Brazil’s coup government, more corruption

This video says about itself:

Brazilian Military Police Repress Shoppers

16 December 2016

This is disturbing. Amid protests against Brazil‘s 20-year spending freeze, military police hit shoppers with offensive language and tear gas.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Temer adviser is latest to quit over corruption

Friday 16th December 2016

BRAZIL’S unelected President Michel Temer was hit by another high-profile departure from his government over corruption on Wednesday.

Jose Yunes, an adviser and lifelong friend to Mr Temer, resigned over accusations of being the middleman in an illegal campaign finance scheme.

Former Odebrecht construction firm director Claudio Melo Filho made the accusation against Yunes in a plea bargain case in an ongoing corruption scandal.

He also accused Mr Temer of illegal campaign financing in the testimony made public last week, which Mr Temer has denied.

The PMDB party government, which came to power in a legislative coup against elected Workers Party president Dilma Rousseff, has lost six cabinet ministers in as many months to corruption scandals.

Ms Rousseff was impeached by Congress on August 31 on charges of juggling the budget in the 2014 election year to increase social spending — something she argued was par for the course in Brazil.

Brazil’s imposes drastic austerity amid deepening constitutional crisis: here.

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