Dutch socialists not Trump’s poodles for Venezuela regime change

This video says about itself:

Trump’s Administration is All About Regime Change

24 January 2017

On that 24 January 2017, this blog blogged:

Trump‘s nominee for the United States State Department, Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil (which has a long conflict with Venezuela about nationalised oil which it wants privatised), is already talking about regime change in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, it is 11 August 2017. Rex Tillerson is no longer Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State; he is Trump’s Secretary of State. However, he is still very much the ExxonMobil bigwig. And his, his boss Trump’s and ExxonMobil’s machinations for regime change in Venezuela have become even more obvious.

Now they want economic sanctions against Venezuela; especially against the people elected recently by the Venezuelan electorate into the constituent assembly.

The European Union and the US Trump administration sometimes disagree. Eg, the EU does not really like Donald Trump’s threats of nuclear war against North Korea (the British Conservative government of Theresa May does like them). The European Union does not like the United States government’s recent increasing of sanctions against Russia; these may lead to a trade war between the EU and the US. However, on other issues, European governments behave like Trump’s poodles. Donald Trump says: spend more on militarism. European Union governments say: yes, Great Leader of the Free World Trump. Brexit or no Brexit, Theresa May’s British conservative government behave like poodles of Trump on militarism; like Tony Blair used to be George W Bush’s poodle on Iraq and other bloody wars. Ms May behaves like Trump’s poodle on Washington’s climate wrecking policies as well.

And now Venezuela. European Union boss Juncker behaves like Trump‘s poodle in agreeing with imposing economic sanctions on Venezuela.

There is pressure on the political left to join in Trump’s anti-Venezuela policies. Like in 2003 there was pressure on the political left to support George W Bush’s and Tony Blair’s war on Iraq. Eric Lee is the founder of the LabourStart Internet site and considers himself a person of the left (though not everyone may agree with that). In 2003, Lee wrote that the left should support Bush’s Iraq war; from fear of becoming supposedly ‘isolated’ by not jumping on the bandwagon of that presumably successful war. Strange ‘isolation’ indeed: the biggest peace demonstrations worldwide ever. Even not so leftist Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany and not leftist at all French President Jacques Chirac were against Bush and Blair’s invasion of Iraq. And many politicians and corporate media journalists who had originally supported the Iraq war later said they were sorry about that as the bloody consequences became clearer and clearer.

Similarly as in 2003 on Iraq, there is now pressure on, eg, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, to go along with the Trump-Tillerson-Juncker regime change plans for Venezuela. John Prescott, former deputy leader of the Labour party under Tony Blair, has remarked that the Blairite right-wing Labour MPs now pressuring Corbyn on this had never before shown any interest in Venezuela.

Right-wing Labour MPs were told to “stop proxy wars” on Jeremy Corbyn as they launched a fresh attack on Venezuela solidarity campaigners yesterday: here.

The foreign policy specialist of the Dutch Socialist Party‘s caucus in parliament, Ms Sadet Karabulut, does not want to be Trump’s and Tillerson’s poodle on Venezuela.

She pointed out that Washington and Brussels are not talking about sanctions against Brazil where a right-wing corrupt coup government oppresses the people.

Ms Karabulut has angered right-wing columnist Elma Drayer in daily De Volkskrant (10 August 2017, print edition).

According to Drayer, everyone should follow the ‘international community’ on Venezuela. The ‘international community’ being Trump, Tillerson, and Juncker.

Drayer writes that the Dutch Socialist Party, bigger in parliament since the last election now than the PvdA (social democrat sister party of British Labour, which lost three-quarters of their voters due to being infected with Blairism) should supposedly follow the example of the Dutch Internationale Socialisten. These are a small Trotskyist group, sister organisation of the British Socialist Workers Party. They differ from other Trotskyists in following the teachings of Tony Cliff. The Internationale Socialisten, Drayer writes, have recently denounced the Venezuelan government. She writes wrongly that the Internationale Socialisten used to be fervent supporters of the Venezuelan government. In reality, the Internationale Socialisten tend to write off all socialists who don’t follow Cliff’s teachings as not real socialists, but supporters of ‘state capitalism’; more of a term of abuse than a useful category of analysis. That is also how the Internationale Socialisten have always considered Venezuela. So, Elma Drayer wrongly thought she saw something new in the small Internationale Socialisten, her model for the much bigger Socialist Party to become poodles of Trump, Tillerson and Juncker like her.

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