5 thoughts on “Odebrecht corruption scandal and Peru

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  3. PERU: President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is again enveloped by accusations of corruption after a high-ranking executive from scandal-plagued Brazilian builder Odebrecht admitted contributing money to the leader’s 2011 campaign.

    The allegations were made by a lawyer for opposition leader Keiko Fujimori who was present at a deposition with Jorge Barata, the former head of Odebrecht in Peru.

    The lawyer said that Mr Barata also told prosecutors that he also gave money to members of Ms Fujimori’s party.



  4. World in Brief: Saturday March 24

    PERU: President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski threatened yesterday to withdraw his resignation because the proposed congressional resolution accepting it accuses him of “betraying the fatherland.”

    Mr Kuczynski quit before facing impeachment by MPs for allegedly taking bribes from Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht.

    He tweeted that the language was “unacceptable.” The language was eventually removed.



  5. PERU: Leading Venezuelan socialists have hailed the resignation of corruption-tainted Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, with Constituent Assembly president Delcy Rodriguez calling him a “submissive ally of Donald Trump.”

    Mr Kuczynski quit before he was pushed by a parliamentary impeachment vote after bribe-taking allegations by notorious Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

    Ex-banker Mr Kuczynski helped lead regional opposition to Venezuela’s socialist government. He blamed the allegations against him on allies of Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of Peru’s ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori.



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