Dipper at waterfall, video

This 31 October 2017 video is about a dipper, diving at a waterfall near Roden in Drenthe province in the Netherlands.

Henk de Jong made this video.


Red-backed shrike nest attacked by weasel

This June-July 2017 webcam video from Bargerveen nature reserve in Drenthe province in the Netherlands shows a red-backed shrike nest. A parent feeds the young birds.

Later, a weasel attacks the nest.

Wild diving dipper in zoo

This 8 February 2017 video shows a wild diving dipper in the elephants‘ enclosure in Emmen zoo in Drenthe province in the Netherlands.

Reint Harkink made this video.

Fungi and moss in Dutch Drenthe

This Dutch RTV Drenthe video says about itself (translated):

Dec 10. 2016

The Roeg! TV show this week is about the spruce forests in our province and a rare moss species in Meppel. In Drenthe, new reserves have been declared; the Forestry Commission and the Mushroom Task Force Drenthe have designated some spruce forests as mushrooms reserves. For in these woods nowadays you can find all kinds of special mushrooms.

Near Meppel grows a rare moss species: slender green feather moss. It grows only there, but abundantly so.