Bug sucks crane fly dry, video

This video is about a bug sucking a crane fly dry.

André van Calsbeek from Friesland in the Netherlands made this video.

This video is the sequel.

Rare beetle discovered in Dutch Veluwe region

Calosoma (Callisthenes) reticulatum ♀. Fabricius, 1787. Germany, Pommern, ex coll. Reitter

Today, natuurbericht.nl in the Netherlands reports that last June, entomologists found a beetle at Harskamp military shooting range in the Veluwe region.

Now, that beetle turns out to be Callisthenes (Callisphaena) reticulatus. A very rare species, seen in the Netherlands just once before, in 1922.

Great spotted woodpecker attacks insect hotel

In this video, a great spotted woodpecker attacks an insect hotel to catch food.

The video is from the garden of klomplw4 in the Netherlands.

Slug eats oatmeal, video

This video is about a slug eating oatmeal.

Anja Knuist from the Netherlands made this video.

Leaf litter wildlife

This video says about itself:

13 November 2009

A treasure trove of insect life goes about its business in leaf litter collected after mowing.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Leaf Litter: Let It Lie

One of the great joys of fall is jumping into a huge pile of leaves—and one of the great aches and pains is bagging those leaves and throwing them out. But that doesn’t have to be—it’s often a better idea to let leaves stay on the ground.

They’ll fertilize your yard, offer snug spots for caterpillars to spend the winter, and help fill your yard with life next spring. Our YardMap project has tons of great ideas on how to make yards friendly to birds and other wildlife—read more leaf-litter tips here.

Dragonflies quarrel, video

This video, by Everdien, was recorded near a pond in Wekeromse Zand nature reserve in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

A vagrant darter dragonfly sat quietly on a tree trunk. Until another dragonfly arrived, and they started quarreling.

Female parasitoid wasp, video

This video shows a female ichneumonid parasitoid wasp on a tree in the Netherlands.

She tries to smell and feel larvae living in the wood. She will lay her eggs in these larvae. With her ovipositor, she can bore holes in the tree.

Everdien van de Bijl made this video.