Voters, keep revoting until I get what I want, Tony Blair demands

This video from Britain says about itself:


6 July 2016

‘The Blair Rich Project: Channel 5 doc investigates Tony Blair’s earnings since leaving office.”

TONY Blair has been accused of receiving special treatment from HMRC and storing millions of pounds in a trust that allows him to avoid inheritance tax.

By Zoe Streatfield in Britain:

Blair demands rerun of vote on EU

Saturday 29th October 2016

FORMER prime minister Tony Blair emerged from the woodwork yesterday to call for a second EU referendum.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Blair claimed there was “absolutely no reason why we should close off any options.”

While he acknowledged that Britain had voted to leave the EU, he added a caveat, saying: “You can’t change this decision, unless it becomes clear … that the British people have had a change of mind because they have seen the reality of the alternative.”

Mr Blair’s suggestion would see Britain follow the examples of Ireland and the Netherlands, both of which forced their electorates to vote again on EU treaties until acceptance was obtained.

This is correct about Ireland. But incorrect about the Netherlands. Dutch voters (like French voters) voted overwhelmingly against the proposed European Union constitution. Then, there was no second referendum. The European Union then produced the Lisbon treaty, basically very similar to the rejected constitution, except for leaving out the European flag and the European anthem.

He said the public had voted to leave the EU without knowing the “precise terms of our new relationship with Europe,” adding: “Once we get clarity on that, then we can decide between two alternatives, and not simply decide what we don’t like about Europe.”

Writing in the New European newspaper, Mr Blair said: “The issue is not whether we ignore the will of the people, but whether, as information becomes available and facts take the place of claims, the ‘will’ of the people shifts.”

Failed Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith tweeted: “Tony Blair is right: Brexit is a catastrophe and we must continue to make the case for Europe.”

However Lexit convenor Alex Gordon hit back at Mr Blair’s comments.

Tony Blair is the most discredited politician in Britain.

“He is the perfect spokesperson for the Remainers because he embodies total contempt for democracy, with total subservience to the biggest corporate elements of corporate capitalism and imperialism.

“When he was prime minister, he and his foreign secretary Jack Straw promised a referendum on the EU constitution, but instead proceeded to rubber-stamp the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum.”

He warned that there was no room on the left to oppose the democratic decision of British people, and that those who stand against Brexit will end up siding with figures such as Mr Blair.

The big money, lobbyists and Blairites behind Stop Brexit outfits. SOLOMON HUGHES investigates the anti-Brexit campaigns which seem more interested in attacking Labour than those who are actually in charge of the process.

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  4. Saturday 18th February 2017

    posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

    UNREPENTANT warmonger Tony Blair warned that Scottish independence was “much more credible” in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

    Speaking at a London event for Open Britain — which campaigns for Britain to stay in the single market — the former PM also urged Remainers to “rise up” to stop Britain leaving the EU.

    Mr Blair said he wanted Scotland to stay part of the UK, but warned that Scottish independence was “back on the table, but this time with a context much more credible.”

    In last June’s referendum, 62 per cent of Scottish voters wanted to stay in the EU, contrasting with a 52 per cent Leave vote across the UK.

    Radical Options for Scotland in Europe chair Ian Davidson it was “not surprising that Tony Blair, who wanted Britain to join the euro and who applied to become president of European Commission, should want to overturn a decision he doesn’t like.”

    The former Labour MP accused Mr Blair of seeking to cause damage in the Labour Party ahead of crucial by-elections in England and council elections in Scotland, “in an effort to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.”

    He said Mr Blair’s comments would boost support for Ukip and the Tories, warning he was undermining an embattled Scottish Labour by talking up Scottish independence ahead of May’s council elections.

    Scottish Labour Westminster spokesman Ian Murray dismissed Mr Blair’s claims, saying: “The Tory Brexit chaos has certainly given the SNP the excuse it was looking for to stoke up more grievance.”

    But that in reality “the economic case for separation is even worse now than when the people of Scotland rejected it in 2014,” he said.

    SNP Europe spokesman Stephen Gethins said that Mr Blair’s comments “simply reflect the reality that the independence debate now is fundamentally different to the one in 2014.”


  5. Saturday 18th February 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    “Play the ball, not the man” is an honourable rule in political life as well as most sports, despite the gender deficiency.

    But when Tony Blair makes a high-profile intervention on an issue of such profound importance as Britain’s future relationship with the European Union, proclaiming the necessity for openness and truth, it is tempting to make an exception.

    What is more useful, however, is to understand what his agenda is and where it might lead if enough people join his proposed “movement” to reverse last June’s referendum decision.

    The Open Britain organisation which hosted Blair’s speech in the City of London wishes to see a neoliberal Britain remain in a neoliberal EU.

    Its backers, mainly business tycoons together with a sprinkling of Tory and Labour MPs, claim that freedom and democracy are best served by allowing big business the freedom to move capital and commodities — including the labour power of migrant workers — anywhere it wishes in order to maximise corporate profit.

    Reflecting the majority view in British ruling class circles, they want to remain in the EU or, failing that, in the European single market.

    Should even the latter prove impossible because of domestic opposition or EU intransigence, the final fall-back position would be a series of bilateral deals with the EU, the US, Turkey, Israel and others along the lines of the newly concluded Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Ceta) between the EU and Canada.

    Ceta provides for the free movement of capital and commodities across the contracted territories, even to the point of allowing transnational coporations to sue democratically elected national and regional governments for allegedly breaching corporate “rights” of establishment, movement, trade and employment.

    As 12 leaders of British trade unions pointed out in their open letter to British MEPs, published in the Morning Star last Wednesday, Ceta puts the interests of big business profit before those of workers, threatens the ability of governments to regulate economic development and undermines the very existence of our public services.

    This forthright opposition to neoliberalism provides the basis on which left and progressive unity can be rebuilt in the labour movement after the divisions of the referendum campaign.

    Prime Minister Theresa May and her Cabinet have already outlined their neoliberal vision of a Britain outside the EU. They see us as a low-tax, low-regulation magnet for foreign capital looking to make a quick and easy profit. Unspoken is the other half of their agenda: insecure jobs, low pay and shackled trade unions.

    Of course, this has been and would be the agenda of Tory, Lib Dem and Blairite governments irrespective of Britain being in or out of the EU.

    Moreover, on past form, not only does the EU do nothing to obstruct it; on the contrary, EU treaties, rules and institutions aid and abet it.

    So we need unity based on two unambiguous commitments. First, the June 23 referendum decision be genuinely respected by being implemented. Britain must leave the EU.

    Second, neoliberalism must be opposed on every front.

    The neoliberalism of May, the Tories, Blair and Open Britain cannot be credibly challenged by seeking refuge in the neoliberalism of the EU and its single market.

    Both ruling class options have to be consigned to the dustbin in the struggle to elect a left-led Labour government — one free to enact policies unhindered by neoliberal treaties of any and every kind.


  6. Monday, 27 February 2017

    Heseltine joins Blair’s campaign for an anti-Brexit uprising!

    LORD Heseltine is notorious for his closure of the mining industry in 1993, as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in the Major Tory government.

    Now he has answered the call of Tony Blair – the totally discredited former Labour PM, responsible for the imperialist wars in Iraq and Yugoslavia – to rise up and reverse the decision of the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union.

    Heseltine intends to rebel against the government when peers debate the bill giving PM May the authority to trigger Brexit on Tuesday March 7th. Last week, peers gave an unopposed second reading to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, following a two-day debate involving more than 180 speakers. This week this has all changed.

    Labour, Tory and Lib Dem unelected Lords, led by Heseltine, intend to amend the bill so that the UK parliament has the right to overturn the referendum result, trampling on the will of the people, by rejecting any deal that PM May makes with Brussels.

    Lord Heseltine wrote in the Mail on Sunday echoing Blair: ‘The fightback starts here. My opponents will argue that the people have spoken, the mandate secured and the future cast. My experience stands against this argument.’

    He added: ‘In the end the outcome of Brexit will have to be confirmed by parliament. It will also have to pass in 27 national European parliaments, several sub-national parliaments and the European Parliament.

    ‘It was perhaps unwise for our government to suppose that our parliament should be excluded where all others were included. Very sensibly, after the Supreme Court interpreted the law, that position was reversed and parliament was restored to its rightful constitutional role as the ultimate authority. I will vote in the House of Lords to ensure that position is legally intact.’

    Gina Miller, the investment manager who brought the successful legal challenge against the government in the Supreme Court, forcing the Article 50 issue to a vote in parliament, yesterday displayed her contempt for the same parliament accusing the House of Commons of ‘cowardice’ in giving the bill a ‘rubber stamp’.

    Looking to the unelected House of Lords she added: ‘The will of the people does not negate the weight or wisdom of the Houses of Parliament.’ The will of the people counts for nothing, as far as Miller, Heseltine and Blair are concerned. All that counts for them are the requirements of the banks and the biggest bosses.

    However, the fact of the matter is that in June 2016 17.4 million voted to quit the EU with 16.1 million voting to remain. Millions of workers voted to get out of the EU especially in the north east where Sunderland, Gateshead, Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar and Cleveland, North Tyneside and South Tyneside, and Northumberland voted to to leave.

    They will not allow their votes to be treated as rubbish by the likes of Blair and Heseltine, supported by the unelected Lords and many Labour MPs. If their will is defied they will carry on with a good old British tradition that saw would-be despots lose their right to rule in the 17th century.

    Oliver Cromwell set an example to be followed today when he and his ‘New Model Army’ purged parliament, shut down the House of Lords, beheaded a monarch who believed, like the current Lords, that he ruled by divine right and declared a republic. He stopped short of universal suffrage since being a good bourgeois he believed that a propertyless majority might abolish the property of the rich.

    When Heseltine, Blair and Co move to defy the will of the people as expressed in the referendum result, millions of workers who voted to leave the EU must organise a general strike to shut down the Lords and force through an immediate break with the EU. It is clear that the only way to secure the exit of the UK from the EU is through a socialist revolution that will expropriate the bosses and bankers in the UK and bring in socialism. There is no doubt that such a revolutionary movement will spread throughout the whole of Europe bringing down the EU in the process, and bringing in a Socialist United States of Europe!


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