Suriname, 9th day, Kayser mountains

11 February is our second day in south west Suriname. Yesterday, we went from Zorg and Hoop airport near Paramaribo to Kaysergebergte airstrip.

We hear red howler monkeys early in the morning. And a barn owl sound. And a little chachalaca sound. A variegated tinamou sound. A ringed kingfisher sits in a small cecropia tree near a marsh.

A capped heron sitting in another tree.

A barn swallow.

This video is called Macaw birds in the Amazon jungle – BBC wildlife.

Two blue-and yellow macaws and one blue-headed parrot in the same tree.

A tropical kingbird. A black caracara.

Three red-and-green macaws in the same tree.

A black-necked aracari.

A yellow-crowned amazon parrot in a tree, with a ruddy ground-dove.

Then, by boat on the Zuidrivier. Downstream. An anhinga. White-banded swallows.

Screaming piha sounds.

Red howler monkeys. Black spider monkeys.

Green ibis.

Crested oropendola.

A green iguana between the leaves of a cecropia tree. See also here.

A white-necked heron.

A scarlet macaw.

A blue dacnis; see also here.

A king vulture. A black vulture.

Wagner’s sac-winged bats.

A greater yellow-headed vulture.

A blue morpho butterfly.

An anaconda wrapped around a big branch on the bank. Though this snake is a few metres long, it is not an adult yet.

An Amazon kingfisher.

Back to the airstrip.

Giant cowbirds.

Swallow-winged puffbird.

A swallow-tailed kite.

A plain-breasted grounddove on the path.

Two smooth-billed anis close to the building.

In the trees beside the building, silver beaked and turquoise tanagers.

In shrubs and on rocks behind the building, one green female and five shiny blue male swallow tanagers. Even for at least one person with decades of birdwatching experience in Suriname, this encounter with this beautiful species is a first.

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