NATO governments fighting about Libyan oil

This 19 January 2020 video says about itself:

On the eve of the international summit in Berlin to relaunch the peace process in Libya, supporters of Khalifa Haftar, the eastern Libyan commander, have hit hard.

On Saturday morning, his forces blocked the country’s main oil terminals in order to economically cripple the … Government of National Unity in Tripoli.

In a press release, the National Oil Company reported a halt of exports in the ports known as “oil crescent”.

By Alex Lantier in France:

War tensions mount between NATO powers over Libya, Mediterranean

31 January 2020

Following the January 19 Berlin conference on Libya, war tensions between NATO powers over Libya and the Mediterranean continue to mount, after Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Paris on Wednesday for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. The Berlin conference has set the stage not for peace, but only for stepped-up imperialist military interventions to divide up the profits to be extracted from Libya and the entire region.

With Mitsotakis, Macron announced the dispatching of French warships to the Aegean Sea and the formation of a French-Greek military alliance, while denouncing Turkish policy in Libya. Amid explosive border tensions and conflicts over eastern Mediterranean natural gas deposits between Turkey and Greece, Paris is threatening to support Greece in a war with Turkey.

Macron accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of “not respecting his promises” in Berlin, saying that “at this very moment” Turkish ships were taking Syrian Islamist mercenaries to Libya. “We have seen in recent days Turkish vessels arriving on Libyan soil … in violation of explicit engagements taken by President Erdogan at the Berlin conference,” Macron said. He added, “This threatens the security of all residents of Europe and the Sahel.”

Macron, who has backed warlord Khalifa Haftar in the civil war provoked by the 2011 NATO war in Libya, said he “condemns with the greatest firmness the recent accord” between Turkey and Haftar’s main rival, Fayez al-Serraj’s Government of National Accord (GNA).

During the Macron-Mitsotakis conference, anonymous intelligence officials told French media that Rafale jets flying from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle had detected Turkish ships transporting heavy armored vehicles and mercenaries into Libya’s capital of Tripoli, held by the GNA. They also alleged that the ships transporting the troops and hardware were escorted by one of several Turkish frigates cruising in Libyan waters.

Macron maintained a hypocritical and self-interested silence on French-backed Egyptian and United Arab Emirates (UAE) weapons shipments to France’s Libyan proxy, Haftar. “The position of Paris remains totally inflexible,” Le Monde wrote. “Marshal Haftar, who more or less controls most of Libya’s territory, must be taken into account and his demands—disbanding Islamist ‘militias’, giving more oil revenue to the eastern Libyan region of Cyrenaica—are not negotiable.”

Macron also announced a “strategic security partnership” between France and Greece and declared that he “condemns the intrusions and provocations of Turkey” in Greek airspace and waters. France will rotate its warships through the eastern Mediterranean to ensure that at least one French frigate is in the area at all times. The purpose of the stepped-up French naval presence, Macron added, is “to fully ensure the security of a region that is strategic for Europe.”

Mitsotakis hailed the deal with France, saying: “Greece and France are pursuing a new framework of strategic defense.” Details of the Franco-Greek military alliance are to be announced in coming weeks. However, it appears French warships will likely patrol gas-rich waters off Cyprus, where the Greek Cypriot government has given French energy giant Total exploration rights.

While Mitsotakis called the French warships “guarantors of peace” in the Aegean, it is clear that the danger of military conflict between major NATO allies is very real. Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said his staff is “examining all scenarios, even that of military engagement” with Turkish forces at flashpoints like the Aegean Sea or Cyprus.

Turkish officials responded by denouncing the French intervention in the eastern Mediterranean. “If France wants to contribute to the implementation of decisions taken at the [Berlin] Conference, it should first stop supporting Haftar,” Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy declared in a statement. “The main party responsible for all Libya’s problems since the beginning of the 2011 crisis is France,” Aksoy added, noting that France “unconditionally supports Haftar to have its say over the natural resources in Libya.”

NATO’s 2011 war against Libya launched a bloody scramble for profits and strategic advantage in the region that has had disastrous consequences. After the Berlin conference, the imperialist powers are again recklessly intensifying their military intervention. As France, Russia, Egypt, and the UAE intervene to back Haftar in Libya while Italy, Turkey and Qatar back Serraj, the danger of a major regional war over Libya or the eastern Mediterranean is ever greater.

The scramble for Africa and the Mediterranean is intensifying deep and explosive divisions among the major NATO imperialist powers. Last year, France withdrew its ambassador to Italy as tensions mounted between Paris and Rome over Libya.

While Washington has not taken a public position on Greece or Libya, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed deals last October to build major new US military bases in Greece, saying Washington needs them “to help secure the eastern Mediterranean.” White House spokesman Judd Deere claimed that tensions between NATO powers forced Trump to call Erdogan on Monday. During the call, Trump reportedly stressed the “importance of Turkey and Greece resolving their differences in the east Mediterranean.”

Faced with the prospect of US and French military build-ups in Greece, sections of the Turkish bourgeoisie close to Erdogan are calling for closer ties with Berlin to counteract Paris.

The pro-government Daily Sabah call for an outreach to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who it said needs close cooperation with Turkey to power German industry and keep Middle Eastern refugees from reaching Europe. “Let’s give credit where credit is due: Merkel’s foreign policy is far more reasonable than French President Emmanuel Macron’s approach,” it stated, adding, “Merkel knows that the US abdication of its global responsibilities compels Europeans to take care of themselves and, by extension, to work with Erdoğan’s Turkey.”

It concluded, “To improve Germany’s relations with Turkey and keep the upper hand in Libya, Merkel needs to overcome two obstacles: French and Greek adventurism. Macron undermines Libyan peace and stability by throwing his weight behind Haftar … Germany has to stop France and Greece. Let’s see if Merkel will manage to wrap up her political career by completing this urgent mission.”

As imperialist wars spread across the Middle East and Africa, Macron is pursuing a reckless policy in defense of French imperialist interests. On the one hand, he is continuing neo-colonial wars and intervention in Mali and the broader Sahel, south of Libya, supposedly to fight Islamist militias. At the same time, he is bidding to obtain for French oil firm Total a lion’s share of Libyan oil, should Haftar conquer the country, and of eastern Mediterranean gas via deals with the Greek Cypriot government.

This poses a growing risk of an outright military confrontation with Turkey, as Macron is launching an alliance with Greece amid explosive Greek-Turkish tensions. Britain’s Guardian newspaper wrote that, “Friction between the two neighbours has not been so acute since the invasion of Cyprus in 1974” by Turkey, which led to war with Greece. It added that, for Mitsotakis, “hostile relations with Turkey have eclipsed all other issues on the agenda of his near seven-month-old government.”

While he claimed the war danger is “slim, not least because it would be too much of a lose-lose situation,” University of Piraeus Professor Aristotle Tziampiris told the Guardian that “the chances of a [hot] incident, by design or accident, are very real and that is what is worrying us all.”

Donald Trump-Trudeau quarrel, parody song

This 4 December 2019 music video from Britain is a parody of the Beatles song Hey Jude.

It is about the quarrel of United States President Donald Trump with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the NATO summit in London.

The video says about itself:

The Tweetles – Hey Trude

Donald Trump’s Beatles tribute band has a musical message for Justin Trudeau.


Hey Trude, don’t make it SAD!
Took a summit and made it bitter
Remember I don’t know the Duke of York
And your locker room talk
Has got me triggered

Hey Trude, don’t be two-faced
One looks so great, the other one I hate
Which one has been talking behind my back?
Must be the black
I bet it’s Kenyan

So let me out, I’m going home
Hey Trude, you blow
Keep your dirty hands off my Ivanka
And stay away from Melanie
Hey Trude, don’t be


Hey Trude, don’t make me SAD!
Took a summit and made it bitter
Remember I don’t know the Duke of York
And your locker room talk
Has made me triggered
Triggered, triggered, triggered…

TRUMP ONCE CALLED PRINCE ANDREW ‘A LOT OF FUN’ President Donald Trump can’t keep his story straight regarding his relationship with Prince Andrew. On Tuesday, he claimed that he didn’t know the disgraced royal. But People dug up a 2000 interview with Trump in which he’d said of the prince: “He’s not pretentious. He’s a lot of fun to be with.” [HuffPost]

Trump denounces Macron’s criticisms of NATO at London summit: here.

WORLD leaders gathered in Watford today as the Nato imperialist war machine attempted to paper over the cracks with growing rifts between the supposed allies. Much attention has focused on a perceived spat between French President Emmanuel Macron and his authoritarian Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Both are accused of war crimes — Mr Erdogan for his jihadist-backed ethnic cleansing campaign against Kurds in northern Syria and Mr Macron for the sale of arms used to deadly effect in Yemen: here.

No to Trump, NATO, London demonstration report

Anti-Trump anti-NATO demonstrators in London, England

By Bethany Rielly, in central London, England:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

No to Trump, No to Nato

ACTIVISTS today united in calls to elect an anti-war government led by Jeremy Corbyn and condemned Nato and US President Donald Trump as he visited London for a two-day summit.

A coalition of groups including Stop the War, CND, Stand Up to Racism, Keep Our NHS Public and Global Justice Now were among those that mobilised in the capital to oppose Nato and Mr Trump’s visit.

At the rally, Stop the War Coalition co-founder Lindsey German disputed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s inflammatory claims today that the Labour leader presents a security risk.

“They call him a security risk. But the real security risk is Nato, it’s the arms dealers, it’s Donald Trump”, she told the crowds.

“If you want a world of peace, a world of justice then vote for an anti-war government and hopefully on December 13 we will have Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street!”

Protesters congregated in Trafalgar Square before marching to Buckingham Palace where Mr Trump dined with Nato leaders and the Queen.

Speakers took to the stage to defend the NHS, condemn the discriminatory policies of the Trump administration and call for the abolition of the “aggressive” Nato alliance. …

Doctors and nurses led the march towards Buckingham Palace in symbolic resistance against plans to sell off the NHS in a future trade deal with the US.

As thousands marched in the streets, British politicians sparred on the campaign trail while Mr Trump contradicted himself on his designs for the NHS.

PM Boris Johnson told [Rupert Murdoch‘s] The Sun that he condemned the Labour leader as a security risk to the country.

Mr Corbyn has “always sided with our enemies”, and makes Britain’s allies “anxious”, the PM claimed in an interview with the toxic right-wing rag.

Labour hit back by accusing the Tories of keeping Britons “safe on the cheap.”

“Real security doesn’t just come from strong laws and intelligence, it also comes from effective public services that have the funding they need,” a Labour spokesperson said.

Within hours of landing on British soil, Mr Trump claimed that he “had never even thought” about NHS privatisation, despite declaring earlier this year that “everything is on the table” in trade talks, including the health service.

Mr Trump said the US wouldn’t want the NHS “even if it was served on a silver platter.”

Trump said that to help Conservative Boris Johnson win the British general election.

So, that, if Johnson would win the election, then he would serve the NHS to Trump on a silver platter. And Trump would accept.

But Mr Corbyn, who sent a letter to the US president calling for assurances that the NHS will be taken off the table, was not convinced by Mr Trump’s rambling U-turn.

“I’m pleased that he said that. But then why have these talks gone on for two years?” he said in an interview with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2. “Why have the documents only been released in redacted form?”

Proof of plans to sell off the NHS in a future trade deal with the US was lain out in documents leaked by Labour last week, Mr Corbyn said.

At the London rally, doctor and activist Sonia Adesara was also not reassured by the president’s backtracking.

“It’s complete rubbish,” she told the Morning Star. “Trump a couple months ago said the opposite — saying that the NHS was on the table. He said publicly that he wants the UK to pay more for drugs.

“When they say the NHS is off the table, we know this is another lie. If it is off the table then why wasn’t it taken off the table in the secret trade talks?”

She said it was “crucial” that these lies were exposed as the election approaches, warning that more years of Tory rule would be “disastrous to our country.”

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also admitted that the US would be able to ramp up drug prices after Brexit when pressed on BBC Radio 4 today.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth claimed this showed that “Boris Johnson is opening the door to a Trump trade deal that will force our NHS bills through the roof.”

Labour unconvinced by Trump’s NHS privatisation U-turn. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the US president has a ‘passing relationship with reality and the truth’: here.

Tory underfunding blamed for 5,000 deaths in hospital: here.

THE ENDLESSLY repeated slogan that ‘The NHS is Not for Sale’ is completely empty in the face of the fact that US companies and other privateers are already taking over and making vast profits out of the NHS and are determined to leech even more out of the NHS £120 billion annual budget: here.

Against Trump and NATO, London protest video

This Washington Post video of today says about itself:

Watch live: Protest held against Trump in London as he attends NATO summit

Stop Trump Coalition” holds demonstrations in central London as President Trump visits the city for NATO summit.

Stop Trump, stop NATO, 3 December, London

This 24 November 2019 video by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Britain is called Donald Trump is meddling in our general election.

By Kate Hudson in Britain:

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Opposition to Nato and Trump needs to be stepped up

KATE HUDSON believes a mass turn out at demonstration next week in London will send a pertinent anti-war message to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Nato delegates

NEXT week, Trump is coming back to London for Nato’s 70th anniversary summit. He will no doubt take the opportunity to further promote his friend Boris Johnson — a case of foreign intervention in an election if ever there was one.

There are many reasons to oppose Trump, and his militarism, war-mongering and reckless addiction to nuclear weapons must feature pretty near the top of the list.

Looking back over his record in the White House it’s hard to believe that during his election campaign, Trump promised to put an end to pointless foreign wars and attacked spending on useless and massively expensive new military equipment.

The truth is that the Trump presidency has ushered in a new era of militarism and his defining policies indicate preparation for high-tech, massively violent wars against Russia and China, together with the development of a whole new generation of “usable” nuclear weapons.

During his election campaign, Trump also put a question mark over his commitment to Nato, but that turned out to be short-lived — he now sees it as a cash cow to fund his military aspirations.

When he attended his first Nato summit in Brussels in 2017, he took fellow member states to task for failing to meet the agreed annual 2 per cent of GDP spending on defence year, a target which few Nato countries meet.

At his second summit in 2018, Trump turned up late, threatening to pull out of Nato if member states didn’t cough up, and raised his demand to 4 per cent of GDP.

Nato’s role as a nuclear-armed alliance continues with US nuclear bombs stationed in five countries across Europe. Meanwhile, Nato has expanded steadily since the 1990s; most of the countries of eastern Europe have been admitted, including former Soviet republics.

This scale of expansion has contributed to international tension as Russia sees itself increasingly surrounded by US and Nato bases.

But developments have not been limited to expanding its membership.

At Nato’s 50th anniversary conference in Washington in April 1999, a new “strategic concept” was adopted. This moved beyond Nato’s previous defensive role to include “out of area” — in other words offensive — operations, anywhere on the Eurasian landmass. This fits neatly with Trump’s current orientation to dominate that massive expanse.

Subsequently, Nato has moved to adopt a global role for itself, often falsely posturing as a force for humanitarian relief. It has even moved into Latin America, with Colombia designated as a “global partner,” not to mention its extensive global alliances with other states and regional alliances.

Nato’s war continues in Afghanistan: begun by Bush in 2001, it is the longest war in US history, involving all Nato countries.

Nato’s war-fighting has also reached Africa, where Libya has been destroyed; the consequences have been terrible, as thousands have been forced to flee and refugees face further military brutality in the Mediterranean.

The international community urgently needs to bring an end to the militarisation of the Mediterranean Sea and to all military action against refugees.

Worldwide, people are in need of real peace which means social justice, environmental security, equal access to resources, a warm welcome for refugees fleeing wars and oppression and more.

It has been surprising, over the last few years, to hear members of the Labour front bench speak in glowing terms about Nato and very disappointing to see in Labour’s 2019 election manifesto, under the heading A New Internationalism, Labour reiterate its commitment to Nato, to replacing Trident and to spending at least 2 per cent of GDP on “defence”.

When Labour is challenging so much, surely Britain’s role in the world can be rethought too, rather than repeating policies designed to maintain the last knockings of Britain’s imperial splendours?

It’s a shame to see Paul Mason wasting time suggesting “How the Left could save Nato,” in the New Statesman this week.

What aspect of aggressive, nuclear-armed, expansionist, war-mongering and mass-murdering doesn’t he understand? It harks back to his 2016 piece “The left-wing case for nuclear weapons.”

There is no case where nuclear weapons make us safer, or enhance our security. These are weapons of mass destruction, designed to threaten, terrorise and destroy all life on earth.

He sadly misunderstands the values of the left if he thinks that they, or Nato, can ever be part of what it stands for.

Nato and everything it represents breeds war, global injustice, brutality and inequality and these are what the peace movement campaigns against.

We have marched at Nato summits, with the movements from Europe, the US and beyond, against the nuclear doctrine of Nato, against its expansionism, against its destabilising global power grabs.

And we will continue to do so, and to argue for an alternative, whoever is in government, because to condone and embrace Nato is to abandon the cause of peace, the pursuit of justice, and any vision of a world that exists for the people.

Please stand with us, march with us. Don’t let these crucial issues be sidelined and marginalised.

Because the truth is you can’t build a new internationalism if you play a role in Nato’s nuclear-armed, aggressive, global aggrandisement and embrace weapons of mass destruction.

A new approach to international relations is required – and membership of Nato has no part in that.

Join our counter-summit: The New World Disorder — Anti-Nato Summit today at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2, also join the demonstration: No to Trump – No to Nato – in London December 3 2019.

Tories play the Trump card. Donald Trump’s interference in the British general election is as unwarranted as it is undemocratic, writes MURAD QURESHI.

Big anti-Trump anti-NATO demonstration, London this Tuesday

This July 2018 video says about itself:

Belgium: Anti-war protest hits Brussels ahead of Trump‘s NATO visit

Anti-war activists protested in Brussels on Saturday against the upcoming NATO summit on July 11-12, which US President Donald Trump is also expected to visit.

The protesters held up numerous banners denouncing the NATO and Trump, such as ‘Stop the war coalition‘, ‘NATO game over’ and ‘Make peace great again.’

Donald Trump is coming to London, England for a NATO summit conference. He is pressuring other NATO governments, like Germany and Belgium, to waste even more taxpayers’ money on ‘defence’ bloody neocolonial warmongering.

There will be a big demonstration against Trump and NATO in London this Tuesday.

Anti-Trump demonstration in London

This photo shows part of a big demonstration in London during another Trump visit.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday, November 29, 2019

NHS staff frontline for Trump demo

NHS nurses and doctors will lead the march against Donald Trump’s visit to Britain on Tuesday in a show of defiance against US privatisation plans, protest organisers said today.

On Thursday Labour released documents it said were “proof” that the NHS was “up for sale” under a new trade deal between the US and Britain.

One of the protest organisers, Global Justice Now (GJN), which has also played a role in exposing the planned trade deal, said that the demonstration would show Mr Trump that “Britain is not for sale.”

GJN’s Nick Dearden said: “This week we discovered just how great a threat Donald Trump is to our NHS.

“That’s why Tuesday’s demonstration will be led by nurses and doctors — to symbolise the millions of people who will stand up for our health service against a US President who simply represents the biggest, greediest corporate interests in the world.”

The demonstration will assemble at Trafalgar Square, London, from 4pm onwards before finishing at Canada Gate, opposite Buckingham Palace, at 5.45pm.

Anti-Trump demonstration

From the organisers of the demonstration:

No to Trump – No to NATO – National Demonstration

03 December 2019

Assemble: Trafalgar Sq, London – 4PM

March to Buckingham Palace

Facebook event here

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition & CND

4pm: Assemble on south of Trafalgar Sq. for speeches & music

5pm: March leaves Trafalgar Sq. to Buckingham Palace via The Mall

5.45pm: Arrives at Canada Gate opp. Buckingham Palace

6pm: NATO reception begins

7pm: R3 Soundsystem – Dance Music Against Trump at Buckingham Gate

We are encouraging everyone to bring glow sticks and fairy lights etc for visibility as well as horns, whistles, pots, pans and other instruments to make as much noise as possible at the protest.

Donald Trump is coming to London in December for the NATO Heads of State summit. On Tuesday 3rd December, the Queen will be hosting a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace and it’s crucial we raise our voices against the world’s largest nuclear-armed military alliance which is overseen by one of the most reckless US Presidents in history.

Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist and a climate change denier who threatens communities at home while destabilising the rest of the globe.

NATO, as an aggressive and expansionist nuclear and military alliance, plays a dangerous global role – it’s still in Afghanistan 18 years on and is expanding further into Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Turkey, a NATO member, is currently attacking the Kurds in North Eastern Syria.

The summit is a crucial opportunity for our movement to oppose Trump, his nuclear warmongering, interventionism and destructive social and political agenda. Let’s unite against war and military aggression and ensure President Trump’s visit to Britain will be met with the response that it deserves.

Assemble at 4PM in Trafalgar Square on 3rd December for music and speeches before we march to Buckingham Palace saying loud and clear: no to Trump, no to NATO!

NATO kills 18 Baltic Sea porpoises

This 6 July 2018 video says about itself:

With only 500 animals left, the Baltic harbor porpoises have been declared critically endangered. Being killed as bycatch in fishing nets is the major threat for the animals, yet fishing is still permitted, even in Marine Protected Areas. In Sea Shepherd’s Perkunas campaign, the crew of the M/V Emanuel Bronner documented and monitored deadly gillnets in protected areas of the Baltic Sea. But accidental death in fishing nets is not the only human-caused threat for these animals.

Eutrophication, underwater noise, marine debris, overfishing, and bottom trawling are also damaging the Baltic Sea ecosystem, affecting both harbor porpoises and the local populations that depend on it.

Read the full commentary by Perkunas campaign leader, Reinhard Grabler here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

’18 porpoises dead after naval exercise in Germany’

A German environmental organization says that eighteen porpoises were killed during a military war game in the Baltic Sea. That, they say, have happened during a NATO war game in September. As part of that mission, the German navy blew up 42 British mines, German media report. Porpoises are regarded as a protected species in Europe.

The war game was training to defuse sea mines. In addition, real ground mines from the First World War, left behind by the British, were blown up.

An analysis of that action shows that every explosion left a crater 5 by 1.5 meters deep and that animals and plants were destroyed in a radius of 10 to 30 meters.

Nature destroyed

According to the environmental organization NABU and the political party The Greens, the Ministry of Defense has ignored nature conservation law. The Greens estimate that up to 110,000 square meters of nature have been destroyed.

According to Nabu, NATO blew up the mines right in the nursery grounds for young porpoises.

NABU map of porpoises killed by the war game

More than forty ships from 18 countries, including the Netherlands, took part in the exercise. …

Tunnel to Denmark

The NATO mission took place at an area where there are plans for the construction of a tunnel. The connection to be made must connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish Lolland. The construction of the tunnel costs around € 7.4 billion and is largely paid for by Denmark.

Critics point out that there is more ammunition in the Fehmarnbelt strait. After the Second World War, hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs, rockets and mines were dumped in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Environmental organizations have been pointing out for some time that rust-causing substances end up in seawater. According to environmental organization Nabu there is a total of 1.6 million tons of ammunition in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Against Trump, NATO, 3 December London demonstration

This 4 June 2019 video from London, England says about itself:

Thousands of protesters greeted President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit with anger and British irony Tuesday, crowding London’s government district while the president met Prime Minister Theresa May nearby.

From the Stop the War coalition in Britain:

No to Trump – No to NATO – National Demonstration

03 December 2019

Assemble: Trafalgar Sq, London – 4PM

March to Buckingham Palace

Facebook Event here

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition & CND

Donald Trump is coming to London in December for the NATO Heads of State summit. On Tuesday 3rd December, the Queen will be hosting a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace and it’s crucial we raise our voices against the world’s largest nuclear-armed military alliance which is overseen by one of the most reckless US Presidents in history.

Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist and a climate change denier who threatens communities at home while destabilising the rest of the globe.

NATO, as an aggressive and expansionist nuclear and military alliance, plays a dangerous global role – it’s still in Afghanistan 18 years on and is expanding further into Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

The summit is a crucial opportunity for our movement to oppose Trump, his nuclear warmongering, interventionism and destructive social and political agenda. Let’s unite against war and military aggression and ensure President Trump’s visit to Britain will be met with the response that it deserves.

Assemble at 4PM in Trafalgar Sq on 3rd December for music and speeches before we march to Buckingham Palace saying loud and clear: no to Trump, no to NATO!

Nato is a force for ever-increasing war. LINDSEY GERMAN explains why we should hit the streets to protest against Trump’s visit to Britain next month.

THE Nato alliance — set up to hold back the advance of working-class power in Europe — is unravelling. If US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks that his lightning visit to surf the avalanche of tendentious propaganda celebrating the dismantling of socialism in Europe provides a good opportunity to reinforce US dominance over its European allies he is mistaken: here.

At their summit Wednesday in Brussels, NATO foreign ministers tried to close ranks, despite growing divisions in the alliance as it escalates plans for war with Russia, a nuclear-armed power: here.

NATO visits Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 16 February 2016 video is called Europe Refugee Crisis: NATO plans to halt flow of refugees.

Today, the WordPress statistics of this blog registered a visit from an office of the NATO military alliance.

They especially visited yesterday’s post on Dear Kitty. Some blog about the protest in The Hague, the Netherlands against the role of NATO in making people refugees and stopping these refugees if they flee to Europe.

Welcome, NATO employees, like all visitors to this blog!

I hope you will learn something from your visit that will help to stop NATO policies of wars and xenophobia.

Intractable divisions between the imperialist powers that twice in the 20th century exploded into world war are again undermining international alliances key to the affairs of world capitalism. This was the content of a long, deeply pessimistic interview French President Emmanuel Macron granted to Britain’s Economist, declaring the NATO alliance between America and Europe to be dead. The interview contained statements virtually unprecedented for a French president in living memory: here.