15 thoughts on “Brazilian coup president Temer accused of corruption

  1. Thursday 13th October 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    BRAZILIAN leftwingers and academics warned of attacks on the poorest on Tuesday after the lower house of Congress voted for a 20-year public spending freeze.

    The Chamber of Deputies backed unelected President Michel Temer’s government on Monday night, voting 366-111 for the constitutional amendment capping annual spending increases to the rate of inflation.

    The amendment still has to pass another supermajority vote in the chamber before being sent to the Senate. Communist Party of Brazil Congress minority leader Jandira Feghali called the vote the “second phase of the coup” — a reference to the August 31 Senate vote to impeach elected president Dilma Rousseff over allegations of corruption.

    “I wonder how the deputies will sleep after voting for something which excludes so many people with false arguments, starting from a false basis of a false economic analysis,” she said.

    University of Brasilia professor of public policy Daniel Bin told Latin American broacaster Telesur: “It is not hard to predict how this will hit, with unprecedented violence, the poorest people, who depend on public funded education and healthcare.”


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  7. Saturday 3rd December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    BRAZIL’s Senate speaker is to stand trial for allegedly misappropriating state funds, the Supreme Court announced on Thursday.

    Eight of the court’s 11 justices rules that Senate President Renan Calheiros, a key ally of unelected president Michel Temer, must face legal proceedings for allegedly misusing public funds nine years ago to support his illegitimate daughter.

    Earlier Mr Calheiros was urged to deny a new bill by a federal judge which would allow judges and prosecutors to be charged with abuse of authority.

    Prosecutors investigating the Operation Car Wash probe into bribery at state oil firm Petrobras have threatened to quit if Mr Temer signs the bill already passed by the lower Chamber of Deputies.

    Judge Sergio Moro, addressing the Senate, said the legislation was an attempt to intimidate prosecutors as they finalised plea bargain deals with construction firm Odebrecht, at the centre of the case, expected to implicate as many as 200 politicians.

    Mr Calheiros denied Mr Moro’s charges of trying to derail the probe, saying: “Operation Car Wash is sacred for it reduces the impunity that reigns in our country.”

    Mr Temer has imposed brutal austerity cuts since coming to power in a “legislative coup” against elected president Dilma Rousseff’s Workers Party government earlier this year.

    A constitutional amendment freezing social spending for 20 years passed the first of two Senate votes by the necessary three-fifths majority on Tuesday.

    The crucial second vote will be on December 13, after which the amendment will become law.


  8. Saturday 10th December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    BRAZILIAN jurists and social movements urged Congress on Thursday to impeach unelected president Michel Temer over corruption allegations.

    They presented their request that Mr Temer suffer the same fate as his predecessor Dilma Rousseff to the lower house Chamber of Deputies.

    Last Week, judge Marco Aurelio Mello also asked Chamber of Deputies Speaker Rodrigo Maia to set up a commission on impeaching Mr Temer, even though he is an ally of the president.

    The latest allegations against Mr Temer surfaced last month when then culture minister Marcelo Calero resigned, alleging that Mr Temer had encouraged him to circumvent planning laws to approve a luxury development in a conservation area of the city of Salvador.

    Legislative Affairs Minister Geddel Vieira Lima, who Mr Calero said had pressed him to allow the project, quit in response to the claim, while insisting he was innocent.

    Former vice-president Mr Temer was sworn in after Ms Rousseff was impeached by a Senate vote on August 31.


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