Yoko Ono angry about creationist film

This is a music video of Imagine by John Lennon.

From Scientific American:

Imagine there’s no evolution: Yoko says oh no to Expelled

Yoko Ono is incensed that the antiscience film Expelled: No Intelligence used a snippet of late husband John Lennon‘s 1971 paean to peace Imagine sans permission. So she sued the film’s producers and distributors, demanding that they yank the track from the controversial movie, which stars Nixon-speechwriter-cum-actor-cum-pitchman Ben Stein.

The BBC reports that the former Beatle‘s widow balked when, among other things, the film triggered a blogospheric backlash against her, because it appeared that she had authorized the song’s use and, so, endorsed the movie’s creationist antievolution claims. Joining Ono in the lawsuit against Premise Media Corporation; C&S Production, LP; and Rocky Mountain Pictures: Lennon‘s sons, Julian and Sean, and publisher EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.

Jazz version of Lennon songs: here.

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