Young roe deer meets cows

This 29 November 2018 video is about a young roe deer meeting cows at the Brabantse Wal in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

Robert-Jan Asselbergs made this video.


Roe deer eats water lily leaves, video

This 4 October 2018 video shows a roe deer eating water lily leaves in Kampina nature reserve in North Brabant province in the Netherlands. Because of the dry 2018 summer, the deer could now reach these leaves more easily.

Toby Bissels made this video.

Roe deer quarreling, video

This video shows two male roe deer quarreling in the autumn 2018 mating season. They do so on top of an inhabited badger sett in Loonse en Drunense Duinen National Park in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

Probably, the deer are about two years old.

Peter Kuijpers made this video.

Saving brook lampreys in a dry summer

This 2014 video says about itself:

The European brook lamprey (Lampetra planeri, also known as the brook lamprey and the western brook lamprey) is a small European lamprey species that exclusively inhabits freshwater. This species should not be confused with the North American species Lampetra richardsoni, which is also called the Western brook lamprey.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

De Dommel water authority [in North Brabant province in the Netherlands] pumps 1000 cubical meter of groundwater into the Reusel brook every day to save the rare brook lamprey. In a number of important places the water near Hilvarenbeek dried out last weekend. The prehistoric small fish (Lampetra planeri) is threatened with extinction.

USA: The workers suffering – and dying – in extreme heat: here.