Spring in Dutch Veluwe region

This 12 March 2018 video is about spring in the Dutch Veluwe region around Ede town. With roe deer, mandarin ducks, songbirds and many more.


Sparrowhawk cleaning feathers

This 5 March 2018 video from the Veluwe region in the Netherlands shows a sparrowhawk cleaning its feathers.

Goldfinch feeding in garden, video

This 17 February 2018 video shows a goldfinch feeding in a garden in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. Also featuring a great tit.


Siskins feeding in garden, video

This 9 February 2018 video is about siskins feeding in a garden in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.


Wildlife in snowy winter, video

This December 2017 video is about wildlife in a snowy winter in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. Includes black-headed gulls in winter plumage, herring gull, moorhen and others.


Sand storm in Dutch national park

This video is about a storm in the Netherlands on 16 January 2018. In parts of the Hoge Veluwe national park, that became a sand storm.


Dutch woodland birds video

This 2 February 2018 video shows Dutch woodland birds in the Veluwe region; like great spotted woodpecker, dunnock, chaffinch and starling.