Hillary Clinton smears Bernie Sanders, helping Trump

This 21 January 2020 video about the United States presidential election says about itself:

Nobody Likes Him“: Hillary Clinton spreads more lies about Bernie Sanders

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton did an interview where she said that Bernie Sanders “was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. … It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” Clinton also would not commit to endorsing Bernie Sanders if he wins the Democratic nomination: “I’m not going to go there yet.”

She also smeared Bernie Sanders with the Bernie Bro myth, and lied about how Bernie Sanders is attacking Elizabeth Warren, when the exact opposite is true.

All of this is based on lies; Bernie did 41 events for Hillary, Bernie is among the most popular politicians in the United States, and Bernie is supported by millions of regular Americans. All this shows is that Hillary still blames Bernie for her failures, and fails to see why regular people are buying into Bernie’s message .

‘I Like Bernie’ hashtag trends after Clinton criticizes Sanders: here.

‘Inexcusable’: Hillary Clinton, Who Lost to Trump in 2016, Won’t Commit to Helping Bernie Sanders Win in 2020: here.

What will Ms Clinton do if Bernie Sanders will win the nomination? Found a ‘Democrats for TrumpSuper PAC funded by fossil fuel billionaires?

Top Democratic officials and Democratic-aligned media outlets are engaged in a coordinated offensive against the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. In an extraordinary interview published Tuesday, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, denounced Sanders and refused to commit herself to support Sanders if he wins the Democratic presidential nomination this year: here.

Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire, USA

This 19 January 2020 video from the USA says about itself:


OUR CAMPAIGN SCARES TRUMP: In case you haven’t noticed, Trump and the Republican Party have been attacking our campaign. It looks like the most dangerous president in modern history is getting nervous, and he should be. Join us for our rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

US candidate Andrew Yang, not that progressive

This 31 December 2019 video from the USA is called Andrew Yang: “Medicare For All Is Not The Name Of A Bill” (Yes It Is).

It is the name of a bill by United States senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Andrew Yang is one of many candidates for the Democratic party nomination for the 2020 presidential election. He calls himself Not Left, Not Right. He advocates what he calls ‘Human-Centered Capitalism’. Polls say that he attracts much less support than, eg, Bernie Sanders. Still, he has some support among voters who consider him progressive. As he is younger than other candidates. As he is not a professional politician, but, like Donald Trump in 2016, an ‘outsider’ millionaire businessman in the artificial intelligence business.

So, candidate Yang turns out to be not that progressive on medical care.

He is not that progressive on civil liberties either.

This 1 January 2019 video from the USA is called Andrew Yang: Julian Assange Should Stand Trial.

The United States Trump administration plans a kangaroo court trial against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, for ‘espionage’. That might cause the death penalty or life imprisonment in a torture prison for Assange. While Assange is not a spy, but a whistleblower about war crimes. Spies sell secret documents to foreign governments for money. While WikiLeaks publicises these secret documents about governments misbehaving. So, candidate Yang agrees with the Trump administration on this persecution for whistleblowing on war crimes.

It looks like if of Mr Yang’s slogan ‘Not Left, Not Right’ only the first part is true.

CASTRO DROPS OUT OF 2020 PRESIDENTIAL RACE Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro ended his campaign. Castro, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama, would have been the first Latino president, had the voters rallied behind him. He was the first Texas Democrat to run for president since 1976. [HuffPost]

Corporate media pro-Big Business politicians bias

This 1 January 2019 video from the USA is called Bernie [Sanders] Gets Less MSNBC Coverage Than [Senator Amy] Klobuchar Despite Polling 7x Higher.

So, United States presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, according to polls, attracts many more, left-wing, voters than candidate Klobuchar attracts pro-Wall Street Democratic party voters.

It is not that surprising that a corporate medium like MSNBC prefers Klobuchar to Sanders. As Senator Klobuchar is the favourite Democratic party politician of Donald Trump‘s Republican party.

KLOBUCHAR ADDRESSES HER ‘TOUGH ON CRIME’ PAST Sen. Amy Klobuchar addressed her record as a Minnesota prosecutor after managing to sail through her Democratic presidential campaign relatively unscathed on the topic. Criminal justice reform advocates have criticized Klobuchar’s aggressive prosecution, including a push for harsher sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. [HuffPost]

Corporate US Democrats smear Jewish Sanders

This 28 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself

Bad: Democratic Party Group Smears Bernie Sanders As Anti-Semitic, featuring Richard Wolff

The astroturfDemocrats Against Anti-Semitism” tweet thread is this week´s bad.

Richard Wolff is a United States Jewish left-wing professor of economics.

First, the media empire of anti-Semite Rupert Murdoch, and the British Conservative party, full of anti-Semites and other racists, smeared the Labour party as supposedly anti-Semitic.

Now, it is the turn of the United States co-thinkers of Boris Johnson´s British Conservatives: the Republican party of anti-Semite Donald Trump, scared of losing the 2020 presidential election to Bernie Sanders.

As the video shows, unfortunately it is not just the turn of Trump´s Republicans, but also of pro-Wall Street politicians in the Democratic party for which Sanders is campaigning for the presidential nomination, to smear Sanders.

Earlier, the Democratic party establishment used anti-Semitic smears against Sanders.

Now, they smear Jewish Bernie Sanders as a supposed anti-Semite.

Senator Bernie Sanders leads preliminary Democratic fundraising totals for the fourth quarter and all of 2019. By Patrick Martin, 3 January 2020. The support for Sanders shows that the American population is moving to the left, even as the Democrats move further to the right. … the five most common employers of Sanders contributors are Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target and the US Postal Service—with the first four among the largest employers of low-wage labor: here.