Liechtenstein prince poaches ‘Romania’s largest bear’

This 5 May 2021 video says about itself:

The bear hunter AKA Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein

Speak against injustice and against all those who think they are entitled to do what they want.

The bear killer who takes pride in obtaining the so-called ‘trophies‘ should be punished or not? What do you think?

From, 6 May 2021:

Liechtenstein prince accused of poaching ‘Romania’s largest bear

NGOs say the royal killed a 17-year-old brown bear in an act of trophy hunting.

By Eddy Wax

Environmental NGOs have accused a prince from the Liechtenstein royal family of shooting Romania’s largest bear in an act of trophy hunting.

Romania’s Agent Green and Austrian group VGT said in a joint statement published Wednesday that Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein visited Romania in March this year and killed a 17-year-old brown bear on a protected nature reserve.

According to the NGOs, the prince, who lives in Austria, came to Romania under the pretense of shooting a female bear for which the Romanian government had issued a special hunting derogation. The female was disturbing locals in a village in a nature-protection site in the Carpathian mountains.

However, the bear the prince shot was a male nicknamed Arthur that had been under observation by an Agent Green ranger and had always kept away from the villagers, the NGOs said.

“It is clear that the prince did not come to solve the problem of the locals, but to kill the bear and take home the biggest trophy to hang it on the wall. We are dealing with a game of poaching, since they shot the wrong bear,” said Agent Green President Gabriel Paun in his statement. …

The Associated Press reported it had seen documentation showing the prince paid the equivalent of €7,000 to obtain a four-day hunting permit.

Brown bears are protected from deliberate hunting under the EU habitats directive and derogations can be granted only under special circumstances, such as if the animal is putting the public or other wildlife in danger. …

She added, “It’s a great problem that rich people actually all over the world still do trophy hunting as a social activity.”

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