War criminal Tony Blair also coronavirus spreader

This 30 July 2020 video says about itself:

As European countries expand protection measures like quarantines and mask-wearing for Covid-19 patients, courts are being left with the job of interpreting and enforcing the new laws. In Austria, a woman has been sentenced to a suspended jail term for visiting a supermarket while under quarantine – a move the judge slammed as ‘dangerous’.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

British former Prime Minister Tony Blair has discredited himself by allegedly violating the coronavirus rules. According to The Sunday Times, he did not go into home quarantine after a two-day trip to the United States. People entering Great Britain from that country are required to go into isolation for two weeks.

The newspaper says it has photos of Blair showing him leaving a London restaurant ten days after his return from Washington. The Sunday Times reports that Blair filed for an exemption but was not granted it.

Why is this war criminal, responsible for killing over a million Iraqis, many Afghans, etc. not yet in a prison cell in The Hague? Why can he fly to the USA, world coronavirus epicentre ‘thanks’ to Donald Trump, and fly back to Britain, bringing the virus with him? Are war criminal politicians only put on trial in The Hague if they are black Africans?

Tony Blair attacks Greta Thunberg, parody music

This 25 November 2019 parody musical video from Britain says about itself:

Tony Blair and Professor Brian Cox reunite on “Things Can Never Get Better“, their 2019 general election song as D:Ream On.


Things can never get better
So go and tell Greta
To just grow up
No, things can never get better
We need centrist, interventionist
Private sector friendly governance
‘Cause things can never get better

I was telling Modi recently
I’m glad my war crimes
Are kept under lock and key
If they came to light
I’d be in front of the Hague so fast
It would make my head spin
He said, “You mean Alastair?”
I said, “No, that’s my head of spin”
Then I said…

My property portfolio
Would go to waste if rents were low

So things can never get better
Yeah, go and tell Greta
To just grow up
Things can never get better
If I see attacks on evading tax
Me and Goldman Sachs, we’re going full Iraq
So, you know, just dream on, okay?

GRETA THUNBERG IS TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR Greta Thunberg is Time Person of the Year 2019. The 16-year-old earned the recognition for her fearless efforts to raise global awareness about climate change. She is the youngest person to receive the title in Time’s 92-year history. [HuffPost]

Trump Jr. slams Time magazine for naming Greta Thunberg Person of the Year.

LIVERPOOL WAVERTREE Labour MP Paula Barker hit back against Tony Blair today for saying that the party will have to diverge from its traditional roots to get back into power. Ms Barker reacted to the former PM’s speech on Thursday in which he said Labour needed “head-to-toe renewal” and a more “moderate” leader. Mr Blair did not state which leadership candidate he supports, acknowledging that his opinion would be unwelcome. Ms Barker said Mr Blair has always been “hostile” to socialist policies: here.

120 years on, Blair gets it wrong again on what the Labour Party is about. Three-time prime minister Tony Blair has a rather strange view of the Labour Party’s foundation — that it should not have happened. Socialist historian KEITH FLETT reports.

Tony Blair prefers Boris Johnson to Corbyn

This 1990s Associated Press video says about itself:


Britain’s Labour Party leader Tony Blair on Monday pledged to maintain the Conservative government’s policy of selling off state-owned enterprises and properties. The pledge marked the abandonment of Labour’s opposition to privatisation, strenuously pursued by the Conservatives through 18 years in power. …

The Labour Party leader had travelled to the City – the heart of Britain’s financial and business district – for a keynote economic speech to the business community.

From daily News Line in Britain, 3 September 2019:

‘WE MUST come together to stop no-deal. This week could be the last chance. We are working with other parties to do everything necessary to pull our country back from the brink, then we need a general election,’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday.

‘When a government finds itself without a majority the solution is not to undermine democracy, the solution is to let the people decide and call a general election. It is the people, and not an unelected Prime Minister, who should determine out country’s future. An election is the democratic way forward to give the people a choice between the two very different directions of our country.

‘… And in that election Labour will give the people a chance to take back control and have the final say in a public vote with credible options on both sides [remaining in or leaving the European Union], including the option to remain.’

Former Labour leader Blair, notorious for taking Britain to war with Iraq, urged Corbyn not to call for a general election under any circumstances.

Blair said: ‘Boris Johnson knows that if no-deal Brexit stands on its own as a proposition, it might well fail.

‘But if he mixes up the Brexit question with the Corbyn question in a general election, he could succeed, despite a majority being against a no-deal Brexit, because some may fear a Corbyn premiership more.

‘Some’, Tony Blair says. He is too much of a coward to honestly say ‘I, and war profiteering fat cats for whom I lobby, fear a Corbyn premiership more’. Tony Blair officially still is a Labour member. Boris Johnson is a Conservative. Johnson wants Brexit. Blair is, fanatically, a remainer. Yet Blair prefers the unelected Conservative minority administration of Boris Johnson to a Corbyn administration. Because Johnson, like Blair, stands for carrying on pro-Big Business austerity. Because Johnson, like Blair, stands for carrying on bloody neo-colonial wars all over the world.

There is solidarity between pro-capitalist pro-war politicians beyond the Brexit issue. Likewise, there should be solidarity between workers who voted Remain and workers who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, to throw Johnson out of Downing Street 10 and throw Blair out of the Labour party.

Earlier, PM Johnson let it be known that any MP who votes with the opposition will not be allowed to stand as a Tory candidate in the next general election.

British taxpayers pay covering up Blair-Libya scandal

This 23 September 2014 British TV video says about itself:

Tony Blair is a crusader‘ says John Prescott | Channel 4 News

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott calls his ex boss Tony Blair a ‘crusader‘ because of Blair’s recent calls to send troops back into Iraq.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Government spent ‘astronomical’ sum covering up Blair-Gaddafi links

THE government’s legal battle against a dissident and his wife over their rendition to Libya after a tip-off from MI6 cost more than £11 million in public funds.

Abdel Hakim Belhaj was kidnapped and tortured by Muammar Gadaffi’s forces after he was returned to the regime with then pregnant wife Fatima Boudchar in 2004.

The couple were kidnapped and rendered to Libya through a joint MI6-CIA operation linked to former Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s infamous “deal in the desert” with the brutal dictator.

They fought a long battle with the government for compensation, admission of guilt and prosecution.

Last summer, PM Theresa May issued an apology and accepted Britain had shared information with the regime, contributing to their rendition.

That legal battle cost taxpayers more than £11,400,000, as revealed in response to a freedom of information request to the government’s legal department.

The sum included nearly £4.5 million in government legal costs and almost £7m paid to the pair’s lawyers.

Mr Belhaj sued the government, former foreign secretary Jack Straw and the former head of counter-terrorism at MI6, Sir Mark Allen.

He always insisted he would drop his case for an apology, an admission of liability by ministers and a nominal sum of £3 — £1 from each of the defendants.

Katie Taylor, deputy director of human rights group Reprieve, which represented the couple, said: “Abdel Hakim Belhaj and Fatima Boudchar were willing to settle for an apology all along, but rather than admit Britain’s role in their rendition, the government resisted coming clean for years — at astronomical cost to the taxpayer.

“This failed cover-up shows the need for a judge-led inquiry into British complicity in torture.”

THE former and completely discredited prime minister Blair, who took the UK into a war with Iraq that was based on lies and brought ISIS into the world, was yesterday issuing more threats as he urged Labour supporters who ‘can no longer vote for the party’ to vote for one which ‘unequivocally’ backs Remain: here.

Tony Blair whitewashing Turkish Erdogan’s war crimes

This video says about itself:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is welcomed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before their meeting at Presidential Complex in Ankara, Turkey on November 18, 2015.

By Phil Miller in Britain:

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jack Straw gives Erdogan’s wife humanitarian award

Critics say was ‘designed to whitewash Turkey’s war crimes

FORMER Labour foreign secretary Jack Straw has dished out a “humanitarian award” to the wife of Turkish autocrat Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a ceremony in London.

Tony and Cherie Blair were also keynote speakers at the World Humanitarian Forum, a two-day event ending today that critics say was “designed to whitewash Turkey’s war crimes.”

Rosa Gilbert from the Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign (KSC) told the Morning Star: “It is a huge insult to see Jack Straw — complicit in extraordinary rendition and torture, not to mention the disastrous war on Iraq — lecture us on ‘humanitarianism’ while handing awards to a Turkish regime that has aided and abetted jihadists in Syria and used their Nato membership to wage a dirty, murderous war on Kurds both in Syria and Turkey.”

In 2004 when he was foreign secretary, Mr Straw is alleged to have authorised the rendition of a pregnant woman to the torture chambers of Libya’s then dictator Colonel Muammar Gadaffi.

The arch-Blairite bestowed a “Changemaker” award on first lady Emine Erdogan yesterday in recognition of her humanitarian work with Palestinians and the Rohingya.

However, her husband is less keen on supporting national minorities in Turkey and Syria, where he has led a crackdown on Kurdish people.

Ms Gilbert alleged the Turkish state was behind the awards ceremony and said that it was “unsurprising to see disgraced politicians like the Blairs and Jack Straw … whitewash Turkey’s war crimes.”

She recalled Mr Blair’s proscription of the Kurdistan Workers Party under the Terrorism Act 2000, a ban that was opposed by Jeremy Corbyn at the time.

“We hope that under Corbyn, Labour has shifted away from the murderous clutches of Erdogan and will support Kurdish socialists,” Ms Gilbert said.

Bush, Blair Iraq war lies, new information

British demonstrators condemn Tony Blair outside the Chilcot Inquiry in 2010

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 11 April 2019


SIXTEEN years on from the start of the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq, further evidence has emerged that the war was planned long before the attack took place and that the stated reason for it, ie ‘Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was bogus.

Speaking before the House of Commons Constitutional Affairs Committee last week, the former head of the Royal Navy, Admiral The Lord West of Spithead, revealed that he was told in June 2002, ‘that we would be invading Iraq with America at the beginning of the following year’.

‘It was quite clear that the Government were thinking we have to get Parliament and others on side. But what was interesting was that as it developed, there was all this stuff on weapons of mass destruction and everything, and it did seem to me that people were looking for a casus belli that they could discuss in Parliament,’ Lord West said.

Let’s think back to what we – the public – were actually told in 2002/3. Bush and Blair and their acolytes repeatedly said that the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein could prevent war by admitting he had WMDs and disarming.

As late as 25th February 2003, Blair was saying that ‘even now’ Saddam could avoid war by ‘accepting the UN route to disarmament.’ ‘I do not want war,’ he told the House of Commons. ‘I do not believe anyone in this House wants war. But disarmament peacefully can only happen with Saddam’s active co-operation.’

But it’s clear that whatever Saddam did, he and his country were going to be hit with Shock and Awe. The whole charade of weapons inspectors, sent in to search for weapons that were not there, was designed to try and convince people that war was a last resort and not the first option.

Crucially, the invasion had to come before the weapons inspectors finished their job and gave Iraq a clean bill of health – as then the pretext for war would have gone. Admiral West’s revelations, which follow on from similar comments he made in 2016, are not the only ones we’ve had from Inside the Tent figures about what was really going on in 2002/3.

In his memoir My Life, Our Times, published in November 2017, Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2003, admitted that the Iraq War was ‘not justified’.

He also said ‘we were all misled on the existence of WMDs’.

According to Brown, a key US intelligence report which not only refuted the claim that Iraq was producing WMDs, but also their ‘current ability to do so’, was not seen by the British government. An attempt to pass the buck? You make your own mind up. Earlier, the former British Ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, said that President Bush had first asked Tony Blair for his support in a war against Iraq at a private White House dinner just nine days after the 9-11 terror attacks, which had absolutely nothing to do with Iraq.

We also know from the Chilcot Inquiry that on 28th July 2002, Tony Blair sent Bush a memo in which he pledged ‘I will be with you, whatever.’ He went on: ‘The military part of this is hazardous but I will concentrate mainly on the political context for success’.

That involved trying to ‘encapsulate our casus belli in some defining way’, with weapons inspections the chosen route. ‘If he (Saddam) did say yes, we continue the build-up and we send teams over and the moment he obstructs, we say: he’s back to his games.

‘That’s it. In any event, he would probably screw it up and not meet the deadline, and if he came forward after the deadline, we would just refuse to deal.’ As for timing, Blair says ‘we could start building up after the break. A strike date could be Jan/Feb next year.’

Blair continued to scare us witless right up to the launch of the invasion in March 2003 about Saddam’s deadly arsenal. A critical claim, contained in the so-called ‘September Dossier’, was the one that Iraq possessed chemical weapons which could be assembled and launched within 45 minutes.

This led to the infamous ‘Brits 45 minutes from Doom’ headline in Rupert Murdoch’s Sun and similarly terrifying headlines in other newspapers. Yet in 2004, Blair said that he had not realised before the war that the alleged weapons were not missiles but only battlefield munitions.

Former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook wrote in the Guardian: ‘I was astonished by his reply as I had been briefed that Saddam’s weapons were only battlefield ones and I could not conceive that the prime minister had been given a different version.’

In July 2003 a Foreign Affairs committee report declared: ‘We conclude that the 45 minutes claim did not warrant the prominence given to it in the dossier, because it was based on intelligence from a single, uncorroborated source.’

It is clear that the Iraq War was a plan hatched by neocon extremists in Washington and lurid claims of Iraqi WMDs, which did not exist, were made to justify it. The Nuremberg Judgement of the trial of the WW2 Nazi leaders stated: ‘War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world.

‘To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.’

The Iraq War was clearly a war of aggression, and as such, an example of ‘the supreme international crime’, yet, sixteen years on, no one has been held accountable for it. That’s in spite of over 1m people losing their lives following the invasion and the war greatly increasing the threat from terrorist groups.

Even Tony Blair himself has conceded there were ‘elements of truth’ in the claims that the Iraq War led to the rise of Daesh/IS [ISIS]. Worse still, the war on Iraq was followed by more aggression against Libya, in 2011, and Syria, wars which like the invasion of Iraq, have helped provoke a refugee crisis of Biblical proportions.

Let’s go back to 27th January 1998, more than three and a half years before 9-11.

It was on that date that a letter was sent to President Clinton, on behalf of the neoconservative ‘Project for a New American Century’.

The letter called for ‘removing Saddam Hussein and his regime from power. That now has to be the aim of American foreign policy’. Among the signatories to the call to arms were Elliott Abrams and John Bolton.

Abrams is now the US special envoy to Venezuela– and seeking regime change in Caracas, while Bolton is President Trump’s National Security Advisor and warning us about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons programme’. It’s as if the Iraq War never happened.

GEORGE BUSH CALLS IRAQ INVASION ‘UNJUSTIFIED’ IN CRINGEY SLIP-UP Former President George W. Bush made a major slip-up when he deplored the “wholly unjustified” invasion of Iraq during a speech. He made the error while referencing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,” Bush said before correcting his error. “I mean, of Ukraine … I’m 75.” [HuffPost]

‘Blairism-Clintonism lethal for social democratic parties’

This 1990s Associated Press video says about itself:


Britain’s Labour Party leader Tony Blair on Monday pledged to maintain the Conservative government’s policy of selling off state-owned enterprises and properties. The pledge marked the abandonment of Labour’s opposition to privatisation, strenuously pursued by the Conservatives through 18 years in power. …

The Labour Party leader had travelled to the City – the heart of Britain’s financial and business district – for a keynote economic speech to the business community.

Translated from Knack magazine in Belgium, 9 January 2019:

Will 2019 be the year in which the SP.A

social democratic party in Flanders, infected by Blairism

will collapse completely? The American scientist Stephanie Mudge has a clear advice for social democratic politicians: ‘Many ordinary, working people are up to their ears in debt. I think that a new left-wing agenda should focus on that existence uncertainty.’

Stephanie Mudge is a sociologist of the most solid kind. Last year she published Leftism Reinvented, a thorough piece of work in which she investigates the history of the US American Democrats, British Labour, the German SPD and the Swedish SAP.

The conclusion: the choice for the [Blairist-Clintonist] Third Way in the 1990s, when social-democratic parties embraced neoliberal recipes such as deregulation, privatization and a blind belief in the market mechanism, was fatal for those parties. Left economists gave way to political strategists and spin doctors, who had to sell the degradation of the welfare state to the supporters under the guise of economic efficiency. A recipe for disaster, it turned out, because lots of disappointed and angry left-wing voters ran away.

In Leftism Reinvented: Western Parties from Socialism to Neoliberalism, Mudge looks at left parties in advanced capitalist countries over the last century and shows how the experts aligned with those parties pushed them in the direction of spin doctors and markets. In the process, left parties’ ability to represent the interests of their own working-class constituencies was eroded — and ordinary people were shut out of the halls of power. Political organizer and socialist activist Chase Burghgrave recently spoke with Mudge about her new book, the role of experts in democratic societies, and whether a more vibrant, egalitarian politics is possible: here.

[Bill Clinton’s USA] welfare reforms in the 1990s were meant to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. But they may have had an unanticipated side effect. A new study suggests the reforms contributed to a rise in problematic teen behaviors, such as skipping school, getting in fights and using drugs. These problems were especially pronounced in boys, researchers report in a paper posted online February 11 on the National Bureau of Economic Research website: here.

Tony Blair and Brexit, Mariah Carey musical parody

This 17 December 2018 satiric musical video from Britain says about itself:

Mariah Blairy – All I Want for Christmas is EU

Tony Blair‘s Mariah Carey tribute act.

It is a parody of the Mariah Carey song All I Want for Christmas is You.


I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
A second EU referendum
And everyone thanking me
Maybe then I could fulfill my ambition
To be President of the EU Commission
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is EU

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I just want to be the ruler
Of 28 different countries
I don’t want Iraq invasion
To define my legacy
That was fifteen years ago
Ancient bloody history
I just want to be President
Of a whole damn continent

Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is EU

I won’t ask for much this Christmas
No updated property portfolio
I’m just going to keep on calling
For a so-called People’s Vote
I won’t make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won’t ask for Labour to be
Purged of dirty Bolsheviks
‘Cause I just want EU here tonight
Holding onto me so tight
What more can I do?
All I want for Christmas is EU

Tony Blair-Italian racist pipeline collusion

This 26 October 2018 video says about itself:

Anya Parampil examines criticism of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for his refusal to cut ties with Saudi Arabia in the face of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

Blair has been paid nearly $12 million by the Saudi kingdom for “consulting” services since he left office. Former Member of U.K. Parliament and presenter in the documentary The Killing$ of Tony Blair, George Galloway, joins In Question to discuss Blair’s legacy.

By Ben Cowles in Britain:

Thursday, November 29, 2018

What do Blair and the Italian far right have in common? A commitment to destroying the environment

Despite the global epiphany that climate genocide is only 12 years away, a controversial gas pipeline is set to go ahead, writes BEN COWLES

MOST of the British corporate press covered a meeting between Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini and Tony Blair in September after the far-right leader posted a picture of himself with the former PM on Twitter.

Tony Blair has ‘friendly, positive meeting’ with Italy’s Matteo Salvini,” was the headline to the Guardian’s report on the story, which focused on the rank hypocrisy of Blair — who now runs a charity aiming to combat “populism” and restore faith in the political “centre” — meeting with the far-right “populist.”

As this blog has explained again and again, ‘populist’ is a wrong term for extreme right racists. So, it is correct that in Cowles’ article ´populist´ is between snigger quotes.

This is not the first time Blair is on excellent terms with an Italian far right politician. Before this, he was the buddy of then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, not only a Mussolini lover like Salvini, but also involved in child prostitution, the Mafia and corruption.

And while the irony of that is somewhat interesting, the story glossed over the much more intriguing point mentioned in the subheading: “Far-right minister believed to have discussed Azerbaijani gas pipeline project with ex-PM.”

Seeing how my flatmate is a political refugee from Azerbaijan, this immediately had me wondering what this pipeline project is and why Blair, who seems to spend all of his time attacking Jeremy Corbyn these days, is talking to a fascist wannabe about it?

The project in question is called the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC), a 2,200-mile enterprise costing around £34 billion bringing fossil gas from Azerbaijan to Italy. It links two pipelines to one currently under construction.

The first piece of the project is called the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP). It begins under the Caspian sea, runs through Azerbaijan and Georgia and finishes at the Turkish border.

The second part is the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (Tanap), which runs the length of Turkey and under the Marmara Sea.

The final piece of the project is the as yet unfinished Trans Adriatic Pipeline (Tap), which will run through Greece, Albania and end in Italy.

So what’s Blair got to do with any of this? His involvement goes back to 2014 when BP hired him as a consultant, a fitting position for a man who reopened Iraq’s oil fields to Western corporations

and to the South Korean oil corporation which paid Blair millions.

BP is the lead partner in a consortium of dodgy oil companies — including the fantastically corrupt State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (Socar) — drilling up the fossil gas from underneath the Caspian Sea and essentially running Tap and the SCP.

According to a September article in the New Civil Engineer magazine, the reason Blair met with Italy’s far-right leader was “to lobby Salvini over the benefits cheaper gas would bring to Italy.”

There has been fierce opposition to Tap in Italy, particularly in the southern town of Melendugno where a Unesco-protected olive grove with 500-year-old trees stands in the way of the pipeline.

In November last year, the Italian government used a Mussolini-era law to put the entire town on lockdown to prevent the people from protesting against the pipeline.

Salvini and his anti-migrant, anti-”globalist” League party appear to be fully onside with the pipeline. In a television interview last month Salvini said: “We need Tap because energy will cost less for Italian families.”

However, Salvini is but the deputy prime minister and his League is the minority party in Italy’s coalition government. The largest party, the Five Star Movement, campaigned on protecting the environment and initially opposed Tap.

Late last month, however, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte approved Tap’s construction saying it was “no longer possible to intervene in this project,” and that his government has “done everything we could but now the time has come to take the necessary decisions.”

The SGC is now due to start pumping Azerbaijani fossil gas into Europe by 2020.

Surely, given the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s warning that we only have 12 years to stop a climate catastrophe, the EU should now be giving up on fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy. And, surely, British newspapers should stop giving Blair a platform, hold him accountable for the bloody consequences of the Iraq war and focus on climate change.

So far humanity has released an estimated 2.2 trillion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution, causing average global temperatures to rise 1°C.

This rise has already begun to melt the polar ice caps, raise sea levels and drastically alter weather patterns; cause extreme storms, blizzards, heat waves and droughts; set arctic forests on fire; kill off entire species; acidify the oceans; displace people from their homes and much more.

So, how does the EU justify increasing its reliance on yet more polluting fossil gas and striking a deal with the human rights abusing government of Azerbaijan?

Well, as far as I can tell, it hasn’t even bothered to address the latter, though it falls over itself to thrust money at Azerbaijan. In February this year the European Investment Bank lent €1.5bn (£1.3bn) to Tap, and followed this up in March with €932 million (£822m) to the Turkish section, Tanap.

In July the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development lent Tap a further €500m (£442m).

The EU classifies the SGC as one of its Projects of Common Interests, which the bloc defines as “key infrastructure projects […] that link the energy systems of EU countries.”

These Projects of Common Interests, it claims, “are intended to help the EU achieve its energy policy and climate objectives,” which are “affordable, secure and sustainable energy for all citizens, and the long-term decarbonisation of the economy in accordance with the Paris Agreement.”

Remember the Paris Agreement? The governments of the world are supposed to be limiting “the rise of global average temperatures to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels” and pursue “efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C,” as Article 2 of the agreement states, by 2030.

Our planet is currently on course to warm up by an apocalyptic 3.4°C by the end of this century, according to Climate Action Tracker, an independent project tracking global government progress to stick to the Paris Agreement.

The EU is sort of attempting to kind of stick to the Paris Agreement, though Climate Action Tracker currently ranks its efforts as “insufficient.” Its low-carbon economy roadmap is looking at (but not planning or implementing) “cost-efficient ways to make the European economy more climate-friendly and less energy-consuming.”

The roadmap aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 40 per cent of 1990 levels by 2030, 60 per cent by 2040 and 80 per cent by 2050.

How does the SGC project fit into the EU’s low-carbon economy roadmap? Well, it doesn’t.

According to a January 2018 study by the environment and human rights campaigners Bankwatch, no climate impact assessment has been made public by any EU institution involved in the SGC’s promotion or financing.

In fact, the Bankwatch’s analysis shows “a high risk that the gas from the [SGC] would be as climate-damaging as coal” — the dirtiest fossil fuel — and its annual carbon dioxide emissions would be “comparable to the annual emissions of Bulgaria.”

The SGC is a dangerously short-sighted project. Not only will the EU’s financial support for the project enrich fossil fuel companies and prop-up awful governments of Azerbaijan and Turkey, it will also lock the continent into decades of fossil fuel dependence.

But as the UN’s scientists point out we don’t have decades. We have 12 years.

Tony Blair, musical parody videos

This 14 September musical parody video from Britain is called BlairBushes & Blairs

It says about itself:

Tony Blair‘s Blur tribute band looks back at his dynamic partnership with George W. Bush.


Calais’s a jungle, full of refugees
Following the swarm down to Greece
Hoping to stay
Back in the ‘90s, I became PM
Then I brazenly flaunted the UN
And went to war

Bushes and Blairs make the greatest of pairs
Sharing secret memos, ignoring your demos
Millions of you marched, and I had to laugh

Avoiding all proof, ‘cause none was available
Now every time I speak, I earn sums of one, two, three, four, five figures
I got bad intel, I heard they had weapons
Of mass destruction
, but they didn’t
All I can say is “oops”

Bushes and Blairs make the greatest of pairs
Sharing secret memos, ignoring your demos
Millions of you marched, and I had to laugh

This 15 September musical parody video from Britain is called Blair – Warcrime.

It says about itself:

Classic hit from Tony Blair‘s Blur tribute band.

LYRICS: Arrogance is a preference for the historical perpetrator of what is known as…war crime!
And one’s own legacy can be salvaged if you gloss right over what is known as…war crime!
Tony is pro-EU, he’s not intimidated by the calls for him to shut up, he’ll say his bit…war crime!
Who’s that EU president? You should get rid of Jean-Claude Juncker, mate, try me on for size!

All the people, so many people, and they all died exploding, exploding in my war crime
Know what I mean

I get up to what I want, except on Wednesdays when I have to collect a big sack of money from JP Morganwar crime!
I put my trousers on, have a stiff whisky and I think about moving to an even bigger housewar crime!
I do some charity work, I sometimes act as a peace envoy too, it gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing…war crime!
And then I’m happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that the Chilcot report will probably never see the light of day

All the people, so many people, and they all died exploding, exploding in my war crime
It’s got nothing to do with my corporate ties, you know, my support for the EU
And it’s not about you social justice warriors, who go round and round and round and round
All the people, so many people, and they all died exploding, exploding in my war crime

This 16 September musical parody video from Britain is called Blair – There is a Third Way.

It says about itself:

On the new single from Tony Blair‘s Blur tribute band, the former PM hits out at Jeremy Corbyn and defends his own approach.


You’re taking the ‘New’ out of ‘New Labour
You’re like Obi-Wan without a lightsaber
Ideologically, how can we be neighbours?
Tony wants his party back

There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Neoliberalism saves the day!
There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Moderate centrism saves the day!

You’re taking Labour too far to the left
You probably believe that property is theft
Your economics would leave so bereft
You can’t ignore the private sector

There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Neoliberalism saves the day!
There is a Third Way, there is a Third Way
Centrist moderation saves the day!