Brazilian music against coup president

This 28 May 2017 video from Brazil is about a big protest concert against coup president Temer and his corrupt administration.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Brazil: Beach protest calls for Temer to quit

Tuesday 30th May 2017

Brazilians keep up pressure on corruption-tainted president

THOUSANDS of Brazilians marched through Rio de Janeiro on Sunday before gathering in dense fog on the world-famous Copacabana beach to demand coup-installed President Michel Temer’s resignation and new elections to choose his replacement.

The Diretas Ja (Direct Elections Now) protest concert featured Brazilian music icons Caetano Veloso and Milton Nascimento as well as nationally acclaimed artists Maria Gadu, Criolo and Mano Brown.

The people crammed around the stage to sing along with the performers and to chant: “Temer out. Direct elections now” between songs.

“This concert is neither of the right nor of the left. It is for the right of the Brazilian people to choose their next president,” declared leading actor Wagner Moura, who introduced the artists on stage.

However, there was a multitude of red union banners and flags representing the Workers Party of ousted president Dilma Rousseff.

Mr Temer’s standing has sunk even lower after recent revelations that he endorsed paying bribes to ensure the silence of a former MP who is in prison for corruption.

A wiretap caught him on tape backing bribes to keep former lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha — the chief mastermind behind Ms Rousseff’s impeachment — from testifying in government corruption cases.

The president’s already deeply unpopular government sparked further criticism last week when it authorised the military to crack down on anti-government protests in Brasilia.

The decree, which gave soldiers police powers to quash demonstrations, was revoked the next day, having provoked widespread outrage.

The country’s highest court is investigating Mr Temer for obstruction of justice and involvement in passive corruption.

If he resigns, the Chamber of Deputies speaker serves for up to 30 days until Congress decides who will finish the term, which runs until October next year.

“It is legal, but it is not ethical,” Mr Moura said of Congress picking a new leader. “Morally, we have to elect our next president.”

While 85 per cent of the Brazilian population favours direct elections, according to recent polls, the political elite in Congress opposes it.

About 60 per cent of the members of both chambers of Congress are under investigation for various crimes including corruption.

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