Brazilian coup president’s corruption scandals

This video says about itself:

Brazil: Protests hit Rio de Janeiro as Temer embroiled in new corruption scandal

25 November 2016

Thousands of union members took the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Friday, to protest against Brazilian President Michel Temer due to proposed austerity measures and after a new corruption scandal emerged..

The protesters gathered in the Rio city centre, chanted and beat drums, accusing Temer of corruption and demanded his resignation. Protesters allege a misuse of the political power as former Minister of Culture Marcelo Calero reported that Brazilian Secretary of State Geddel Vieira Lima and Temer forced him to approve a construction works in the historical area of Salvador.

Another wave of disaffection was caused by the austerity measures, proposed by Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezao to reportedly contain the state’s financial crisis, while protesters claim it will result in wage and pension cuts, tax increases, suspension of social programmes and service pay adjustment.

SOT, Jandira Feghali, Communist party deputy and former candidate to Rio de Janeiro city council (Portuguese): “This mobilisation in the street is in addition to many others in the whole country, not only to fight the government agenda to reduce social rights. There is also here a new situation, the self-destruction of the government with the recent scandals of Temer’s government with the ministers, Geddel and Calero. It’s a moment of political instability aggravated by the will of the people tired of the coupist government to elect a [new] President, so we need to change that in the National Congress and at the same time fight for our rights.”

That was one of various corruption scandals.

Today, another one.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Brazilian President Temer seems to be caught approving corruption

Today, 09:02

Brazilian President Michel Temer is in trouble because of a recording of a conversation in which he allegedly approved the payment of hush money. According to Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Temer has agreed to payments to the former chairman of the House of Representatives, Eduardo Cunha. Cunha is serving a 15-year criminal sentence for corruption.

One of the country’s best-known businessmen secretly made sound recordings during a meeting with Temer. Joesley Batista, owner of giant meat corporation JBS, had a hidden microphone at the request of the federal police when he met the president two months ago.

One and a half million

The two spoke among other things about Eduardo Cunha who used to be so powerful, a spider in the web of corrupt Brazilian politicians. Batista confessed that he has been paying Cunha for some time to keep his mouth shut. He claimed to have already paid about one and a half million euros to the imprisoned politician. “You really should keep doing that, OK?”, Temer allegedly said.

That was not all. The meat millionaire also asked the president for help with “a problem”. Temer referred him to one of his closest advisors, Rodrigo Rocha. Rocha allegedly would later be filmed by police when he received a suitcase full of money from Batista.

Emergency cabinet meeting

President Temer admits he met with Batista, but denies that he agreed to pay hush money. His government had an urgent meeting after publication of the article in O Globo.

The opposition immediately called for resignation of the president. …

Lowest point

… Nearly eighty senior employees of the largest construction company in Latin America, Odebrecht, told about years of corrupt practices. And now it seems to be Joesley Batista, his brother and five other top men of JBS corporation. According to O Globo, they did not just talk, but cooperated actively with the federal police to catch corrupt politicians.

The information has not been confirmed officially, the sound recordings also have not been released. Nevertheless, this is a serious blow to President Temer.

9 thoughts on “Brazilian coup president’s corruption scandals

  1. Friday 19th May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    UNELECTED Brazilian President Michel Temer faced calls to resign or be impeached yesterday over allegations he bribed a disgraced ally to hide corruption.

    The Federal Supreme Court suspended Temer ally Senator Aecio Neves as police searched his home and office.

    Both chambers of Congress were suspended amid the latest crisis in the government of less than a year.

    Taped conversations emerged on Wednesday of Mr Neves soliciting a two billion reais (£454 million) bribe from Joesley Batista, an owner of the world’s largest meatpacking firm JBS.

    Newspaper O Globo said Mr Batista had also recorded Mr Temer begging hush-money for jailed former Congress speaker Eduardo Cunha, a member of his PMDB party, who threatened to expose rampant corruption after he was arrested.

    Mr Cunha led the charge against Workers’ Party president Dilma Rousseff over allegations she juggled the budget deficit that resulted in her impeachment last August in a “legislative coup.”


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