South African lion versus buffalo, video

This 24 January 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

A male lion in Kruger national park stalks a buffalo and seems to be surprised by the size of the buffalo bull. The male lion then seems to freeze before the buffalo turns around and chases it off.

South African lionesses’ special relationship

This 21 January 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

These Lionesses Have a Special Relationship

In the animal kingdom, it is fairly common to see a dominance display like this by male animals, such as elephants and lions. … However, we have never seen the above behavior between 2 lionesses!

22-year-old guide, Jason De Rauville captured a very rare instance where two lionesses try and mount at Phinda Game Reserve recently. We asked Jason to explain this unusual sighting and he told us what he saw:

“We were on our way out on an early morning game drive and came across some fresh lioness tracks. I was a tracker with one of the guides before becoming a guide myself. We followed the tracks for a while and noticed that a lioness had sort of “scent marked” against a tree so this stated that she must have been on heat. We followed the tracks further and met up with another guide who found two lionesses not far from where we were. We stopped at the sighting and watched them for a while.”

“I was very confused at first, I’ve seen dominance displayed by males toward each other, but never have I seen this behavior in females. We saw one lioness mount the other and decided to stay and see if it would happen again. I was so excited because I had never heard of or seen anything like this before. The wait paid off and she mounted again, this time I had my camera ready!”

“They acted like a honeymoon pair of lions and then lay down again. We left after the second round of mounting when they began to settle down and rest. It was the first time ever that I had seen this and after speaking to a lot of people, I realized that this is very, very rare. One of the lionesses is relatively young, she is also the much smaller one between the two – I’m not sure if that is maybe one of the influencing factors in what happened here.”

“There has not been much research conducted into why lionesses would portray this kind of behavior, but it was amazing to see such unheard-of behavior in the bush.”

Lions attack giraffe, video

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Giraffe Kicks Lions To Defend Itself

In the human world, we can get away with saying “Pick on someone your own size”, but in the animal world, it’s fair game. If a predator can bring it down, no matter the size, they’ll go in for the chase. This is exactly the case when a pride of lions try and take down a huge giraffe.

Thokozani Phakathi visited the Kruger and sent us his footage of a pride of lions trying to take down a giraffe. He told that he never would have thought that he’d see anything like this with his own eyes, until he did!

“We were driving south on the H4-2, on our way back from Crocodile Bridge Camp when we spotted a giraffe being held hostage by a pride of approximately 8 lions. We stopped to see how the hunt would play out. They made several attempts to bring down the giraffe, but it was firing kicks from hell!”

“The lions were very cautious and didn’t want to risk injury or death, particularly because they were all females and the fact that lionesses are usually the ones to secure a meal. This makes them a valuable asset to the pride. It seems that part of their strategy was to exhaust the giraffe and finish the business after dark, taking advantage of their good night vision, and probably when the males are back from patrolling duties so they could add their strong muscle and hefty bodies.”

“The lions were taking turns in harassing, scaring and exhausting the giraffe for a few minutes. As each lioness ha her turn, they’d lay down and pant for a while and then start the process all over. This process insured that there was no escape route for the giraffe as they lay in solid walls around it. We could only count up to 8 lions as they were scattered all around and in between the thickets of the bush.”

“Unfortunately, due to gate time, we had to abandon the breath-taking sighting and never saw the final outcome. It was an absolute thrill to witness how lions coordinate and deploy their strategy to intimidate, frustrate and exhaust their potential prey. I’d normally see such events on National Geographic, but I never even had the thought that I would see something like this with my naked eye.”

“It’s memorable sightings like these that make Kruger National Park such a special place and the ultimate safari adventure destination in South Africa!”

Kenyan lost lion cub returns to pride

This 28 December 2019 video from Kenya says about itself:

A lion cub that had ventured into the bush was lost for a couple of minutes before crying for help and returning back to the slightly worried pride.

This heartwarming sighting was filmed in the Tsavo east national park by Maasai sightings.