Bar-headed goose among grey lag relatives, video

This video shows a bar-headed goose (rare in the Netherlands) among a grey lag geese flock in nature reserve het Beleven near Reusel village in Noord Brabant province in the Netherlands.

Fred van Hoof made the video.

Dutch Muslims commemorate Paris terrorism victims

This video from the USA says about itself:

Paris Attack Survivor’s Story Teaches A Powerful Lesson

17 November 2015

Before you blame ALL Muslims for the terrorist attack in Paris watch this incredible interview from a survivor of the attack. Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks asks you not to give into temptation, stop and think about the Muslim victims before you lash out against the entire religion.

Translated from Omroep Brabant in the Netherlands today:

Minute of silence in Brabant mosques after bombings in Paris, ‘This is against our faith’

DEN BOSCH – Several mosques in Brabant before and during the Friday prayers will pay attention to the recent attacks in Paris and the terror in the world, according to a survey by Omroep Brabant. With a minute of silence before the Friday prayers, for example, the Turkish community in Den Bosch will express support for the victims in Paris. “We as Muslims are against this,” board member Cengiz Altin says on behalf of this community. “This does not belong to our faith.”

In the Friday prayers in the Orhan Gazi Mosque in Den Bosch, the imam will dwell on all terror in the world. “He will tell you that terror is not what our faith is all about. It’s terrible what’s happening in the world, “says president Ali Cikus.

“In this way we contribute to society as it should be,” Altin adds. …

“This is not acceptable”

There are ‘rotten apples’ according to Altin in every community. Also within the Turkish community. But within the majority there, according to him the feeling is that “this is not acceptable.” And this Friday they want to show that.

Also in the Süleymaniye Mosque in Tilburg people will reflect on the events. “But we at every Friday prayer silently commemoeate all innocent victims of terror. Not only in Paris there is terror, but it happens all over the world. We of course will dwell upon that”, says chairman Yavuz Yilmaz.

On the run from Isis: Jihadists ‘targeting Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam for chickening out of killings’. He said he regretted his part in the attacks, which had ‘gone too far’: here.

Dutch ex-Afghanistan military policeman a murder suspect

Medics try in vain to save the life of Rudi Schouten

Dutch NOS TV and Omroep Brabant broadcasters report today that a Dutch soldier who used to participate in the Afghan war in Kabul and elsewhere and is still in the Dutch armed forces, having been both in the army and in the military police, is a suspect in a murder case.

On 3 April 2015, five men attacked and killed 28-year-old Rudi Schouten with a stitching awl, an axe and guns on a parking lot in his city Breda.

One of the suspects is the soldier Gianiro S.

Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan. Murder suspect Gianiro S. is second from right

Gianiro S. is an outlaw motorcycle gang member. The Dutch Defence department cannot legally sack him for that, as motorcycle gangs are not officially considered to be criminal organisations yet. However, 80% of Dutch motorcycle gang members have criminal records, according to the police.

Islamophobic fire attack on Dutch mosque

The Roosendaal mosque before the fire attack, photo by Marieke Boerefijn

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Attempted arson at mosque in Roosendaal

Today, 15:02

At a mosque in Roosendaal last night it was tried to set it on fire. The building sustained light damage. No one was injured. The perpetrators have not been found yet.

The police can not say whether the attempted arson has something to do with the attacks last night in Paris. According to a spokesperson speaking to Omroep Brabant broadcasting this needs further research.

The mosque in Roosendaal is the largest Muslim prayer house in West Brabant.

Yeah right, setting mosques on fire will bring the people who died in the Paris attacks back to life … NOT!!!!!

Xenophobic arson will magically heal the wounds of the people who were injured in the Paris attacks … NOT!!!!!

Dutch Muslim organisations strongly condemn Paris violence: here.

Rare toad rediscovery in Dutch Brabant

This 2012 video from the Netherlands is about spadefoot toad conservation.

Translated from the Dutch RAVON herpetologists:

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

After more than 50 years, the spadefoot toad has been rediscovered in the west of North Brabant, the Brabantse Wal. The spadefoot toad is an extremely rare and endangered amphibian species. In each of the five Dutch provinces where the species occurs, its areas over time have considerably diminished, so also in North Brabant.

In this province there are only three natural populations present (reintroductions excluded). The westernmost populations in the Netherlands were formerly on the Brabantse Wal. Here the spadefoot toad (Pelobates fuscus) was discovered at two sites in the past, east of Ossendrecht (1953) and Bergen op Zoom (1960). In both places, the species was only observed once. Due to the absence of observations it was assumed during more than half a century that it was extinct there.

Wren at mirror of car, video

This video shows a wren. It thinks its image in the mirror of a car is a rival which should be driven away.

However, that turns out to be not so easy.

Desiree van den Broek made this video in North Brabant in the Netherlands.

Red deer returning to Dutch province

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Just before winter sets in, at the end of September, there is the mating season of the deer. The males make preparations to attract the attention of the does. The older red deer have got their antlers back in shape again and are at full battle strength.

The young deer are a bit later.

Walking over the grass roaring like a lion. The males provoke each other and fight as though their lives depend on it. And, as is usual in the animal world, the winner gets the ladies. Yes, ladies, for the leader – or dominant male, as he is now called – wins himself a harem.

He will have to defend it against other deer who naturally also seek to promote their genes. During this period the dominant stag eats hardly anything. He simply has not got time to leave its territory; others may take his place. At the end of the mating season the dominant animal has lost around a quarter of his original weight.

NOS TV in the Netherlands reports today that in the autumn of 2016 about 15 red deer will be freed in the Groene Woud forest, between Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch cities; in North Brabant province.

From the NOS report (translated):

Been away for more than 100 years

According to Brabants Landschap conservation organisation, red deer are a vital link in nature because of their role as large herbivores, and they really belong in the Brabant countryside. Because of hunting and because their habitat was shrinking, the animals, however, more than a century ago disappeared from the province.

According to ARK Natuurontwikkeling, red deer at the end of the 19th century were found for the last time in Brabant.