Facebook censors Syrian Kurds, helping Erdogan, ISIS

This video from the USA says about itself:

How Facebook Decides If You See Nudity or Death (HBO)

Facebook employs 4,500 content moderators around the world. Moderators get two weeks of training and a stack of manuals to help them police the site for racism,

No racism? So, why is, eg, the racist, openly neonazi Dutch Nederlandse Volks-Unie party welcome and unmolested at Facebook?


No misogyny? Then, why Facebook censorship about women’s reproductive rights?


Then why the Facebook pages of the armed forces of the USA, Britain and many other countries; eg, of the army of Myanmar, busily killing Rohingya minority civilians?

and pornography.

Meaning in practice: censorship of famous works of art and of famous photos documenting Vietnam war crimes.

VICE’s partners at The Guardian obtained more than a hundred of these manuals and they offer the first-ever look at the sometimes logical, sometimes inexplicable ways Facebook asks a few thousand people to help patrol its close to 2 billion users. This segment is part of the May 23rd [2017] VICE News Tonight episode.

After Facebook censored this and that, helped the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, etc. etc., now this.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Facebook ‘politically censoring’ Kurdish solidarity

Wednesday 18th October 2017

PRO-KURDISH activists accused Facebook of political censorship yesterday after it closed down a page expressing solidarity with Kurds in Syria.

The Leeds Friends of Rojava page was suspended after the site said it didn’t comply with Facebook’s “community standards.”

Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign (KSC) co-secretary Rosa Gilbert accused the social media giant of going out of its way to censor posts criticising Turkey and offering support for Kurds.

“Thanks to a leak a few years ago by one of Facebook’s ‘content moderators,’ we know that there is an internationally applied Facebook policy to censor maps of Kurdistan, criticisms of Turkey and Ataturk, and anything relating to the imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

She said the policy had broadened to include censoring posts supporting the [Syrian Kurdish] YPG which is not listed as a terrorist organisation in Britain although it is in Turkey.

“This should concern anyone with an interest in freedom of speech — why should someone writing a Facebook post in England face censorship because the Turkish government doesn’t like what you’re writing?”

So Facebook is not only helping the genocidal regime in Myanmar. They are censoring the Syrian Kurds, the main force effectively fighting the ISIS terrorists. They are doing that on behalf of Turkish autocrat Erdogan, often accused of helping ISIS. Erdogan, voted ‘dictator of the year’ jointly with the ISIS boss.

The political representatives of the American ruling class are engaged in a conspiracy to suppress free speech. Under the guise of combating “trolls” and “fake news” supposedly controlled by Russia, the most basic constitutional rights enumerated in the First Amendment are under direct attack: here.

Turkish government violating Syrian refugees’ rights

This video says about itself:

Stop shooting! Turkish border guards continue to shoot, beat and kill Syrian refugees – HRW

10 May 2016

Turkish border guards are continuing to shoot and abuse Syrian refugees who are crossing into the country, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). The rights group, citing the deaths of several asylum seekers, has called on Ankara to investigate. “Firing at traumatized men, women, and children fleeing fighting and indiscriminate warfare is truly appalling,” said Human Rights Watch researcher Gerry Simpson.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Human rights violations in refugee camps in Turkey’

Today, 06:33

The situation for Syrian refugees in Turkish camps has not improved. According to researchers from the Free University [Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in the Netherlands], human rights are still violated. The researchers wonder if returning refugees to Turkey [by the European Union] is legitimate. Amnesty International came to that conclusion before.

The researchers of the Vrije Universiteit investigated the circumstances in the camps, commissioned to do so by [refugee aid organisation] VluchtelingenWerk in the Netherlands. They spoke with lawyers representing the refugees.

According to the researchers, refugees often are not allowed to leave the camps, they are locked up in cells and hardly have any opportunities for contact with the outside world. Some camps are disguised detention centers, investigators say. …


VluchtelingenWerk in The Netherlands responds alarmedly to the investigation. “I think it’s shocking to read that refugees in Turkey are barely getting access to asylum procedures and are locked into prisons“, said director Dorine Manson.

“Refugees are even forced to sign documents in a language they do not understand, declaring they ‘voluntarily’ want to return to their country of origin. It is therefore incomprehensible that the deal between the European Union and Turkey is depicted by the EU and its member states as a big success and is even seen as a blueprint for future deals with other countries.”

3 billion

In 2016, the European Union and Turkey concluded a treaty on the reception of mainly Syrian refugees. The agreement says that all refugees who enter Greece, and thus the EU, through Turkey will be returned.

… Turkey receives in return the 3 billion euros previously promised for the refugees’ reception sooner than planned.

Turkey’s Erdogan threatens war on Iraqi Kurdistan

Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan

As if things are not already bad enough with United States President Donald Trump, buddy of Turkish dictator Erdogan, threatening and practicing war on Yemen, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Africa and where not … Turkish dictator Erdogan himself, after invading Syria, today threatens to, once again, invade Iraqi Kurdistan as well.

Like his fellow corrupt right-winger Rajoy in Spain, also Erdogan’s helper, Erdogan uses as pretext a referendum about independence. However, Rajoy’s forces of oppression in Catalonia at the moment have not crossed an internationally recognized border. While an Erdogan invasion of Iraq would be aggression against an internationally recognized sovereign state.

‘We can arrive any night’: Erdogan warns Iraqi Kurds of invasion: here. And here.

Big pro-evolution biology demonstration in Turkey

This 3 July 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Turkey Stops Teaching High School Students Evolution

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Turkey: Teachers fight for secularism

Wednesday 20th September 2017

TRADE unionists in Turkey have called on the public to “raise their voice” against the removal of the theory of evolution from the school curriculum.

Ahmet Hamdi Camli, an MP from Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, created uproar when he said: “It’s useless to teach maths to students who don’t know jihad.”

Government officials have called for a “vengeful and religious generation,” exclusion of the theory of evolution and the inclusion of jihad in the curriculum.

A mass rally for secular education organised by teachers’ union Egitim-Sen and the Alevi Bektasi Federation was held in Istanbul on Sunday.

MPs from the opposition Republican People’s Party and People’s Democratic Party joined the rally to “stand against bigotry and fight for the future of the country.”

Egitim-Sen general secretary Feray Aytekin Aydogan called for an education system that is “free, scientific, secular, and equal” and the right to be taught in Kurdish. “We are not going to surrender to darkness”, he said.

Spanish right-wing government helps Turkish dictator, arresting Turkish German author

Turkish police arrests Turkish German author Doghan Akhanli in 2010

The right-wing government in Spain is a government of the Partido Popular; a party founded by a minister of the late dictator Francisco Franco. Now, they abuse the horrible attack in Barcelona for cracking down on Catalan political opponents and civil liberties. They also abuse it for promoting militarism and Islamophobia for a bloody ‘war on terror‘.

However, they except a few Muslims from their Islamophobia. The royal family in Saudi Arabia. And President Erdogan of Turkey, who is busy at making his country a dictatorship.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Spain arrests German-Turkish writer at the request of Turkey

Today, 01:15

Spain has arrested Turkish-German writer Doghan Akhanli at the request of Turkey. The German Foreign Minister Gabriel personally engages in this case to prevent extradition.

Akhanli, who is a German citizen since 2001, was arrested at his holiday address in Granada. Why he was arrested was not disclosed.

His lawyer calls the arrest politically motivated. Akhanli has written in the past about the Armenian genocide and human rights violations. After a Turkish coup in 1984 he spent years in jail.

Akhanli emigrated to Germany in 1991. When he returned to Istanbul in 2010, he was arrested for an armed robbery in 1989. He was acquitted, but this was reversed in appeal.