Wild boar piglet video

This 15 August 2017 video is about a wild boar piglet near Apeldoorn city in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

Rare white moose filmed in Sweden

This 13 August 2017 Swedish TV video is about Hans Nilsson, who managed to film a rare white moose (so called in North America; ‘elk‘ in Europe) near Eda in Värmland province.

The big deer is not an albino; it is leucistic.

See also here.

African rhinos in love, video

This video says about itself:

First Time Rhino Affection Caught On Film – Africa – BBC Earth

14 August 2017

Whilst filming at night the team witness rhinos showing affection for the first time!

Black bear at United States bird feeders

This video from the USA says about itself:

4 August 2017

Young male Black Bear now on his own makes a very rare daylight morning stop on the deck looking for food. Also a rare morning when the two trail cams are still running so we see the bear from three different cameras. Note the Eastern Towhees sounding the alarm callsBlue Jays are not a big presence here so the Towhees are sort of the Backyard Watchouts. I always put the bird food away at night and put it back up in morning – perhaps this bear is starting to figure that out. The fact that more bears have been showing up recently may mean that food is scarcer than usual up in the mountain forests. This should be berry-time!

Red squirrels at play

This 10 August 2017 video is about red squirrels at play in a tree in the Netherlands.

Everdien van de Bijl made this video.