Tony Blair’s wife’s anti-African racism

This 27 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Cherie Blair said ‘African women‘s first sexual experience is rape’

Some self-styled ‘centrist‘ politicians are emulating the xenophobia of far-right politicians like Donald Trump.

In November 2018, United States Democratic politician Hillary Clinton made ‘Trump-lite’ statements against immigrants.

Donald Trump said about Mexicans: ‘They are rapists’.

And now, Cherie Blair, the ‘centrist‘ wife of Blairitecentrist‘ ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Ms Blair says in fact about African men in general, tarring all of them with the same brush: ‘They are rapists’.

From the Daily Mail in Britain (itself often not free of racism) today:

Cherie Blair causes storm after telling pupils that ‘most African women’s first sexual experience is rape‘ during school talk

Reportedly made the remark to pupils during a talk at London secondary school

By Mary O’Connor

Cherie Blair has claimed that rape is the first sexual experience of ‘most African ladies’.

She is reported to have made the remark during a talk about women and leadership to pupils at a London secondary.

In this case: misleadership.

But an audience member accused the wife of former prime minister Tony Blair of making unsubstantiated claims.

Giving her name only as Caitlin, she said: ‘No one seemed to react and I was shocked because I felt like she was in a position of authority and should take responsibility for saying things like that without any evidence to support it.’

Chi Onwurah, the Labour MP who chairs the all-party group for Africa, said: ‘Mrs Blair should enable African women to speak for themselves instead of usurping their voice and their experience.’

She accused Mrs Blair of reinforcing harmful stereotypes, adding: ‘Violence against women is a huge problem in many African countries – as it is here.

‘But to characterise African women’s sexual experience as rooted in rape undermines the hard work of many to tackle this issue while playing to and indeed stoking stereotypes of sexually aggressive African men and passive women.’

She urged Mrs Blair, 64, to fund the flights and visas for a group of African women to come to the UK to speak about their own experiences. She said this would ‘undo the insult and injury’ her comments had caused.

Caitlin sent a written complaint to the Cherie Blair Foundation, a charity that supports women and girls in developing countries build their own businesses.

Cherie Blair kissing Bush

This photo shows Cherie Blair kissing United States Iraq war president George W. Bush. Apparently, it is easy, if you are right-wing on waging bloody wars in Iraq and all over the world, to then become right-wing on xenophobia as well.


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