Young spoonbills’ winter in the Netherlands

This 6 February 2016 video is about two young spoonbills. Most spoonbills in the Netherlands migrate to Africa in autumn. However, some stay; including these two in the Veerse Meer lake in the Dutch Zeeland province.

More about this is here.

Great crested grebe bathes in winter, video

This video shows a great crested grebe in winter plumage, bathing in an ice hole in the Netherlands.

See also here.

Birds with ice on their tails, video

This video shows various bird species in a garden on a winter day with problems with ice on their tails: blackbird, brambling, male and female chaffinch, collared dove

Hjhof in the Netherlands made this video.

Snowboarding in New York City, USA

This 24 January 2015 video is about snowboarding by Casey Neistat in the streets of New York City in the USA.

A big blizzard has caused many problems in New York and elsewhere in the USA. However, like with the flooding in Ireland, some people use unusual weather for sporting opportunities.

DIGGING OUT AFTER THE STORM The East Coast began the dig out process Sunday after massive blizzard Jonas paralyzed the region with several feet of snow over the weekend. At least 29 people died in the severe weather, and over 12,000 flights were canceled since Friday. And here’s what “Snowzilla” looked like from space. [Reuters]

A strong winter storm system (named “Winter Storm Jonas”) moved through the eastern United States over the weekend, burying major cities and towns from the Carolinas to New York under record-setting amounts of snow. So far, 27 people have been confirmed dead from car crashes, hypothermia and other tragedies that would have been prevented had there been fully funded safety response programs and a safe transportation infrastructure: here.

The death toll from last weekend’s blizzard in the eastern United States climbed to 49 on Wednesday, according to the latest press reports, as the region struggles to bring its decaying infrastructure, devastated by repeated budget cuts, to something like working order: here.

Kingfisher in winter, video

This 18 January 2016 video shows a kingfisher in wintry weather near Roderwolde village in Drenthe province in the Netherlands.

Birds in winter: here.

Dutch Gelderse Poort nature reserve in winter: here.

First outdoor speed skating marathon won by Irene Schouten

This video is about the speed skating women, during the first outdoor marathon race of this year, in Haaksbergen in the Netherlands today.

23-year old Irene Schouten, the Dutch champion on indoor ice, won the race, as it snowed.

Irene Schouten wins in Haaksbergen, ANP photo

Later, the men’s race started.

Wigeons, great egrets and fungi

This 9 September 2015 Dutch video is about Duivenvoorde estate, near Voorschoten town.

We went there again on 16 January 2016. The video shows Duivenvoorde in summer. However, we went there on a wintry and windy day. Often sun, sometimes a hailstorm.

Near the entrance, coots swimming.

Great egret and grey herons on a meadow.

Egyptian geese.

A buzzard calls.

Blackbirds and a redwing on a meadow.

In a pond, a male tufted duck, mallard and gadwall ducks. And moorhens.

A robin on a bush.

Under a big tree, dozens of earthstars.

We continued to De Horsten estate. Two hares in a meadow.

Near the entrance of De Horsten, coral spot fungi on a fallen tree.

Before we returned, hundreds of wigeons swimming and on a canal bank. Grey lag geese and mute swans. A northern lapwing.

And a group of siskins in woodland.