Butterflies, damselfly and frog video

This 23 June 2016 shows wildlife, like butterflies, a damselfly and a frog, after rain in the Mallebos woodland on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

Rare pink grasshopper photographed

Pink grasshopper in Hoofddorp, photo by Suzanne Wieringh

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Rare pink grasshopper spotted in Hoofddorp

Today, 15:21

It’s unlikely that you will ever really see one, but it happened to Suzanne Wieringh in Hoofddorp: she spotted a pink grasshopper. The rare animal was in her garden.

Suzanne wanted to pick up her daughter’s shoe when she saw something that was pinkish. “At first I thought it was a rose petal, but then it started to jump,” she says to the regional broadcasting organisation of North Holland.

A professor of entomology at Wageningen University explains that the phenomenon is known among biologists as erythrism. This is a deviation which is similar to albinism, only erythrism causes a reddish color instead of white.

It is difficult to determine how many pink grasshoppers are born. These grasshoppers quickly fall prey to predators because of their poor camouflage.

Flowers, insects, birds of Voorne island

This 19 June 2016 video shows flowers, insects, and birds of the Polder Biert area on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

Grasshopper music, video

This 13 June 2016 video from the Netherlands shows various grasshopper species making sounds.

Birds, insects of Voorne island

This video was recorded on 10 and 11 June on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

It shows insects, like dragonflies and butterflies; and birds, like great crested grebes with youngsters and avocets.