Bishop Gijsen threatened little boy he abused with hellfire

This video is about an LGBTQ demonstration in 1979 in Roermond, the Netherlands, against homophobic speech by Jo Gijsen, then bishop of Roermond.

Translated from Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad today:

“Bishop Gijsen threatened abused boy with hell”

Former Bishop Jo Gijsen made two victims, according to statements by the complaints committee about sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. But according to advocacy groups Klokk and Mea Culpa there are more cases against the now deceased cleric. The abuse took placed when Gijsen was a priest in South Limburg.

On February 11, the complaints committee said that two accusations against Gijsen were well founded. One of their documents points out that in the late 1950s a little boy, then nine years old, had to bring regularly letters by his father to a curate in Valkenburg. That curate was Jo Gijsen.

On one of those occasions Gijsen invited the boy to drink chocolate. Then he pulled the little boy on his lap and proceeded to play with the penis of the terribly startled youngster. Gijsen told the boy to be silent about this or he would be punished by going to hell. This abuse happened more often, and the committee declared the complaint about it well-founded.

The victim says the former bishop has forced him to perform oral sex as well and has raped or attempted to rape him several times.

USA: Revelations of extra-marital affairs and a porn habit leave the 20,000 worshippers of one mega-church leaderless: here.

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