‘Sick children’s money abused for homophobic cardinal’s Vatican apartment’

This Associated Press video from Peru says about itself:

Protest against comments made by Vatican‘s No.2 official

1. Wide camera shot of demonstrators in front of the Vatican nunciature
2. Mid of protesters with a poster reading (Spanish) “To cover up a crime is also a crime.”
3. Mid of women waving gay rights rainbow flags
4. Close of banner reading (Spanish) “No prayers will stop a rapist.”
5. Protesters
6. Close of banner reading (Spanish) “No to child abuse, to break the silence is everybody’s duty.” (with pictures of children on the banner)
7. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Cristian Olivera, Leader of the Gay Movement in Lima:

“Today we are here, we are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans (transsexuals), feminists and other groups, protesting in front of the Vatican nunciature in Peru against Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone‘s comments. He has put paedophilia at the same level as homosexuality. We are here to denounce that kind of idea that only promotes hate and discrimination against our community. We also want to denounce the spirit of covering up inside the church that makes them cover up these kind of crimes within their ranks.”
8. Various of Catholic worshippers praying and standing in front of the nunciature
9. People kneeling down and praying with a photo of Pope Benedict XVI in their hands
10. Man shouting against the church outside the same venue
11. Women with drums, also protesting against the crisis of alleged abuse within the church
12. Wide of the building with both sets of demonstrators


Gay rights activists protested in front of the Vatican nunciature in the Peruvian capital Lima on Saturday following remarks made by the Vatican‘s No. 2 official, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who said the sex scandals haunting the Catholic church were linked to homosexuality.

Dozens gathered outside the nunciature holding banners criticising Bertone’s recent comments.

Bertone said earlier in the month that the sex scandals haunting the church were linked to homosexuality, rather than vows of celibacy, among priests.

The Cardinal also said that many psychologists and psychiatrists had demonstrated that there was no relationship between celibacy and paedophilia.

He also asserted that the church had never impeded investigations of paedophilia by priests.

Cristian Olivera, leader of the Gay Movement in Lima, said the demonstrators were denouncing Bertone’s comments that put paedophilia and homosexuality on the same level.

Bertone’s recent comments have further stoked the worst crisis to engulf the Catholic church in years, as further accusations pile up that the Vatican, and even the pontiff Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger, obstructed investigations into abuse.

While running the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger resisted pleas from a California diocese to laicise a priest who had pleaded no contest to lewd conduct for tying up and molesting two boys, according to correspondence obtained by The Associated Press.

Self described abuse victims have called on church officials, including Pope Benedict XVI, to take personal responsibility for clerical abuse.

They allege that a culture of cover-up and secrecy has allowed priests to rape and molest children unchecked for decades.

Hundreds of people have reported cases of abuse by priests at schools, orphanages and other church-run institutions.

Victims say bishops and other church members higher-up covered up the crimes, choosing to protect the church rather than children.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

“Money for sick children abused for cardinal’s apartment”

Today, 18:06

Two former employees of the Vatican are suspected of fraud. They are said to have used money that was meant for the Vatican’s children’s hospital for refurbishing the luxury apartment of Cardinal Bertone, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Vatican. He is not a suspect in the case.

Cardinal Bertone is not a suspect. Because he is ‘too big to jail‘? When Cardinal Bertone was still the number two in the Vatican hierarchy, under Benedict XVI, the predecessor of the present pope, he was mainly known for homophobia.

The Vatican has started an investigation into Giuseppe Profiti and Massimo Spina. Profiti was manager at the Bambino Gesu [Little Child Jesus] Children’s Hospital, Spina was the treasurer. According to the Italian magazine L’Espresso a total of about 422,000 euros has been spent in refurbishing Bertone’s apartment.

That money was, according to the magazine, meant for sick children. The money came from a fund established for the children. A lawyer for Bertone says that the cardinal knew nothing and never approved that money from the fund was used for his home.

Then, didn’t he ever ask where all that money for refurbishing his apartment so luxuriously came from?


Tackling fraud is one of the priorities set by the Pope [Francis I] when he was elected. In 2014, two fraud investigations were started about real estate.

It is not the first time that the Bambino Gesu is missing money because of fraud. Last year Italian media wrote that maybe 30 million euros was diverted by a cardinal. That money was supposed to be for the hospital, but was eventually used for other purposes.

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