Pope Francis’ reforms obstructed by Vatican oligarchy

This video says about itself:

4 November 2015

Merchants in the Temple” author Gianluigi Nuzzi is defending his explosive allegations against the Vatican. His new book accuses powerful members of the church hierarchy of greed and financial mismanagement, saying they are fighting reform efforts by Pope Francis. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Rome, where she sat down with the man behind the charges.

Translated from Rop Zoutberg, Dutch NOS TV correspondent in Italy, today:

‘Pope wants reforms in the Vatican, but is stopped’

Today, 16:41

From the outside it may seem that a revolution is underway, but within the walls of the Vatican Pope Francis I hardly manages to bring order. Diametrically opposed to him are groups of authorities who want to know nothing of reforms and are lavish with money. An Italian journalist who wrote all this is now being prosecuted.

“There is for Pope Francis still a long way to go,” says journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, whose book about the financial abuses at the Vatican appears this week in the Netherlands. “On some of the accounts of the Vatican there is not any inspection. There is theft, both of money and goods, there are unprecedented privileges of elites. A situation that is unsustainable, but very difficult for Francis to tackle. He after all has to maintain the unity of the church and prevent fractures.”

Hundreds of millions of euros remain invisible in accounts, while cardinals for a pittance live in colossal palaces up to 600 square meters. Funds raised for the poor evaporate into thin air. For every euro that comes in at most 20 cents goes to help needy people. The rest disappears, according to Nuzzi.

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