18 thoughts on “German ultra-conservative bishop stole millions from poor people

  1. this story seems to be a bit unfair. if one reads more of the context, the problem was not about money, but about his ‘conservative’ religious views.
    the liberal Catholics in his country have spent alot more on alot less…. what is really going on is that he tried to impliment a religious reform and the entrenched powers found a way of pushing him out.

    • Oh yes, the problem was really about money. About tens of millions of euros meant to be for poor people, but which “Bishop bling” used for his own palace.

      What was this bishop’s “religious reform”? His homophobia? Or that he was one of three bishops in Germany who refused to give information on sexual abuse of children by priests?

      Are you suggesting that Pope Francis was very wrong and very unjust to suspend “Bishop bling” for this?

      • That it’s bitter apostates and heretics like you who say nothing about leftists who do much worse, but happen to crucify this guy because he’s not a whackjob, depraved leftist like you guys.

        • Which “leftists” do you mean, please? Pope Francis I?

          Your word “crucify” suggests that Bishop Bling is Christ-like. While, in reality, a Church inquiry has found out he stole tens of millions intended for poor people for his own palace. And why did Bishop Bling cover up sexual abuse of children?

        • How can you explain a bishop having to take care of the poor and sharing the love and word of God, building a ‘palace’. Where did he get the money from and why did he not use it properly to help spreading the Word of God and helping those in need, certainly of the region Limburg (Germany/Belgium/Holland), where much shortage of work and financial trouble for many family is daily reality.

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  3. From the USA:

    SMYRNA, Ga. (AP) — The archbishop of Atlanta says he has decided to sell his $2.2 million residence following a storm of criticism from parishioners.

    Archbishop Wilton Gregory said Saturday that he will leave the Tudor-style residence in the exclusive Buckhead neighborhood in early May.

    The church leader earlier this week apologized for building the mansion. He announced his decision after meeting Saturday with clergy and lay people from within his archdiocese.

    Local Catholics have faulted Gregory for the opulent spending, citing the example of austerity set by Pope Francis.

    Gregory moved into the residence in January after selling his old home to Christ The King Cathedral for $1.9 million. The cathedral plans to move its priests into the archbishop’s former residence, freeing up space on its campus.


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  5. VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis denounced corrupt politicians, businessmen and priests for the second day in a row today, scaling up his criticisms as prosecutors crack down on a series of bribery scandals afflicting several major public projects in Italy.

    Francis said the poor are hurt most by such crimes since they suffer when hospitals don’t have affordable medicines or schools have insufficient materials.

    “The corrupt politician, the corrupt businessman, the corrupt priest — all three hurt the innocents, the poor, because it’s the poor who pay for the parties of the corrupt,” he said.


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