Jimmy Carter Lectures Trump: US Is ‘Most Warlike Nation in History of the World’


Big United States Pentagon budget, cartoon

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
April 13 2019

jimmy carter 3Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter makes remarks at a luncheon following
a morning symposium for the 25th anniversary of the Camp David Peace
Accords between Israel and Egypt. | Photo: Reuters

 The former president says peaceful China “ahead of us in almost every way.”

The only U.S. president to complete his term without war, military attack or occupation has called the United States “the most warlike nation in the history of the world.”

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During his regular Sunday school lesson at Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter revealed that he had recently spoken with President Donald Trump about China. Carter, 94, said Trump was worried about China’s growing economy and expressed concern that “China is getting ahead of us.”

Carter, who normalized diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing…

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More Trump Backlash: Students tell black kids to get to the back of the bus


Donald Trump racist speech



Dozens of Missouri high school students Wednesday walked out of class to protest racially charged incidents and what students say is a lack of appropriate response from the school administration.According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, at least 150 students assembled outside Ladue Horton Watkins High School and marched towards the district’s administrative offices, demanding speak with the superintendent.

The protest stemmed from an incident Thursday when a group of students on a school bus chanted “Trump” while two white students told their black peers to sit in the back of the bus. Those two students were disciplined.

Tuesday, parents, teachers, students and alumni gathered at the school board meeting to express their disgust over last week’s incidents.

“I’m outraged, I’m saddened, I’m disgusted,” alumni Melanie Hancock told Fox 2 Now.
Tango Walker Jackson, whose 15-year-old daughter was on the bus, said Thursday’s event was “not an isolated…

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Trump Inauguration To Be Met by Mass “Women’s March on Washington”


Women's March on Washington

These Are The Fierce Activists Leading The Women’s March On Washington. Three experienced organizers are leading the charge, taking on everything from day-of logistics to concerns about inclusivity: here.


Trump Inauguration To Be Met By Mass ‘Women’s March On Washington’

“We cannot allow ourselves to give up, put our heads down and not hold this administration accountable for any violation of human rights or women’s rights.”

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Another indigenous environmentalist murdered in Honduras


Lesbia Yaneth Urquía

After earlier murders

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Granma
July 7 2016

by: Cubadebate | internet@granma.cu

Her name was Lesbia Yaneth Urquía and she was a member of The Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh)

Lesbia Yaneth Urquía honduras environmentalist murdered.jpg

Lesbia Yaneth Urquía was a Honduran environmental activist. Photo: TELESUR

Her name was Lesbia Yaneth Urquía and she was a member of The Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh).

While the memory of the murder of Bertha Cáceres is still fresh in our minds – a crime which remains unpunished – Urquía was found dead on Wednesday afternoon, July 6, in a place known as Mata Mulas close to the Marcala municipal dump in La Paz.

Some press reports claim that the victim sustained a head injury which could have been caused by a sharp object, although others suggest that she was shot to death. Her body was sent directly to the head office…

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Brazil’s Temer Received $300,000 Bribe: Whistleblower


JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSur
une 25 2016

Michel Temer brazil 2.jpgBrazil’s interim President Michel Temer Brasilia, Brazil, June 1, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

The latest allegations follow the possible implication of 175 deputies and senators, a staggering 30 percent, of Brazil’s entire National Congress.

Brazil’s acting President Michel Temer allegedly received a bribe of US$296,000 that Engevix company owner Jose Antunes Sobrinho paid through intermediaries, Brazilian magazine Epoca reported Saturday.

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Plea bargain

The report cited allegations by the executive in efforts to secure a plea bargain with federal authorities.

In his proposed plea bargain, Antunes alleges that Joao Batista Lima, owner of the Sao Paulo-based architecture firm Argeplan and a close friend of Temer, had received work contracts in exchange for granting bribes to the current Brazilian head-of-state.

Lima, a former military police colonel, has being the “key person involved in the dirty work” between…

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Puerto Rico Archbishop Calls for End to Island’s ‘Colonial Status’


Archbishop Gonzalez

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
June 8 2016

  • Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez talking about Puerto Rico
    Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez talking about Puerto Rico’s debt crisis.
    | Photo: Twitter / ‏@Eric_LeCompte
teleSUR spoke to Eric LeCompte, a key advocate in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, about the Archbishop’s comments.

Ahead of the House vote this week, Puerto Rico’s Roman Catholic Archbishop, Roberto González Nieves OFM has announced his support for Puerto Rico’s debt crisis legislation, according to a press release issued by Jubilee USA Network.

ANALYSIS: 5 Ways the US Treats Puerto Rico Like a Colony

In an op-ed in The Hill, Archbishop Gonzalez noted the crisis is rooted in Puerto Rico’s “colonial status” and called on the people of the island to come together.


“Fundamentally, Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States,” wrote Gonzalez. “Before our island faces the next crisis, we must self-determine who we want to be and our relationship with the United States.”

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Activist who Filed Lawsuit in Flint, USA Water Crisis Murdered


Demonstration against poisoned water in Flint, USA

This photo shows as demonstration against poisoned water in Flint, USA.

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Daily Mail
April 23 2016


Woman, 19, who filed first Flint lawsuit against government is MURDERED just days after suspicious death of foreman at city’s water treatment plant

  • Sasha Avonna Bell, 19, sued government officials and six companies for allegedly causing her toddler to suffer from lead poisoning
  • She was found dead along with another woman on April 19 in a Flint home
  • A young child was found alive in the home but has not been identified
  • Her death came days after Flint water plant foreman was found dead    

sasha bell flint Sasha Avonna Bell was found dead on Tuesday.  She filed a lawsuit on behalf of her son, pictured here with her

A woman who was among the first to file a lawsuit in connection to the Flint, Michigan water crisis was identified as one of two victims of a fatal shooting that happened earlier this week.

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Puerto Rico Students Shut down University over Austerity Cuts


Puerto Rican student protest in 2010

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
17 March 2016

The students are calling for people all over the country to join the protest against “unpayable debt” and austerity.

puerto ricans shut down university.jpgStudent during 2010 anti-austerity protests in Puerto Rico. | Photo: California Student Union Website /Oduarto Gamelyn

Thousands of college students from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) approved a three-day, full-campus shutdown Tuesday to protest recent austerity measures, which they say endanger the higher education system.

The students held a general student assembly, after which they marched through the university and closed all entrances to the campus. The students also called for the resignation of top university officials and announced they would consider an indefinite strike if their demands are not met.

Immediate payment of remittances

At about 6:00 am Wednesday, the eight gates of the UPR were closed a reported 1,968 students decided to demand the immediate payment of remittances to the UPR by the Department of Finance, and the elimination of the freezing of the…

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Outrage as Another Indigenous Activist Leader Assassinated in Honduras


Berta Cáceres

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Common Dreams
March 16 2016

by  Nika Knight, staff writer

Less than two weeks after Berta Cáceres’ brutal slaying, another member of her activist group was shot and killed after the Honduran government violently evicted his Indigenous community from its ancestral land

another indigenous activit assassinated.pngIndigenous people and environmentalists around the world have been mourning Cáceres and fearing for her fellow activists’ safety in Honduras since her assassination on March 3. (Photo: Getty Images)

Another member of Berta Cáceres’ Indigenous rights group was brutally murdered by unidentified assailants on Tuesday, following a violent eviction of Indigenous people from their land.

Nelson Garcia, a father of five and community leader, was shot four times in the face—”gunned down in his home,” the Nation reported. His assassination occurred less than two weeks after Cáceres’, and only days following her funeral.

Megadam project 

Local reports say that his death occurred…

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