Ladybugs mating, video

This video shows a ladybug couple mating on a compost container in the Netherlands.

Pieter Vonk made this video.

Dung beetle rolls dung ball, video

This video shows a dung beetle rolling a dung ball; in Nationaal Park Veluwezoom in the Netherlands.

Stag beetles fighting, video

This video is about two stag beetles fighting.

Everdien van der Bijl made this video in Laag-Soeren in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Stag beetles in the Netherlands: here.

Dung beetles prefer horse dung

This video is called True Facts About The Dung Beetle.

Translated from the FREE Nature conservationists in the Netherlands:

Monday, July 20th, 2015

An inventory of dung beetles in May and June at the Rozenburg Peninsula nature reserve shows a greater diversity of species of dung beetles in horse manure than in cattle manure. Not only were on average more species observed on horse manure, but also the numbers of beetles were higher.

Indonesian ant-like flower beetle discoveries

An ant-like flower beetle

From Wildlife Extra:

November 2011: International Anthicidae specialist Dr Dimitri Telnov, of the Entomological Society of Latvia, Riga, writes about the amazing discovery of 84 new ant-like flower beetles [species] in Wallacea and New Guinea.

Ladybugs change color, reacting to climate change: here.

Beetles, flowers and green woodpecker

Ladybird, 10 July 2015

This is a photo of a ladybug on milk parsley flowers which are finished. I think this is an eleven-spot ladybird. It is from 10 July 2015, when we were in the Heempark again.

Near the entrance, a chiffchaff singing.

A brown-banded carder bee on a thistle flower.

A group of long-tailed tits on a leafless tree, with a great tit not far away.

A lesser black-backed gull flies overhead.

Two muscovy ducks walking and grazing.

Sounds of a blackbird, a chaffinch, a jay and an edible frog.

Wild strawberries.

A blackcap sings.

A buff-tailed bumblebee.

Meadow brown butterflies.

Many of the flowers of two weeks ago here (orchids, bladder campion, greater yellow rattle) are gone now.

A green woodpecker calls, and flies from tree to tree.

Scarlet lily beetles, 10 June 2015

Orange-ish beetles mating on flowers. I would say: scarlet lily beetles.

Purple flowers, 10 June 2015

Finally, purple flowers.

Rhinoceros beetle in the Netherlands

This video is called Rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes nasicornis.

Dutch conservationists Natuurmonumenten report today that a male European rhinoceros beetle has been found in Buurserzand nature reserve in Overijssel province.

This is one of the biggest European beetle species. It is rare in the Netherlands.