Guam poet against Trump’s nuclear warmongering

This video says about itself:

The History of Guam

10 August 2017

Guam is a virtual US colony, whose residents have been denied the rights afforded to other Americans, says professor David Vine.

And now United States President Trump, not elected by even one Guam person, makes Guam the focus of threats of a nuclear war with North Korea.

By Ryan Grenoble from the USA:

Chamorro [indigenous Guamanian] poet and activist Craig Santos Perez told The Atlantic he’s both concerned and angry that Guam is in this position to begin with.

“Definitely concern was the first feeling, but then of course anger that Guam is put into the crosshairs of the situation,” he said. “My opinion is the American military presence… has made Guam a target most of all. Really, the answer is not THAAD or more weapons, but demilitarization and thinking about how we can create peace in the region and have the de-proliferation of nuclear weapons, both in Korea and in the United States.”

The world is daily and hourly edging closer to the brink of nuclear war, as US President Donald Trump maintains a constant stream of extraordinarily inflammatory and reckless threats against North Korea. Such bellicose language coming from the man in charge of the most powerful military force on the planet is generating increasing shock and fear that war with nuclear weapons could break out at any moment: here.

Guam people against Trump’s Korea nuclear warmongering

This video says about itself:

US military to strengthen presence in Guam

21 June 2013

With Washington refocusing its forces to the Asia-Pacific region, the US Naval Base on the small island of Guam is preparing for the arrival of 5,000 more troops and their dependents.

The goal is to turn Guam, an unincorporated territory of the US in the western Pacific Ocean, into a regional security hub by integrating the US air force and navy.

The move is seen as a bid to counter what are perceived by the US and its allies as challenges to the freedom and security of the region.

However, many of the locals feel there are other ways their island can prosper, and that growth should not happen at any cost, particularly at the expense of their environment.

Al Jazeera’s Marga Ortigas reports from Guam.

From in Australia (right-wing, Rupert Murdoch-owned):

Trump hasn’t a clue where Guam is’: Locals terrified they’ll be ‘blown to smithereens’ as North Korea tensions ramp up

August 9, 201710:22pm

Emma Reynolds and wires

DONALD Trump is using Guam as a pawn in his stand-off with North Korea without even knowing where the US territory is, say terrified locals. …

Residents of the 550 square-kilometre territory, home to several US military bases, turned on Mr Trump as they contemplated the dire warning from North Korea.

“We’ll be blown to smithereens!” wrote former teacher Eileen Benavente-Blas on a community Facebook page. “Trump hasn’t a clue where Guam is as he tweets our island into the nuclear hands of N. Korea.”

In response to a query from, Guamanian Milan Salas added: “Tell the world Guam (we) are a pawn of war. Collateral damage and victims every day from two spoiled rotten man child leaders Trump and Kim … Kim Jung [sic] wants to kill us with his ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missiles] because of our ties as a territory to the USA … USA wants to drown our livelihood with despair from over-militarisation that will hurt our ecosystem … we are a cheese bait for NK.

“The Chamorro [indigenous] people have no true voice from everyday tyrants. Is there really true freedom, that I cannot vote for the POTUS who imposes his constitutional rights on me and strategically uses my home for military purposes as a target for the Asia-Pacific region?

“Where is our voice in all this?”

International experts have joined in the criticism of the President’s “unhinged” verbal assault, which goes well beyond repeated warnings from the US military this year that action against North Korea is an option.

“Trying to out-threaten North Korea is like trying to out-pray the Pope,” tweeted John Delury from Seoul’s Yonsei University.

Security commentator Ankit Panda called Mr Trump’s comments “dangerous and unusual”, while Congressman Eliot Engel, Democratic senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, chastised the President for drawing an “absurd” red line that Kim would inevitably cross.

“North Korea is a real threat, but the President’s unhinged reaction suggests he might consider using American nuclear weapons in response to a nasty comment from a North Korean despot,” Mr Engel said in a statement.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” said the President, speaking from his golf club in New Jersey. “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

With a population of 160,000 people, Guam is home to 6000 US troops at the Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force Base. Its tropical climate has also made it popular with tourists, although a direct twice-weekly flight from Cairns that carried mainly tourists was discontinued in 2015.

The Micronesian island, situated less than 3000km north of Australia and around 3400km southeast of Pyongyang, is the westernmost US territory, captured from Spain in 1898 during the Spanish-American War.

Donald Trump and nuclear war, Sinatra parody song

This parody music video from Britain is called Frank Sinatrump – “Nuke War, Nuke War” (live at Mar-a-Lago).

It is a parody of Frank Sinatra‘s song New York, New York.

It says about itself:

22 July 2017

Explosive stuff from Donald Trump‘s Frank Sinatra tribute act, live at Mar-a-Lago.


Start spreading the news
I’m living underground
I need some other place to live
Nuke war, nuke war

Those damn North Koreans
Launched a supercalafragilistic missile
That’s got a big league range on it
Nuke war, nuke war

I want to wake up in a city that still exists
And find I’m still President, not a vapor mist

Let’s blow ‘em up first
They won’t see that coming, hehehe
I’ve got the codes and everything
Nuke war, nuke war
If we can explode them
We can explode Iran
It’s up to me, nuke war, nuke war

US President Donald Trump issued an ominous warning to Iran on Friday, declaring in a White House statement that his administration is “prepared to impose serious consequences” if Tehran fails to release detained American citizens. This provocative declaration marks a further ramping up of tensions between Washington and Iran, which the US ruling elite has long decried as a major obstacle to its unchallenged primacy over the energy-rich Middle East: here.

Stop British Trident nuclear weapons, peace activists arrested

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Faslane Peace Camp – Fighting Trident

4 March 2009

Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland reached 25 years of age in 2007/08. This film is about the ongoing attempt by one of its longest serving protesters at ‘civil disobedience.’

By Peter Lazenby in Scotland:

Five activists arrested for Trident base road block

Wednesday 12th July 2017

FIVE peace campaigners were arrested yesterday after blockading the Trident nuclear weapons base at Coulport in Scotland.

The five locked themselves together using concrete blocks and metal tubes at 7am across the access road leading to the base.

Police were forced to use cutting gear to separate them after they blocked the road to the base for two and a half hours.

The action was part of the Trident Ploughshares nuclear disarmament international camp taking place this week near Coulport.

Those arrested included veteran disarmament campaigner Brian Quail, 79, Angie Zelter, 66, a peace and environment campaigner from Knighton in Wales, and Sam Donaldson, 29, a community worker from Hull.

The Spanish campaigners arrested were Women in Black activist Almudena Izquierdo Olmo, 60, from Madrid, and Alternativa Antimilitarista activist Juan Carlos Navarro Diaz, 46, from the Canary Islands.

Last week, the United Nations introduced a Nuclear Ban Treaty in its attempts to halt nuclear weapons proliferation but British government refused to take part.

Ms Zelter said: “British nuclear weapons are illegal and now there is a United Nations Ban Treaty. It is imperative that all of us get involved in non-violent nuclear disarmament as our government is engaged in state terrorism.”

Ms Izquierdo said: “We demand our government, as part of Nato, sign and ratify the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty in order to prohibit nuclear weapons from entering foreign military bases and ports in Spain.”

The international protest camp was set up on Saturday, and will remain until July 18. Protesters include a delegation from Finland.

French Macron, nuclear war president?

This video from Britain says about itself:

Emmanuel Macron on EU Referendum and Hinkley PointBBC News

17 April 2016

The French government is “completely committed” to constructing the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, the French economy minister has told the BBC. Emmanuel Macron [told] the BBC’s Andrew Marr the £18bn project in Somerset was “very important” for France and EDF, which is 85% owned by the French state. Mr Macron said work still needed to be finalised but he hoped something would be signed with UK officials this week.

That was over a year ago, when Macron was still minister, not president. Then, the talk was about ‘peaceful’ nuclear energy (how ‘peaceful’ is Fukushima?) But now …

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Macron tries his hand at fighting nuclear war

Wednesday 5th July 2017

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron took part in a simulated nuclear missile launch aboard a submarine yesterday after vowing to continue overseas wars.

After visiting a nuclear weapons plant, he spent several hours aboard the submarine Terrible in the Atlantic.

On Monday evening, Mr Macron told parliament he would lift the current state of emergency, which has been in place since the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, but will make some security measures permanent.

And he said military interventions in Africa’s Sahel region, Syria and Iraq would continue.

Mr Macron also said he was determined to cut the number of parliamentary seats — 577 in the National Assembly and 348 in the Senate — by a third.

The French Communist Party and Jean-Luc Melenchon’s France Unbowed boycotted the speech in protest against what they called Mr Macron’s “presidential monarchy”.

THE United Nations is expected to pass a new convention banning nuclear weapons on Friday after the final draft was released on Monday. The third and final draft circulated at the three-week conference at the UN headquarters in New York stated that the only way to guarantee the tools of mass destruction are never used again was to “completely eliminate” them: here.

Against nuclear weapons, on our way to Trump in Brussels

This video says about itself:

Thousands protest Trump’s Brussels visit

24 May 2017

Thousands of demonstrators holding marches in Brussels, Belgium under the slogan ‘Trump not Welcome‘ held anti-NATO and antiwar signs to protest the US president attending a NATO summit on Thursday. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports from the protest.

That video is one of various videos on that big demonstration in Brussels. There will be more videos, and photos in my blog posts to come on the Brussels demonstration.

However, before arriving there, we had to travel by bus on that 24 May.

In the bus to the anti-Trump demonstration were people from various parts of the Netherlands, from, eg, the peace movement Oorlog is geen Oplossing (war is not a solution), who have a report and photos on their blog, and the Socialist Party. There was Socialist Party MP Ms Sadet Karabulut, the daughter of Kurdish Turkish immigrant workers. There was a refugee from Somalia, now chairman of the Deventer branch of the Socialist Party. He said this demonstration was important, as wars don’t bring solutions. Eg, in his native Somalia, where the United States armed forces invaded in 1993, proclaiming good intentions; but the results were a chain reaction of bloodbaths in Somalia. He said Bernie Sanders should have won the presidential elections in the USA.

There was a member of the Socialist Party’s young people’s organisation from Zeist town. There was a Socialist Party man from Oldeberkoop village in Friesland province. And two women from Sneek town, also in Friesland. There was someone with a T shirt, saying ‘Stop arming Saudi Arabia‘.

The bus crossed the Lek river bridge. At 12:35, it crossed the Maas river bridge.

We picked up some fellow demonstrators in Den Bosch city. We passed a fountain with dragon sculptures in the city center; and a <a href=””>giraffe statue, modeled on the way famous local painter Hieronymus Bosch depicted that animal, in a city park.

Then, we arrived at the gate of United States nuclear weapons are there; many times there have been protests against them.

These weapons have always been dangerous. Now that Trump is president, they have become even more dangerous.

Our protest that day involved wool (a bit like similar anti-nuclear weapons protests in Britain).

We made a a woolly colourful ‘spider’s web‘ across the access road to the base, blocking the gate.

Volkel, 24 May 2017

This photo shows the woolly spider’s web, with a sign saying ‘Make peace! No war!’, and banners saying ‘Take these nuclear weapons away’ and ‘War is no solution’.

Volkel spider's web, 24 May 2017

Police was present, but did not arrest anyone.

We also hung the banner saying ‘Take these nuclear weapons away’ and other pro-peace banners on the base’s fences.

A women with a Trump face mask on held a spoof ‘Trump‘ speech.

Our bus rode on. Near Eindhoven city there was graffiti about local football club PSV on viaducts. Near Antwerp in Belgium was graffiti depicting ladybugs on viaducts. And also a big traffic jam.

Finally south of Antwerp, we passed Breendonk, during World War II a nazi concentration camp.

We arrived at Brussel Noord railway station, where the demonstration would start. Stay tuned!