Red fox family in the Netherlands

This 23 June video is about a red fox family in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.


Red squirrel feeding on video

This 18 June 2019 video shows a red squirrel feeding.

Yvonne Boersma made the video in her backyard in Apeldoorn city in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

Dutch young wolves born, after 200 years

This 2016 video from Arctic Canada says about itself:

Babysitting Cute Wolf Pups | Snow Wolf Family And Me | BBC

With the adults gone Gordon tries to get a closer look at the wolf pups and see if he can spot any differences between them.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that three young wolves were born in the Veluwe region in April this year.

This camera trap video shows them.

They are the first wolf cubs born in the Netherlands since about 200 years ago, when the species was exterminated.

Their parents probably came from Germany last year.