9 thoughts on “Brazilian coup president’s corruption scandals

  1. Friday 19th May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    UNELECTED Brazilian President Michel Temer faced calls to resign or be impeached yesterday over allegations he bribed a disgraced ally to hide corruption.

    The Federal Supreme Court suspended Temer ally Senator Aecio Neves as police searched his home and office.

    Both chambers of Congress were suspended amid the latest crisis in the government of less than a year.

    Taped conversations emerged on Wednesday of Mr Neves soliciting a two billion reais (£454 million) bribe from Joesley Batista, an owner of the world’s largest meatpacking firm JBS.

    Newspaper O Globo said Mr Batista had also recorded Mr Temer begging hush-money for jailed former Congress speaker Eduardo Cunha, a member of his PMDB party, who threatened to expose rampant corruption after he was arrested.

    Mr Cunha led the charge against Workers’ Party president Dilma Rousseff over allegations she juggled the budget deficit that resulted in her impeachment last August in a “legislative coup.”



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