African refugees abused in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

This 12 April 2017 video is called Migrants being sold as ‘slaves’ in Libya, IOM reports.

Slavery in Libya was abolished in 1857; before, eg, the Dutch colonial empire abolished it. However, NATO’s 2011 ‘humanitarian’ war on Libya brought it back.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Three-quarters of young African refugees abused and exploited’

Today, 01:19

Shocking figures about young people and children refugees going through Libya to Europe. About three-quarters of them are being abused, ill-treated and exploited. This is in a report published by Unicef ​​and the International Organization for Migration of the UN.

Children and young people who are fleeing to Europe are affected by various human rights violations, according to the report. Many single young people can only pay a boat trip after doing forced labour. They are regularly detained, beaten and abused sexually.

The report is based on talks with 22,000 migrants and refugees. Including 11,000 children and young people.


Children and adolescents under the age of 25 especially get more violence and abuse. Young people with a low education level also appear to be more vulnerable to violence, as reported in the report. Especially the journey through Libya is dangerous because of the lawlessness and crime in the country.

Children and young people refugees from Central Africa are at the highest risk of exploitation and human trafficking. This is probably due to racism, say the researchers.


European Union anti-refugees conference

This video says about itself:

26 September 2016

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán has called for the European Union to create a “giant refugee city” on the Libyan coastline. He proposes the city could be used to house refugees and migrants coming from across Africa who are attempting to board boats in north Africa headed for Europe. Our Europe correspondent Jack Parrock reports.

Far right Viktor Orbán hates refugees. So, this ‘giant city’ would in practice be a ‘giant concentration camp‘. Where food for refugees, if any, would be thrown at them like at farm pigs; like happens in Orbán’s Hungary; and happened during World War II nazi concentration camps for Soviet prisoners of war, whom Hitler considered to be ‘Asian subhumans’. Or Orban’s ‘city’ might resemble the ‘tent city’ in Arizona, USA where racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio (convicted, but now pardoned by President Trump) used to have Latinos tortured for being Latinos.

Even not that progressive other European Union countries’ politicians sometimes criticize Orbán. However, now it looks like they are copying his anti-refugee ideas.

By Alex Lantier in France:

EU holds Paris conference to set up detention camps for migrants in Libya

29 August 2017

Yesterday, heads of state of Germany, France, Italy, and Spain and of the African states of Niger and Chad, together with UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj of Libya attended a summit on immigration hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

The purpose of the summit stamped it with a politically criminal character. It discussed how to deny the right of asylum to hundreds of thousands of refugees and block their travel through Africa north to Libya and across the Mediterranean to Europe. The conference, attended by European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, discussed using the armed forces of the African regimes to detain refugees and send them back toward the countries they had fled, thus keeping them in Africa and deterring further migration.

The conference was an attempt above all to deal with the disastrous consequences of the 2011 NATO war in Libya, which destroyed the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and unleashed a bloody civil war that rages to this day. The summit also tried to contain escalating tensions among the European powers over which armed factions to support inside Libya.

Last week, the UN released a devastating report highlighting the horrific fate of vast numbers of refugees trapped in the civil war conditions of post-2011 Libya and exposing the forces that the EU is proposing to rely on to police refugees.

The UN reported, “Migrants continued to be subjected by smugglers, traffickers, members of armed groups and security forces to extreme violence; torture and other ill-treatment; forced labour; arbitrary deprivation of liberty; rape; and other sexual violence and exploitation. On 11 April 2017, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) denounced the presence of slave markets in Libya, where sub-Saharan migrants were bought and sold and women were traded as sex slaves.”

Based on reports from the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), the UN painted a portrait of conditions in detention camps set up for migrants in Libya to halt and deter migration. The UN found that victims of brutal conduct from the various warring militias that rule post-Gaddafi Libya “had little avenue for redress, due to a general state of lawlessness and the weakness of judicial institutions.”

It wrote, “UNSMIL visited detention centres under the control of the Department for Combatting Illegal Migration in Gharyan, Tripoli, Misrata and Surman, where thousands of migrants have been held arbitrarily for prolonged periods of time with no possibility to challenge the legality of their detention. UNSMIL had documented cases of torture, ill-treatment, rape and other forms of sexual violence. Detention centres remained overcrowded, and detainees were often malnourished, living in poor hygienic conditions and with limited or no access to medical care.”

The UN also documented the brutal conduct of EU-backed armed forces in Libya, who try to catch refugees to return them to these detention camps. Its report noted, “UNSMIL received numerous reports of dangerous, life-threatening interceptions by armed men believed to be from the Libyan Coast Guard. UNSMIL has been reviewing its support to the Libyan Coast Guard in line with the United Nations human rights due diligence policy.”

The conference issued a brief resolution late last night, calling for the EU to bring “particularly vulnerable” migrants from Libya to Europe, while relying on the armed forces of Niger and Chad and the various militias in Libya to keep refugees from reaching the Mediterranean. The conference also proposed to provide more equipment to the Libyan Coast Guard for its anti-refugee missions.

Macron said he wanted to “identify” which migrants are true refugees in Niger and Chad, before they could reach Libya on their journey north, so that others could be turned back. He blamed the terrible conditions that exist for refugees in Africa on people smugglers, declaring: “Certain trafficking groups that traffic in weapons, in human lives, and in drugs, and groups linked to terrorism have turned the desert in Africa and the Mediterranean into a graveyard. These same people are profoundly linked to terrorism.”

These are political lies, designed to falsely present a brutal EU policy of denying asylum rights to refugees based on outright armed repression as respecting human rights. It is not people smugglers or refugees that are responsible for civil war conditions in Libya, but the NATO powers, which bombed Libya and armed various Islamist militias in a war for regime change. As in imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, Libyan society rapidly disintegrated.

Wars across the Middle East and Africa have now produced the greatest refugee crisis since World War II, with over 60 million people displaced from their homes. The reaction of the imperialist powers is not to halt the war drive or to seek to address the military conflicts and the poverty that is driving tens of millions to abandon their homes. Rather, they aim to work more closely with military dictatorships and irregular militias to prevent this unprecedented wave of migrants from reaching Europe.

Despite the European powers’ criticisms of US President Donald Trump, including his call to build a wall to block Mexican immigration north into the United States, their own policy towards African refugees is equally ruthless and brutal. As thousands of refugees crossed in the Mediterranean, EU officials sought to limit rescue operations, hoping news of refugees drowning at sea would deter migrants from trying to reach Europe.

Rescue operations encourage migration, one British diplomat explained, and “create an unintended ‘pull factor’ thereby leading to more tragic and unnecessary deaths.” The solution was to eliminate the “pull factor” created by rescue measures and discourage migration by allowing refugees to drown. Since then, thousands of innocent refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean—2,400 in the first eight months of 2017 alone.

Under these conditions, the EU’s claim that it will bring “particularly vulnerable” migrants to Europe is another utterly cynical gesture. Any refugee in Libya is vulnerable due to the civil war conditions in the country, and promises to bring those that are “particularly vulnerable” only amounts to giving EU authorities the right to cherry-pick which refugees they will grant asylum.

According to initial reports, European officials at the conference summarily dismissed arguments by African heads of state that migration would continue so long as large parts of Africa are very poor. “The problem is poverty,” Mogherini said, but she ruled out launching “a new Marshall Plan” to devote substantial funding to create jobs in Africa. European officials are reportedly thinking of spending €6 million initially on poverty programmes, or up to €50 million in the long term—a drop in the bucket in a poverty-stricken region inhabited by hundreds of millions of people.

The summit not only reflected the EU’s militaristic and anti-refugee policy, but featured growing rivalries among the European powers over who would set the agenda and announce more ambitious plans to limit immigration to Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is seeking re-election and trying to burnish her anti-immigrant credentials, announced yesterday a deal with the bloody Egyptian military dictatorship of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to limit migration to Europe.

Macron was compelled to abandon his plan to build French “hot spot” detention centres in Libya, presented in July amid sharp tensions with Italy, the former colonial power in Libya, as Paris and Rome backed rival armed forces inside Libya, led by General Khalifa Haftar and the Misrata militias, respectively.

God Save the Queen played in war-torn Libya

This video says about itself:

The UK’s national anthem as you’ve never heard it before – BBC News

25 August 2017

A Libyan military band tried to perform the British national anthem for the arrival of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as he arrived in Benghazi.

These Libyans are warriors of warlord General Haftar, boss of one of at least three governments killing each other’s soldiers and civilians in NATO’s brave new Libya.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that Mr Johnson is the first NATO country politician ever to visit General Haftar, who, they say:

reigns in the east of the country and does not obey the UN-recognized [so-called] unity government in the capital Tripoli.

This is euphemism by the NOS. Warlord and [by now ex?] CIA asset Haftar not only does not only not recognize the Tripoli government, he has bloody fights with them.

Libyan gunmen drive Doctors Without Borders refugee rescuers away

This video says about itself:

On August 26 [2015], a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) rescue ship, the Bourbon Argos, completed two rescue operations, saving some 800 refugees from smugglers’ boats in the Mediterranean Sea. The first boat was a large wooden fishing boat in distress with approximately 650 people on board; the second was a rubber boat first spotted by a Tunisian fishing vessel, carrying about 150 people. After the rescues, the Bourbon Argos began its journey with around 800 people, most of them from Syria, along with people from Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, towards the port of Vibo Valentia in Italy.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) leaves the Libyan coast for the time being

Today, 18:52

MSF’s ship Prudence no longer sails near Libya to rescue migrants. MSF said to have decided that because they said the Libyan coastguard is hostile to humanitarian organizations sailing near the coast of Libya.

Which Libyan coastguard? There are at least three governments in Libya, all with their own gunmen killing each other and civilians.

MSF says the Libyan authorities want to set up their own coastal rescue zone, which will continue into international waters. Libya would like to stop the presence of foreign ships.

Code of Conduct

The Libyan attitude worries MSF, among other things, because it makes the fate of the migrants still more uncertain. According to witnesses, the Libyan coastguard often abuses boat migrants. In addition, the migrants are brought back to Libya against their will.

Back to Libya, where they will be locked up in torture jails and be subject to sexual abuse.

The organization is also concerned about the cooperation of the Italian and Libyan coastguards. …

Recently, a ship from the organization Jugend Rettet was chained in Sicily because it was said to have collaborated with Libyan smugglers to pick up migrants. Italy demanded from all organizations that they would sign a code of conduct to counteract such practices. Jugend Rettet and Doctors Without Borders have refused that.

UPDATE: Rescue organisations Sea Eye and Save the Children have done the same as MSF.

Dutch woman kidnapped in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

This video from England says about itself:

Salman Abedi: ‘Public called anti-terrorism hotline about suicide bomber‘ – BBC News

24 May 2017

A Muslim community worker has told BBC News that members of the public called the police anti-terrorism hotline warning about the Manchester suicide bomber’s extreme and violent views several years ago. The BBC also understands that Abedi was in Manchester earlier this year when he told people of the value of dying for a cause and made hardline statements about suicide operations and the conflict in Libya.

The community worker – who did not want to be identified – said two people who knew Salman Abedi at college made separate calls to the police. They had been worried that “he was supporting terrorism” and had expressed the view that “being a suicide bomber was OK.” The friends had argued with him, telling him he was wrong but had become so concerned they contacted the police. The community worker told the BBC “all of the publicity is about Muslims not coming forward and this shows that they are coming forward and expressing their concerns.” The calls are thought to have been made around five years ago after Abedi left school.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Missed woman in Libya turns out to have been arrested

Today, 10:00

The Dutch woman who has been missing for a few days has been found in Libya; she was arrested by the Libyan authorities.

Which Libyan authorities? There are at least three governments in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya, killing each other’s fighters and civilians.

The [Dutch] Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked if they can visit Yvonne Snitjer. …

Because the situation in Libya is too insecure, the Dutch Embassy in Libya has been closed for three years. The members of the embassy now work from neighbouring Tunisia.

I hope it will be possible for embassy staff to make the dangerous journey from Tunisia to Ms Snitjer’s prison cell, without being kidnapped like her, or being killed.

Ms Snitjer lives in Libya, and used to send Twitter messages from there, apparently until she was kidnapped. Many of these tweets looked at bloody Libya through rose-coloured glasses. However, rose-coloured glasses may be the only way for tweeps to survive Libyan warlords.

One of Ms Snitjer’s tweets was not so rose-coloured. She mentioned that in the ‘whole south of Libya’ [and the north is not that better, by the way] the hospitals have ‘no medicines at all. Few depts actually working.’

That truth may have hurt one or more warlords in Libya, and may have led to Yvonne Snitjer’s kidnapping.

Ms Snitjer’s friends are happy that they now at least know where she is (though the report does not mention in which one of Libya’s prisons; often torture prisons). Yet, they will only be really happy if Ms Snitjer will be freed. And they can be only totally really happy if people can be in Libya without being kidnapped or killed.

Libyan woman Zahra’ Langhi wrote on Twitter, after the news about Ms Snitjer:

NOW, Can we do same for LIBYAN HUMANITARIAN JABIR ZAIN? #FreeJabir

Missing since 09/2016 #Tripoli

Jabir Zain, Yvonne Snitjer and so many others became victims of NATO’s 2011 regime change and oil war.

Like the murdered audience of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England recently. Their direct murderer was, of course, Libyan suicide bomber Salman Abedi. However, indirectly, more people share at least some of the guilt. Like Salman Abedi’s jihadist parents who brought him to the hell of the Libyan war to serve as 15-year-old child soldier jihadist NATO cannon fodder. And British MI5 secret police which OK’d child soldiers going from Britain to that war as jihadist NATO cannon fodder. And British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, boss of MI5, who OK’d child soldiers going from Britain to that war as jihadist NATO cannon fodder. And French right-wing President Sarkozy, and United States Republican Senator John McCain, Cameron’s warmongering buddies. That bloody war destroyed Salman Abedi’s mental health, and would destroy so many lives in Manchester six years later.

UPDATE: the latest NOS update now says Ms Snitjer was arrested because she had made photos and films of firefights in her neighbourhood. Earlier, no reason was known. In that case, it would not be about her tweet on the public health disaster in ‘new’ Libya, but about a similar ‘bad publicity’ (lack of) free speech issue.

The latest claim by Greater Manchester Police that suicide bomber Salman Abedi acted alone is part of a cover-up launched by the Conservative government and the intelligence agencies to conceal their responsibility for the May 22 atrocity that claimed 22 lives. On Tuesday evening, Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson of the north-west counter-terrorism unit issued a statement claiming, “Our enquiries show Abedi himself made most of the purchases of the core components [of the bomb] and what is becoming apparent is that many of his movements and actions have been carried out alone during the four days from him landing in the country and committing this awful attack.” The portrayal of Abedi as a “lone wolf” flatly contradicts numerous previous statements by Prime Minister Theresa May, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, the police and media that he was part of a sophisticated terror cell that required mobilising the army onto Britain’s streets to prevent a second attack: here.

UAE breaches UN arms embargo with gunship exports to [Libyan warlord] Haftar: here.

The Obama administration’s “regime change” debacles in Libya and Syria are spreading terrorist violence into Europe, but they have inflicted vastly more bloodshed in those two tragic nations, writes Jonathan Marshall.

From NATO’s Libya war to Manchester terror

This video from the USA says about itself:

From Libya to Manchester, Western Intervention Endangers Civilians

29 May 2017

Max Blumenthal, Senior Editor for Alternet‘s Grayzone Project, says the Manchester bombing’s ties to NATO intervention in Libya exemplify how Western policies overseas can help lead to attacks at home.

The Manchester Bombing Is Blowback from the West’s Disastrous Interventions and Covert Proxy Wars. How the U.S. and the U.K. helped bring jihadists like Salem Abedi to Libya and Syria. By Max Blumenthal.

This video from Britain says about itself:

Corbyn: War on Terror is not Working – We Need a New Solution

28 May 2017

Kam Sandhu of Real Media UK says that Corbyn has opened up a conversation in the UK that many people want to have but they have been under siege with ongoing terror attacks.

Spooks, torture, oil and war—how the British state brought terror to Libya. The British state has a long history of interfering in the Middle East. The carnage it sowed in Libya has now come back to expose the politicians who led it, argues Simon Basketter.

ISIS attacks in Europe coordinated from Libya, according to Italian weekly L’Espresso.