Tony Blair continues to be Bush’s poodle, now on Iran war plans

This is the music video of Shoot the dog, by George Michael. ‘GEORGE MICHAEL’S TAKE ON THE TONY BLAIR/GEORGE BUSH FRIENDSHIP’.

From British daily The Morning Star:

An envoy for war

(Friday 19 October 2007)

TONY Blair‘s speech to a Catholic charity dinner in New York shows that his sycophancy to the White House continues to know no bounds.

While the lies and misrepresentations spread by the Bush administration to justify an armed assault on Iran have been widely derided and rejected, the former prime minister has swallowed them whole and is engaged in a full-time job to regurgitate them.

His conduct highlights the bizarre decision to appoint a blood-soaked warmonger as a “peace” envoy to the Middle East.

Cheney Raises the Rhetoric Against Iran: here.

Murdoch media propaganda for war on Iran: here.

Britain invades Iran; Turkey invades Iraq: here.

Kurdish Human Rights Activist Kerim Yildiz Speaks Out on Escalating Turkish-Kurdish Clashes on Iraq Border: here.

From Tanzania News:

Bush’s lapdog as EU president?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Premier Gordon Brown have endorsed Tony Blair to be the EU’s first permanent president. …

During his term as British PM, Blair was widely criticized for his blindly following of US President George W Bush’s policies and putting British troops at risk in Iraq.

37 thoughts on “Tony Blair continues to be Bush’s poodle, now on Iran war plans

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