Same-sex penguin couple become parents

This 26 August 2018 video from Australia says about itself:

Gay Penguin Couple Become Parents To Baby Chick After Adopting Egg

The same-sex [gentoo] penguin couple, Sphen and Magic, are celebrating a very special delivery, welcoming their first baby chick named Sphengic. Staff at the Sydney aquarium say they love watching the doting parents care for their little one.


Trump administration wants to abolish trans people

Today, a new stage in the transphobia of the Donald Trump administration in the USA.

The Trump administration’s proposed scheme to redefine sex as “a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth” is not just a calculated swipe at trans people. It’s also part of a broader set of efforts to undermine the contributions of feminism and to increase the marginalizing and criminalizing powers of state institutions: here.

‘Gay’ penguin couple breeds egg

This 11 October 2018 video from Australia says about itself:

“Sphengic” on the ice – Sphen and Magic

Same-Sex [gentoo] penguin couple at Sea Life Aquarium Sydney

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The gay couple were first given a fake egg in their nest, so they could practice breeding. That went so well that they got a real egg. That egg came from the nest of another penguin couple that had two eggs.

‘Natural talents’

In the wild, gentoo penguins can usually only raise one youngster. So, the chick from the second egg will die. The biological parents did not even realize that an egg had been taken away by the caretakers, says [keeper] Hannan.

According to Hannan, Sphen and Magic are “real natural talents” as future parents. “They change jobs on a daily basis”, says Hannan. “One of the two is sitting on the egg and the other bird makes sure nobody can get around to steal stones from the nest.”

This 11 October 2018 video from Australia says about itself:

#LoveWins Sphen and Magic Penguin Couple

Penguins Breeding at Sea Life Sydney 2018

LGBTQ liberation and homophobia in Dutch Zeeland

Zeeland rainbow flag design, by Vos Broekema

This is the design for the rainbow flag of Dutch Zeeland province. It is inspired by both the international rainbow flag and the Zeeland provincial flag.

Zeeland provincial flag

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

As the last province in the Netherlands, the province of Zeeland now also will hang out the rainbow flag. That will happen next Thursday on Coming Out Day. This has been happening for years in the other provinces. “It’s just logical to do it”, says a spokesperson for the province against Omroep Zeeland broadcasting organisation.

Coming Out Day is since 2009 an annual event on 11 October. The intention is that gay men, lesbians, bisexuals or transgenders (LGBTQ people) can then more easily express their sexual preference. Under the slogan ‘come out of the closet!’ there are in schools, but also at companies and in the hospitality sector social gatherings and meetings.

For support, the rainbow flag is hung out in many places. Zeeland province was always an exception. That changed when the GroenLinks party in the provincial legislature came with a motion earlier this year to declare Zeeland a rainbow province. The motion received a narrow majority. Yesterday, the provincial executive also changed tack.

SGP [right-wing Protestant party] executive member Harry van der Maas remains the only one against it. He said earlier that the fight against LGBT discrimination does not belong to the core tasks of the province. Van der Maas was not available for comment this morning, but the official position of the SGP is that “on the basis of the Bible no approval can be given to homosexual practice“. The SGP also opposes “the opening of marriage for same-sex couples, because marriage is a unique and exclusive union between one man and one woman”.

The decision of the province does not mean that all municipalities in Zeeland will also participate. Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen and Reimerswaal [where the SGP is strong] have already announced that they will keep the rainbow flags out.

Facebook homophobic censorship

This 2016 video from the USA is called I’m LGBT and gay but I’m also showing how Facebook is homophobic to LGBT people.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Facebook system that determines whether an advertisement has a political message also appears to place advertisements by LGBT organizations in this category, while they have no political content. That’s what The Washington Post discovered.

The director of the LGBT Network, an American non-profit organization, says that the social network has blocked some fifteen of its advertisements since spring. He wanted to advertise a Pride Parade and a concert on a beach. The newspaper writes that in the same period other organizations also had to deal with blockades.

‘It is Orwellian

A retired man from New York, who manages a page about a historical gay café, tells the Post that Facebook has blocked so many advertisements that he stopped using the words “LGBT” and “gay”. “It’s ridiculous”, he says. “And Orwellian.” The latter is a reference to George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which he describes a totalitarian government that tries to control the mindset of its inhabitants.

The man from New York sent Facebook an e-mail. He was first told that his ads fell into the politics category, because LGBT is a civil rights issue. “You have to be authorized to place advertisements with this content”, wrote a Facebook employee. Later he received a second email in which Facebook confirms that it regards LGBT advertisements as political.

Since this spring the platform has applied stricter rules for advertisements with political messages. …

Those who want to place such an advertisement now must identify themselves with a driving license or passport, give their home address and the last four digits of their citizen service number. If this does not happen, then the advertisement will not be placed.

Filter process unclear

In a reaction to the news, Facebook says that most of the blocked ads have been unjustly labeled as ‘political’. The platform did not want to tell the newspaper which criteria were used. It is also unclear to what extent an algorithm labels advertisements or that an employee of the company does this.

Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s vice president for global public policy, sparked unrest at the social network after he sat behind his friend, Brett Kavanaugh, at the Senate Judiciary Committee during Kavanaugh’s angry denial he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford.

Facebook reported on September 28 that hackers had exploited a technical flaw in the social media platform and obtained the user information of about 50 million accounts. In this largest ever breach since the company was founded 14 years ago, the hackers found a security hole in the “View As” feature—that allows users to see what their profile looks like from other Facebook accounts—to gain access to login details: here.

LGBTQ no longer illegal in India

Pride demonstrators in Bhopal, India

This AFP photo shows Pride demonstrators in Bhopal city in India.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled in a historical judgment that sex between people of the same sex is no longer punishable. The verdict is a victory for the LGBT community in the country with nearly 1.3 billion inhabitants.

The supreme court judges scrapped a 157-year-old law that stems from the time of British colonial rule, the so-called section 377 law. In that law it was stated that there was a prison sentence for “unnatural offenses” of up to ten years. Sex between people of the same sex was considered such a violation.


In 2009, the 1861 law had already been deleted by the regional Supreme Court of Delhi, after which sex between people of the same sex was for the first time legal in India. That decision was reversed four years later by the national Supreme Court. It ruled that parliament had to decide whether to abolish or amend the law.

Parliament then returned the case to the judges to make a judgment. The current case was brought before the Supreme Court through a petition of five gay and lesbian people. Because of the law they had the fear that they could be harassed or persecuted by the police at any time. The five judges voted unanimously for the abolition of the law.


“Any sexual relationship with mutual consent between two adults – gay, straight or lesbian – can not be considered unconstitutional”, Indian chief judge Dipak Misra said when reading the verdict.

INDIA STRIKES DOWN GAY BAN India’s top court has struck down a colonial-era law that makes homosexual acts punishable by up to 10 years in prison. [AP]

Xenophobic homophobia in Austria

This video says about itself:

Austria: ‘Let us stay!’ – Afghan asylum-seekers march against deportations in Vienna

20 May 2017

Hundreds marched against the deportation of asylum-seekers to Afghanistan, on the streets of Vienna on Saturday, under the motto “Afghanistan is not safe, let us stay.”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

AUSTRIA: An immigration official has been disciplined for “linguistic lapses” after rejecting an Afghan man’s application for asylum on grounds of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is illegal in Afghanistan and those who murder gay people can use the victim’s sexuality as a mitigating factor, making it an “honour killing” with reduced penalties.

The Austrian official told the applicant that “neither the way you walk, nor your behaviour, nor your clothes even slightly suggested you might be homosexual.”

Right-wing Austrian bureaucrats may not know, but: LGBTQ people, like straight people, walk with two legs. Like with straight people, there are very big individual differences in behaviour among LGBTQ people. Like with straight people, there are big differences in ways LGBTQ people dress.

Dutch bureaucrat doubted whether gay refugee was gay, as ‘he had a beard’.

Austria calls on EU to get Egypt to block flow of refugees: here.