South African Kruger park wildlife, video

This 20 March 2020 video says about itself:

SOUTH AFRICA touching and exciting moments in Kruger national park (the south)

Here is a collection of animals we saw in the southern part of the park (Satara to Berg-en-Dal and Crocodile Bridge).

I have used only original sound, because most viewers prefer that.

Sometimes the natural sound is very weak so give a bit of extra volume. And if possible play the video on a big screen.

South African leopardess hates being woken up

This 18 February 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

How Not to Wake Up a Female Leopard

We often hear the saying that we should let sleeping dogs lie, but we never hear the same being said about leopards. After this video, maybe we should change that…

Pieter van Wyk, a 34-year-old game ranger in Mala Mala Game Reserve was in awe when he, along with a guest, witnessed this spectacular sighting of a leopard stalking and eventually chasing a leopardess. He excitedly sent the footage through to, elaborating how it is always an amazing experience to see just how stealthy a leopard can be! And how fast!

‘We had just left camp on our afternoon safari. We’d viewed a lioness with four cubs close to our camp before moving off to follow up on a female leopard that had been found with a buck in the morning. When we approached the area of the female, we saw a male leopard walking towards the female! After a while, he had finally spotted the female…’

‘Initially, we felt a collective feeling of excitement, seeing two adult leopards in the same sighting. Then it got rather humorous’ he went on to explain:

‘The female had been watching the male and then decided to take a nap. He then started stalking towards her as if she had not seen him, inching closer, and closer… The suspense grew as he got nearer to her, and she was seemingly unaware’.

As witnessed in the video, the leopardess got quite a fright upon her rude awakening. He went on to tell how ‘after being chased up the tree, the female watched the male move towards her meal. She eventually descended from the tree and moved off. It later became clear that there wasn’t much left of the buck, certainly not enough worth defending or hanging around over’.

Namaqua dwarf adder, world’s smallest viper

This 11 February 2020 video says about itself:

Namaqua Dwarf adder (Bitis schneideri) – the smallest viper in the world

Namaqua Dwarf adder (Bitis schneideri) is a tiny viper living on the Western coast of South Africa. It is threatened by the destruction of coastal dune habitats and collection for the pet trade. This venomous snake has been filmed in the wild very rarely and Living Zoology film studio wants to spread a message about the Namaqua Dwarf adder! Wait for the end of the video, where this dwarf gets compared to a huge Gaboon viper.

Birds of northern South Africa, video

This 27 January 2020 video says about itself:

This is a continuation of the series: birds of northern South Africa.

In this series of short videos, we focussed on bird species with a distribution more or less limited to the eastern part of the country. We included also some shots of nesting and feeding birds which can also be found elsewhere.

December 2019 was very wet with torrential rains during several days. Nature turned very green with bush flowers we did not see previously in December. Images were shot in Kruger National Park and in the National Parks of Kwazulu Natal.

Identification to the best of our knowledge! feel free to correct.

The video also shows some mammals of these areas.

South African lion versus buffalo, video

This 24 January 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

A male lion in Kruger national park stalks a buffalo and seems to be surprised by the size of the buffalo bull. The male lion then seems to freeze before the buffalo turns around and chases it off.