African-Brazilian lesbian leftist Marielle Franco murdered

This video says about itself:

Marielle Franco, A Brave Voice Assassinated

15 March 2018

This 15 March 2018 video is called Brazilian Rights Activist Marielle Franco Assassinated.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Brazilians mourn murdered politician Marielle Franco
In several Brazilian cities, people went out into the streets to commemorate the murdered politician Marielle Franco. In Rio de Janeiro alone, tens of thousands of people were marching.

The 38-year-old Marielle Franco was a councilor in Rio. She was shot along with her driver on Wednesday in the center of the city.

The car they were in was fired at nine times from another car. Franco and the driver were instantly dead. A press officer who was also in the car was injured.

Political revenge

Franco was very popular in Brazil because she stood up for, among other causes, women’s rights and minorities. When she was shot at, she just returned from a meeting where people talked about the position of black women. …

She had been a city council member for the socialist party since 2016. Last month she was appointed chairwoman of a committee on the police deployment in the favelas [shantytowns] of Rio. She also grew up in one of the favelas.


Last month the Brazilian army took over the leadership of the police in Rio de Janeiro to stop the drug violence in the state. President Temer signed a decree for this. Franco was a fierce opponent of the measure.

According to her, the army had to be deployed not only against drug gangs but also against militias in the poor parts of Rio. The militias mainly consist of former soldiers and former police officers.

They are accused of intimidating the population in the fight against drug gangs. They are said to receive help from the army and the police. Franco brought the abuses to light.

A day before she was killed, Franco still tweeted about the violence in the Brazilian slums: “How many more people should die before this war ends?”

This video says about itself (translated from Brazilian Portuguese):

Marielle Franco’s vigil is marked by protests and tributes in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, March 15 (EFE). (Video by Reinaldo Amorim) – Thousands of people have called for justice and have cried out against the barbarism of violence on Thursday in an emotional tribute to PSOL [socialist party] council member and activist Marielle Franco, who was murdered the night before in downtown Rio de Janeiro. The bodies of Marielle and her accompanying driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, were greeted by a crowd in the town hall, in the Cinelandia neighborhood, with shouts of “Marielle presente” and “Stop the military police” at the vigil.

People rally in Rio de Janeiro in memory of murdered councillor Mariella Franco Photo: Leo Correa/AP Photo

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