Ducks, coots, gulls in winter

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Lunch time during the 2012 Coots & Ducks on Ice Convention (some [Egyptian and domestic] goosy freeloaders also showed up).

Sloterpark, Amsterdam, 11 Feb. 2012.

Winter today. White frost on the branches of the trees.

A male blackbird on a lawn in the park. Much of the river is frozen.

A male and a female mallard swim in a hole in the ice.

When I start throwing potato peels into the water, others arrive as well: scores of black-headed gulls. And a coot couple; the only birds diving to catch the peels as they sink.

Mandarin ducks and greenfinches

This video from Britain says about itself:

Greenfinch Invasion – A flock of 5 beautiful greenfinches visited my garden today.

Filmed on 5th May 2015

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

This morning, to the cemetery.

The old harbour is partly frozen. Mallards and a mandarin duck couple swimming.

In front of the cemetery entrance, four chaffinches.

Inside, near a treetop, a male and a female greenfinch.

Nuthatch sounds. A great spotted woodpecker on a tree.

A robin.

A jay tries to drive a cat out of the cemetery by making lots of noise.

Curlew in winter video

This 7 January 2017 video shows a curlew on a somewhat snowy meadow near Streefkerk in the Netherlands.

Grey heron catches fish, video

This December 2016 video is about a grey heron, standing on ice and catching a fish; while a black-headed gull in winter plumage passes.

The video is from Donkse Laagten nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Great egret on ice video

This December 2016 video shows a great egret on ice. Like some other birds, at first the egret has problems on the ice.

Rob Struyk in the Netherlands made this video.

Flamingos wintering in the Netherlands

This December 2016 video is about a flock of flamingos, wintering at Grevelingen lake in the Netherlands.

Winter birds in Dutch Alblasserwaard

This 6 December 2016 video shows winter birds in the Dutch Alblasserwaard region.

Including mute swans, grey heron, great egret.