Trump helps elephant trophy hunting

This video is called Africa’s Elephant Kingdom.

From the Washington Post in the USA:

Trump administration quietly makes it legal to bring elephant parts to the U.S. as trophies

by Eli Rosenberg

March 6 at 9:50 PM

The Trump administration will allow Americans to bring tusks and other elephant body parts back to this country as trophies, in a pivot away from the support President Trump voiced last year for an Obama-era trophy ban.

The decision, announced quietly in a March 1 memorandum from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, withdrew previous rulings on trophy hunting and said the agency would allow sport hunters to receive permits for the trophy items on a “case-by-case basis.”

The move contrasts sharply with the position taken by Trump in November.

After the Fish and Wildlife Service announced a repeal of the ban on the importation of elephant-hunt trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia, wide public outcry prompted Trump and Ryan Zinke, the secretary of the interior, which houses the wildlife agency, to put the repeal on hold until further review. …

African elephants have been listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act since 1979.

Proponents of big-game hunting and the current Interior Department leadership believe that money from permits to hunt elephants would aid in their conservation by putting more revenue in the system. The agency’s memo cites a long-running lawsuit against the ban filed by Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm.

“The Trump administration is trying to keep these crucial trophy import decisions behind closed doors, and that’s totally unacceptable”, Tanya Sanerib, international legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity, told the Associated Press. “Elephants aren’t meant to be trophies, they’re meant to roam free.”

The president’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are avid game hunters. A photograph of Trump Jr. holding a knife and a dead elephant’s tail after a hunt in Zimbabwe in 2011 has drawn wide attention in the past.

Under Zinke, who is also a hunter, the Interior Department’s policies have become noticeably more pro-hunting. According to the AP, the department took a step in June to potentially allow grizzly bears near Yellowstone National Park to be hunted. And the Fish and Wildlife Service has begun allowing African lions killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia to be imported, the AP reported.

The population of African elephants has shrunk from about 5 million a century ago to about 400,000, a drop precipitated in part by poaching and the demand for elephant ivory and by the loss of habitat, the AP reported.

Elephant hunting is not a sport that is widely accessible to American citizens. The safaris in Africa can cost more than $50,000 per person, the AP reported.

Reality Stars, Trophy Hunters, and Gun Boosters: Meet the Trump Administration’s Wildlife Conservation Council. “It’s really embarrassing. I just question the qualifications of each and every one of these people”: here.

12 thoughts on “Trump helps elephant trophy hunting

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  2. This is Trump’s son with the tail of an elephant he killed. Months ago, Trump tried to give him a sick gift, changing the law to let bloodthirsty American hunters murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. Under massive public pressure Trump backed down, but now he’s trying to do it again. We have to stop him. Let’s build an urgent campaign and spark another media storm — sign with one click:

    Dear friends,

    Trump just quietly changed the law — AGAIN — to let bloodthirsty American hunters murder elephants in Africa and bring their heads home as trophies!

    He tried to do this before — but after massive public pressure, including a 2 million person Avaaz campaign, Trump put this disgusting plan “under review”.

    Now, months later, he’s trying to sneak it past us. It’s all a sick gift to people like his son, who notoriously shot and mutilated an elephant.

    We can’t let him get away with it. African leaders could simply shut down trophy hunting in their countries — let’s quickly build another mega-petition and in days Avaaz will deliver it to a summit of elephant nations telling them to stand up to Trump and outlaw his trophy trade. Sign with one click:

    Stop Trump’s disgusting plan & save the elephants!

    To President Trump, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and conservation authorities around the world:

    Elephants are facing extinction and this is no time to strip them of protection. Trophy hunting drives the slaughter of elephants, increases demand for their body parts, and projects a double standard that makes it harder to tackle ivory poaching. We call on you to do all you can to reverse the US decision to allow the import of elephant trophies, before it is too late.

    Stop Trump’s disgusting plan & save the elephants!

    Under pressure, Trump himself called this policy a “horror show” just a few months ago. But now with the dust cleared and eyes elsewhere, he wants to reward elephant-killers like Trump Jr, letting anyone join the slaughter and bring home elephant body parts as souvenirs, even as ivory poaching threatens to wipe these amazing creatures out.

    Trump officials say they’ll only lift the ban on trophy imports on a “case by case basis” but experts say it’s almost impossible to stop poaching when wealthy Americans are shooting elephants for fun. The only way to save elephants from extinction is to stop killing them, and reduce demand for their body parts.

    When Trump tried to do this months ago, the public shut it down. We can do it again. Let’s make sure that when African elephant nations meet in days, we can send them a giant call for the US to drop this disgusting plan. Sign now with one click and share with everyone!

    Stop Trump’s disgusting plan & save the elephants!

    Time and time again, our movement has rallied for elephants. We’ve pushed for ivory bans, funded undercover stings against poachers, and pushed for even greater protections. Now we need to come together for these amazing creatures again.

    With hope,

    Danny, Bert, Sarah, Spyro, Fatima, Ricken, Emma, and the rest of the Avaaz team


    Trump Administration Makes Elephants Fair Game for Hunters as Trophy Ban is Lifted — Newsweek

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    Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that. — Washington Post


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