Hundreds of boys in Pope Benedict XVI brother’s choir abused

This music video from Germany is called Regensburger Domspatzen (22 March 2015): So treiben wir den Winter aus.

Hidden behind this fine music is a sad story of Roman Catholic clerical sexual child abuse.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Massive abuse of choirboys of Regensburger Domspatzen choir

Today, 19:06

Priests and teachers of the world famous choir of the cathedral in the German city of Regensburg have in recent decades abused at least 231 choristers and mistreated them. These are many more than the 72 cases that the diocese itself had already admitted.

Lawyer Ulrich Weber spoke last year on behalf of the diocese with those involved. He could also consult secret archives. Weber fears that the actual number of victims is even higher.

The lawyer suspects that on about a third of the 2100 students who came to Regensburg between 1953 and 1992 physical violence has been inflicted.


The sexual assaults ranged from fondling to rape. Furthermore, boys said they were beaten bloodily with sticks, key rings or seal rings. Children who wetted their beds were not allowed to drink anything any more.

Most of these crimes are now barred. Within the diocese, Weber says people already knew what was happening, but for fear of personal consequences and implications for the choir, nothing was done about it.

The diocese has promised victims 2500 euros as compensation.

1000 year

The Regensburger Domspatzen is one of the most famous choirs in the world and the oldest boys’ choir in Germany. In 1976 it celebrated its millennium.

Between 1964 and 1994 the choir was led by Georg Ratzinger, the now 91-year-old brother of Pope Benedict XVI. The choir has also a school and a boarding school connected to it.

Pope Benedict XVI visits the Regensburger Domspatzen

This DPA photo shows Pope Benedict XVI visiting the Regensburger Domspatzen.

Sexual assault reports surge at three US military academies by more than 50%: here.

Pope abuses Christmas for homophobia

This music video is called Johnny Gill, Give love on Christmas.

Everywhere in the world, millions of Christians, and also millions of non-Christians, see Christmas as a festival of love.

Not so Pope Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

“Gays threaten human nature”

Friday, December 21, 2012, 20:44

In his Christmas speech the Pope said that homosexuals destroy “the essence of humankind”. Families, according to him are “threatened to the core” by opening marriage to LGBTQ couples. Previously he called gay marriages a threat to world peace.

By Scott Roberts:

21 December 2012

Pope Benedict XVI is getting into the festive spirit by taking his opposition to gay relationships to new heights.

The Catholic leader made his latest homophobic attack on Friday in his annual Christmas speech to the Vatican – one of his most important speeches of the year and one in which he dedicated to opposing equal marriage. …

Last Friday, in a message for World Day of Peace 2013, the Pope described same-sex marriage as a threat to justice and peace, adding that it will spark harm for society.

In January, the Pope warned that introducing equal marriage would risk the future of humanity itself.

So, Pope Ratzinger does not link Christmas to love. Rather, he links it to hatred of people who love each other enough to want to marry.

Accusing gay people of threatening world peace is a grave accusation indeed. People threatening world peace might start World War III, with the most horrible (nuclear) bloodshed ever.

If the pope wants to stop people threatening world peace, then he should not look at LGBTQ people. He should look at NATO generals advocating nuclear war. He should look at arms industry fat cats profiting from wars.

Then, the pope, like Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, should look at politicians like Tony Blair. George W Bush and Tony Blair started the Iraq war, basing themselves on lies. Tony Blair continued with advocating war in Iran.

While criticizing the Vatican and popes, I should also give them credit where credit is due. The present pope’s predecessor condemned the Iraq war; so did Pope Ratzinger, though less strongly so than John Paul II.

Pope Benedict meets Tony Blair during a private audience in 2006 (Photo: AP)

However, Pope Ratzinger granted Tony Blair a private audience. Many pious and peace-loving Roman Catholics lay people can only dream about ever getting a private audience with the pope. While Archbishop Tutu does not want to be on the same stage with war criminal Blair.

So, Pope Ratzinger does not treat Blair like he treats gay people. He did not treat anti-Semitic Holocaust denier Richard Williamson like he treats gay people. Quite the contrary. Williamson had been expelled from the Roman Catholic church. By re-admitting Williamson, the pope not only recognized Williamson as a Roman Catholic; but also as a Roman Catholic bishop in good standing.

The pope is far harsher on people in consensual gay relationships than on priests raping little boys and girls.

What is the source of Pope Ratzinger’s homophobia? Not Jesus Christ’s tradition. Rather the near-universal homophobia of the mid-twentieth century, when Ratzinger was young. Homophobia which killed British anti-nazi code breaker and computer inventor Alan Turing. Homophobia climaxing in nazi Germany which murdered many people in concentration camps for being gay. As a member of the Hitler Youth, young Ratzinger may very well have been indoctrinated in homophobia.

English ‘anti-pope plot’, what a joke

This music video is a live performance by The Damned of their song Antipope.

19 September 2010.

In 1678, the English Protestant clergyman Titus Oates claimed there was a “Popish Plot”. Roman Catholics were supposed to plot all sorts of sinister crimes. Oates’ claims were lies. However, Roman Catholics then were a minority in England, discriminated against by the government and the Anglican established church (as Protestants were discriminated against then in countries where Roman Catholicism was the state church).

In that climate of inequality, government authorities tended to believe Titus Oates’ lies. At least fifteen innocent Roman Catholics were executed, based on false accusations. Later, Oates’ untruths were exposed, but that could not bring the people who had been killed unjustly back to life.

We are not in 1678 anymore, but in 2010. Now, Pope Benedict is visiting Britain. In the past few days, headlines all over the corporate media screamed that a plot by Muslims to kill the pope had supposedly been uncovered. Six men of North African origin had been arrested under the British Terrorism Act 2000.

However, today, in British daily The Guardian:

Meanwhile, the six street cleaners arrested on Friday on suspicion of planning an attack on the pope have been released without charge.

The plot was “just a joke”, according to the Sunday Mirror.

However, jokes like this can become deadly serious in the present climate of Islamophobia and hysteria about “terrorism”, partly fomented by British governments. A climate, not completely different from Titus Oates’ England, over three centuries ago.

Six held over ‘pope threat’ freed: London street cleaners released without charge, with police offering no reasons: here.

TO ADD to the drama surrounding the visit of the Pope – who set the scene with his, and his associates’ attacks on aggressive secularists and atheists who have apparently overrun the UK – it was the ‘old enemy’, since the time of the crusades at least, fellow believers, Muslim street cleaners, who took the strain and were picked up by armed police, accused of a terrorist plot, and imprisoned for 48 hours without charge, without even a shred of evidence against them, except for allegedly overheard remarks in a workers’ canteen: here.

Cleaners at the Initial company in central London witnessed a horrific scene last week when police arrested a colleague for alleged immigration offences: here.

Child abuse: Why the Pope’s “sorrow” isn’t enough: here.

Up to 20,000 people descended on central London on Saturday to voice their opposition to Pope Benedict XVI’s position on issues ranging from clerical sex abuse to women’s rights: here.

The BBC defended its coverage of last week’s state visit of Pope Benedict XVI yesterday after complaints from viewers: here.

Poll shows most Catholics support abortion: here.

USA: Gingrich proposes law to ban Sharia, accuses health secretary of ‘Soviet tyranny’: here.

People often wind up believing their own cover story. Former British prime minister Tony Blair, for example, is trapped forever in the rationalizations he used in 2003 to explain why he was going along with George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. He was at it again last week, telling the BBC that “radical Islam” is the greatest threat facing the world today: here.