New Zealand nazis’ anti-Chinese racism

This 18 June 2019 video says about itself:

New Zealand Neo-Nazi Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison

Gizmodo reports Philip Arps was sentenced in a New Zealand court today for sharing video of the Christchurch massacre, a terrorist attack on two mosques that killed 51 people on March 15. Arps, who has compared himself favorably to Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, pleaded guilty to two counts of sharing the video and received a sentence of 21 months in prison for sending it to roughly 30 people.

By Tom Peters in New Zealand:

New Zealand fascist group targets Chinese-born MP

16 January 2020

On January 10, the fascist group Action Zealandia (AZ)

Zealandia is the name of a wildlife sanctuary in New Zealand. So, an area where only non-human animals are supposed to live.

The wildlife sanctuary is named after the ancient continent Zealandia, which formed in the age of dinosaurs, and where hardly any mammals, let alone humans, used to live.

Fascists usually want to violently turn the clock back to earlier times, to when they falsely claim everything was better. By the choice of their name, the ‘Zealandia’ fascists give the impression of not only wanting to kill all non-white people but also all white people.

posted pictures on Facebook of posters it stuck outside the office of Jian Yang, a Chinese-born member of parliament in the opposition National Party, in Auckland. One poster declared, “Don’t let them steal our country”, with a picture of the Chinese flag being painted over New Zealand’s flag. Another bore the slogan “honour your heritage”.

AZ said it had “sent a message directly to the traitors in parliament. The office of National MP and known Chinese Communist Spy, Jian Yang, was postered by our Auckland Members.”

AZ was founded in mid-2019. Its website echoes the white supremacist manifesto of Christchurch terrorist Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 people at two mosques on March 15, 2019, and injured 49. Like Tarrant, AZ rails against corporations “importing cheap foreign labour… at the expense of the European community” and calls on “NZ Europeans” to “halt this ongoing replacement”.

The group received widespread media attention last October after placing posters around the University of Auckland, prompting anti-racist protests. The attack on Yang’s office, however, was reported only by Newshub in a brief article.

The incident reveals how the extreme right in New Zealand has been emboldened by the anti-Chinese campaign of the Labour Party-NZ First-Greens government, along with much of the corporate media and academia. Labour and NZ First attacked the 2008–2017 National Party government for its links with Chinese businesses, while scapegoating Chinese people for the lack of affordable housing and other problems caused by capitalism.

Denunciations of Chinese “interference” escalated as the United States, New Zealand’s main ally, ramped up its economic war and military build-up against China, which threatens to unleash a war involving nuclear-armed powers.

A key turning point was the 2017 election, which resulted in the right-wing nationalist NZ First Party, which has repeatedly demonised Muslim and Asian immigrants, forming a coalition government with the Labour Party in exchange for key ministerial posts. NZ First leader Winston Peters became deputy prime minister and foreign minister, while NZ First’s Ron Mark was made defence minister.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government has strengthened the alliance with the US and labelled Russia and China the main “threats” to the global order. It has also restricted the rights of immigrants to live and work in New Zealand. The coalition … helped create the atmosphere of racism and xenophobia in which the Christchurch massacre took place and fascist groups have become emboldened.

Claims that Yang is a “spy” were first made by academic Anne-Marie Brady just before the 2017 election and repeated by NZ First and much of the media. There is no evidence for the claim, which is based on the fact that, decades ago before immigrating, Yang taught English to Chinese military and intelligence cadets.

Brady’s so-called research, which echoes US propaganda against Beijing, is funded by the NATO military alliance and has been praised by members of the Trump administration and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On January 5, former Labour Party Prime Minister Helen Clark joined the chorus against Yang. On Twitter, she said she was “surprised” by Yang’s involvement in organising an official visit to Beijing by National Party leader Simon Bridges last year. Bridges was denounced by Brady and numerous media commentators for advocating closer ties with China, highlighting divisions within New Zealand’s ruling elite. …

The Financial Times noted that “China is New Zealand’s biggest export destination” and suggested this was why Ardern’s government had so far avoided acting against Yang. In contrast, the newspaper praised Australia’s spy agency ASIO, which has made lurid claims that Chinese agents are seeking to infiltrate its parliament. Australia has introduced draconian legislation against “foreign interference” which can be used against organisations with international connections and presages major attacks on the democratic rights of the working class. …

Amid the most severe crisis of capitalism since the Great Depression, the ruling class and its political parties are reviving this chauvinist filth in an attempt to derail the growing struggles by workers against social inequality and to justify preparations for war against China.

The promotion of nationalism is directed against a resurgence of working-class struggle around the world. Increasingly, workers recognise that they are part of an international class that confronts the same enemies and has the same fundamental interests.

As in the 1930s, the ruling elites are fostering extreme right-wing and fascist tendencies to be used as a weapon against the efforts to unite working people based on an international, socialist program.

Sooty shearwater visits royal albatross nest

This 7 January 2020 video from New Zealand says about itself:

Sooty Shearwater visits Royal Albatross Nest

Sooty Shearwaters (known as tītī or muttonbirds) have been spotted at night visiting the cam site this season via the new infrared light. In this clip, a shearwater lands near the incubating albatross, stays for a few minutes, then flies off again.

Beached whales saved by New Zealanders

This 3 January 2020 New Zealand TV video says about itself:

Hundreds of beachgoers race to save pilot whales stranded in Coromandel

Seven of the pilot whales were successfully re-floated and four died.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Rescue workers and hundreds of residents and vacationers kept the whales wet until they could be led back to deeper water when the tide was high.

A total of ten [eleven] pilot whales washed ashore on the beach of the Coromandel peninsula of the North Island. Three [no, four] animals did not survive that. They were buried on the beach.

Young New Zealand albatross visits nest

This 3 January 2020 says about itself:

Young Albatross Visits Incubating Albatross | #RoyalCam | New Zealand Dept. of Conservation | Cornell Lab

Young albatross returning to the colony for the first time only have the single color band from prior to their fledging. In this clip, a young albatross lands in view of the camera, eliciting clacking from the incubating adult, then heads off, back into the wind. Most of these young albatross will be recaptured by the NZ Department of Conservation Staff and given a unique set of identifying bands before they head back out to sea.

New Zealand extinct native mammals

This 26 December 2019 video says about itself:

The Mystery of New Zealand’s Only Native Mammal.

New Zealand was thought to be a dominated by flightless birds, with only seals and bats making up its mammal population but 16 million years ago there lived a mammal. How did it get there? Where did it come from? What type of mammal was it?

Royal albatross nest live webcam on Internet

This video says about itself:

Live Royal Albatross Cam – #RoyalCam – New Zealand Dept. of Conservation | Cornell Lab

RoyalCam was set up in January 2016 by the Department of Conservation. For the 2019/2020 season we have collaborated with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Royal Cam is a 24-hour live stream of a Northern Royal Albatross nest during the breeding season at Pukekura/Taiaroa Head on the southeast tip of New Zealand’s South Island.

The season of 2019/2020 has seen the Royal Cam once again move up the hill. Now at Top Flat Track our new pair is OGK (banded Orange, Green, Black) a 21 year old male and YRK (banded Yellow, Red, Black) and 25 year old female. YRK laid the egg on 14 November 2019.

This season the live stream has partnered with Cornell Bird Lab. There are some new features including a trial of night vision and the ability to pan and zoom the camera at the rangers discretion.