Brazil’s Temer Received $300,000 Bribe: Whistleblower

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Source:  TeleSur
une 25 2016

Michel Temer brazil 2.jpgBrazil’s interim President Michel Temer Brasilia, Brazil, June 1, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

The latest allegations follow the possible implication of 175 deputies and senators, a staggering 30 percent, of Brazil’s entire National Congress.

Brazil’s acting President Michel Temer allegedly received a bribe of US$296,000 that Engevix company owner Jose Antunes Sobrinho paid through intermediaries, Brazilian magazine Epoca reported Saturday.

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Plea bargain

The report cited allegations by the executive in efforts to secure a plea bargain with federal authorities.

In his proposed plea bargain, Antunes alleges that Joao Batista Lima, owner of the Sao Paulo-based architecture firm Argeplan and a close friend of Temer, had received work contracts in exchange for granting bribes to the current Brazilian head-of-state.

Lima, a former military police colonel, has being the “key person involved in the dirty work” between…

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