Birds bathing on video

This 8 September 2017 video shows birds bathing in the Dorst forest in North Brabant province in the Netherlands. Blue tits, great tit, blackcaps, jay and others.

Rian Willemen made this video.


Young great spotted woodpecker feeding

This 7 September 2017 video shows a young great spotted woodpecker feeding on a pine cone. Putting the cone in a slit in a tree makes feeding easier.

Jan Maijen made this video near Dongen town in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

This video shows an adult male great spotted woodpecker.

European bison calves born

This 29 May 2017 shows three European bison calves, born early this month in the Maashorst nature reserve in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

Herman Schelleken made this video

Red deer freed, back in Dutch province

This March 2017 video is about red deer being freed in Dutch nature reserve Het Groene Woud in North Brabant province. Red deer had been extinct in that province for over a century.

Helping treefrogs

This November 2016 video is about plans in North Brabant province in the Netherlands to improve things for rare treefrogs.

The regional water authority, local authorities, Toxandria golf course and others together want to make an eleven kilometer long zone in which treefrogs can move to prevent becoming isolated, with risks of becoming extinct.

One aspect of the plan is to make a viaduct crossing a highway fit for treefrogs.

Listening to a deafening chorus of Cope’s gray treefrogs on a spring evening, scientists have wondered: Do female frogs use a similar strategy to pick important messages about potential mates out of the cacophony? Here.

Little grebe loses fish under ice

This 24 January 2017 video shows a little grebe catching a fish (a young perch, I think) in a hole in the ice in the Eindhoven canal in North Brabant province in the Netherlands. Then, it loses the fish under the ice.