Rare lesser white-fronted goose, other water birds

This February 2017 video about a frozen ditch near Aarlanderveen in the Netherlands shows a mallard couple in front.

Behind them is a white-fronted geese flock. One individual in that flock is different: a rare lesser white-fronted goose.

Also, a grey lag goosedomestic goose hybrid crosses the ditch.

Luuk Punt made this video.

Little grebe couple in icy water

This 21 February 2017 video shows a little grebe couple swimming in partly frozen water.

Gerard Beekman in the Netherlands made this video.

Newborn hare video

This 12 February 2017 video shows a female hare with her newborn leveret in the snow in the Alblasserwaard region in the Netherlands.

Crows play-fighting in the snow

This 14 February 2017 video shows two carrion crows play-fighting in the snow.

Ton Hissink from the Netherlands made this video.

Young fallow deer in the snow

This 14 February 20167 video shows a young fallow deer looking for food in the snow of Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Alex Molin made this video.

Red deer, other animals in winter

This 9 February 2017 video from Hoge Veluwe national park in the Netherlands is about counting red deer.

And in this 23 January 2017 video from Hoge Veluwe national park, warden Henk looks for tracks in the snow by red deer, roe deer, wood pigeon, red fox and other animals.

Snowmen, parakeets and blackbirds

Snow on plants, 12 February 2017

Today, a snowy day, we went to the botanical garden. Much snow on our way, eg, on these plants.

Snowman, 12 February 2017

When we had nearly arrived at the botanical garden, this snowman. His nose was a carrot, like traditionally with snowmen. However, his eyes were untraditional: Coca-Cola bottle caps.

Yesterday, on a park bench, we had seen another snowman (with a snowchild next to him); with Amstel beer bottle caps as eyes. Snowmen’s eyes used to be coal. However, now there is no longer coal in most homes.

After this photo, the battery of the cell phone was empty. So, no more photos today.

A pity, as in the botanical garden there was lots of beautiful snow on branches. Green ring-necked parakeets on snowy white branches. Blackbirds in the snow, and more.

At the astronomical observatory, someone tried to make a snow telescope. However, that turned out to be not easy.