, there were still thought to be 231 victims.

According to the lawyer Ulrich Weber, 67 out of 500 children have been victims of physical violence as well as sexual abuse. The lawyer put that in the final report he has written for the diocese. Weber started his research seven years ago when the first cases came to light. It’s about crimes between 1945 and the early 1990s.

Looking away

Weber identified 49 priests and teachers who are guilty of ill-treatment and abuse. In the report, the former bishop of Regensburg and the former choir leader get fierce criticism. The latter is Georg Ratzinger, the brother of Emeritus Pope Benedict. He was looking the other way and is criticized for lack of intervention while he knew of the abuse.

The current bishop of Regensburg apologized last year.

According to the still valid papal bull Urbem Romam, brothers of popes, including Georg Ratzinger, have the title ‘prince’.

And our guest writer has a message for Christian parents who hit their kids: Spanking is sex abuse.

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