Kingfisher catches fish, video

This video is about a kingfisher catching a fish.

Rob Van Thienen made it on 19 September 2011 from the hide in nature reserve Demerbroeken in Belgium.

Nuthatch searches for food, video

This video is about a nuthatch, searching for insect food in a tree in Drunen in the Netherlands.

Frank Bos made the video.

Red squirrel in tawny owls’ nestbox, video

Before the tawny owl couple of my earlier blog post started nesting in their nestbox in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, a red squirrel visited that box; as seen in the video here.

Squirrels And Snowballs Will Make You Love Winter Again: here.

Nesting tawny owl gets food, video

This is a video of a female tawny owl, nesting in a nestbox in Oisterwijk nature reserve in the Netherlands in February 2015. Regularly, the male comes to bring her food.

Blue tit in the snow, winter video

This video is about a blue tit, looking for insect feed on the branches of trees in Plantloon nature reserve in the Netherlands, on a snowy winter day.

Christ Grootzwagers made the video.

Badger steals goose’s egg, video

This is a video about a badger stealing a goose‘s egg in Bernheze in the Netherlands.

Wendy Blommers made this video with a night vision camera.

Beavers cleaning themselves, video

This video is about beavers cleaning themselves, in Biesbosch national park near Werkendam town in the Netherlands.

Barend van Bommel made the video.