9 thoughts on “Brazilian coup president charged with corruption

  1. Saturday 1st July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    BRAZILIAN unions led a general strike yesterday over the corruption-riddled governments attacks on pensions and workplace rights.

    The major CUT union federation — an ally of the Workers Party of ousted president Dilma Rousseff — was at the forefront of the stoppages, protests and roadblocks across the country.

    A previous general strike in late April brought much of Brazil to a halt.

    On Thursday, the Supreme Federal Court sent formal corruption charges against Mr Temer to the Chamber of Deputies — the lower house of Congress — for consideration.

    They relate to taped conversations of the unelected president soliciting hush money for jailed chamber speaker Eduardo Cunha from meatpacking magnate Joesley Batista.

    If two-thirds of MPs vote in favour of the charges, Mr Temer will be suspended for up to six months while they consider his impeachment — the fate Ms Rousseff suffered last August.



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