Rare snow in southern Morocco

This 29 January 2018 video shows snow in Ouarzazate in southern Morocco.

There had been no snow in southern Morocco for thirty years.

I fondly remember Ouarzazate and the birds in and around it from a much warmer winter.


Great egrets in winter in Belarus

This video says about itself:

Great egrets. Feeding birds in winter river.

January 2018, Belarus.

Dutch winter flowering plants Top 5

This video is called Top 20 Indian winter flowers.

Every year between 25 December and 3 January, the Dutch FLORON botanists have a count which plants are flowering most.

This year, the Top 5 was:

1. Daisy
2. Annual meadow grass
3. Chickweed
4. Groundsel
5. Dandelion

Sheltering homeless people from winter, a crime in the USA?

This video about Chicago in the USA says about itself:

Government Threatens To Seize House After Man Shelters Homeless People From Cold

Read more here.

So, not only feeding homeless people seems to be a crime in the USA.