Hedgehog with baby passes dog, video

On this 24 August 2016 video, a hedgehog with her baby passes a dog. Fortunately, the dog is behind glass.

Marjolijn Dissel made this video in her garden in Alphen a/d Rijn in the Netherlands.

Badger killing in England, stop it

This video from England says about itself:

4 August 2014

Wild badgers filmed in south Lincolnshire woodland.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Pro-badger activists slam cull extension

Wednesday 24th August 2016

ANIMAL rights campaigners condemned reports yesterday that ministers are planning to extend the badger cull.

Killing badgers does not effectively eradicate bovine tuberculosis, animal rights protesters argue.

“It’s more expensive to cull. It’s more inhumane to cull. It doesn’t sort out the problem even if you do it properly,” said RSPCA head of public affairs David Bowles.

Badger Trust chairman Peter Martin said: “The badger is being used as a scapegoat for failures in the modern intensive livestock industry.”

Instead of culling, a vaccine for cattle should be a priority, said Paul Wilkinson of The Wildlife Trust, pointing to evidence that the disease is mainly spread through cow-to-cow contact.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) refused to confirm or deny reports that culling would be extended to south Devon, north Devon, north Cornwall, west Dorset and south Hertfordshire despite Devon farmer Tony Francis telling the BBC he’d signed up to one of the new cull zones.

Roe deer feeding, video

This video shows a male roe deer feeding on buckwheat in Crailose heide nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Chris Meewis made this video on 8 August 2016.

Beaver, great blue heron at Cornell, USA

This video from Cornell University in the USA says about itself:

15 August 2016

In this clip, a beaver forages around the edge of the Sapsucker Woods Pond before slipping into the water and swimming amidst the lily pads.

This video from Cornell University in the USA says about itself:

16 August 2016

In this clip a Great Blue Heron is seen wading in the ponds of Sapsucker Woods. It can be seen taking long strides in between bouts of scanning over the pond.

Otters in Dutch Friesland, videos

This video shows an otter in July 2016, in Kraanlannen nature reserve in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

This video shows an otter in August 2016, near IJlst town in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Red fox catching mice, video

This 18 August 2016 video shows a red fox catching mice along a footpath.

Jelle Schouten made this video in Oostvaardersplassen national park in the Netherlands.

European bison benefit natterjack toads

This 2016 video is called Re-wilding Europe, One Bison at a Time.

Translated from ARK Natuurontwikkeling in the Netherlands:

Natterjack toads benefit of bison in Maashorst

21 August 2016 – In the North Brabant province nature reserve Maashorst nature is in full swing. Recently European bison were introduced there. Along with Exmoor ponies and Tauros cattle they graze the grasslands, heaths and forests of the Maashorst. With their grazing and digging they provide spaces for other species such as the natterjack toad.

This 2014 Dutch video is about Tauros cattle: an attempt to breed the extinct aurochs back.