Rare beetle discovered in Dutch Veluwe region

Calosoma (Callisthenes) reticulatum ♀. Fabricius, 1787. Germany, Pommern, ex coll. Reitter

Today, natuurbericht.nl in the Netherlands reports that last June, entomologists found a beetle at Harskamp military shooting range in the Veluwe region.

Now, that beetle turns out to be Callisthenes (Callisphaena) reticulatus. A very rare species, seen in the Netherlands just once before, in 1922.

Beetles use wildlife passages

Nebria salina

There are 48 wildlife passages in the Netherlands. At many of them, there is research about which animals use them. This research is mainly about mammals.

Biologist Rijken Vermeulen two years ago started research at the wildlife bridge between the Dwingelderveld and Terhorsterzand nature reserves in Drenthe province. His research is focused on beetles, like Nebria salina, and other small invertebrates using the passage.

Dung beetle pushing its burden, video

In this video, a Geotrupes stercorarius dung beetle pushes its dung ball.

Mark Scheper from the Netherlands made the video.

Poop-scented seeds trick dung beetles: here.

French dung beetle film: here.

Stag beetle drinking bleeding oak tree’s sap, video

This video shows an oak tree in the Netherlands.

It is bleeding. A stag beetle and a wasp drink its sap.

Gerrit Jan Spek made this video.

Red admiral butterfly lands on stag beetle, video

This video is about an oak tree in the Netherlands, where a stag beetle sits.

A red admiral butterfly lands on the tree, and eventually on the stag beetle.

Other insects featuring in the video: a wasp and small flies.

Gerrit Jan Spek made this video.

Stag beetle and hornet, video

This video shows an oak tree in the Netherlands. It is bleeding, attracting many small flies and three wasps to drink the juice; while a stag beetle watches.

Then, a European hornet arrives, driving away the wasps.

Hornets and stag beetles are among the biggest European insects.

Gerrit Jan Spek made this video.

Stag beetle squirting, video

This video shows a stag beetle in the Netherlands.

At the end of the footage, it aims a squirt at Gerrit-Jan Spek, who made the video.