Protect Alaska’s walruses from dirty oil drilling, petition

This video is called Walrus dance.

From the Center for Biological Diversity in the USA:

Protect Alaska’s Walruses From Dirty Oil Drilling and Global Warming

author: Center for Biological Diversity

target: Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

Walrus moms and their babies spend all year living on the sea ice off Alaska. But global warming is melting that ice and forcing them to come to shore.

Walrus babies face greater risks on land because they are vulnerable to being trampled to death in stampedes and attacked by predators. In 2007, 3,000 to 4,000 young walruses perished after being crushed to death in stampedes.

Walruses also face a serious threat from big oil companies that want to open up offshore drilling in the walrus’s ocean home off Alaska. This drilling will put walruses at risk from oil spills and worsen the global warming pollution that is destroying the sea ice they need for survival.

The federal government is considering giving walruses increased protections under the Endangered Species Act that would help reduce dangers to walruses and encourage government action to fight global warming.

Please sign the petition today asking the government to protect the walrus as an endangered species and put a permanent halt to offshore drilling off Alaska.

11 thoughts on “Protect Alaska’s walruses from dirty oil drilling, petition

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