Coot on too thin ice

This March 2018 video shows a coot on too thin ice; while a mute swan watches.

Heike Prinsen in the Netherlands made this video.


Wind makes ice sculptures

This 19 March 2018 video shows how a wintry east wind makes ice sculptures near Monnickendam in the Netherlands.

Birds in Dutch winter, video

This video is about birds in this Dutch winter; on Goeree-Overflakkee island and the Grevelingendam causeway. Including smew, common merganser, coots, little grebe, tufted duck and others.

17th century painting, battle re-enacted in the Netherlands

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

3 March 2018

2018 Hendrick Avercamp – Live Painting @ Slag Om Groll

Live event filmed by Paul van Druten

with Canon Legria Mini X Pocket Camcorder

This video is about people in 17th century clothing skating in Groenlo town in Gelderland province.

In this way, they commemorated both 17th century Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp, and the 1627 battle of Groenlo.

17th century skating, painting by Hendrick Avercamp

The 17th century was a ‘little Ice Age‘ for the Netherlands, with many icy winters and many people skating. Hendrick Avercamp was one of many painters depicting that then.

In that, Rembrandt was not a typical Dutch painter.

Though Rembrandt was born close to the Rhine river, where, as we know from other painters, in many winters, usually more severe in the seventeenth century than now, many citizens of Leiden came for skating, he seems to not have liked winter and skating.

As of all his paintings, only one is a winter scene.

This re-enactment was also about the 1627 battle of Groenlo. When the army of the Dutch republic drove the Spanish army from the town. That battle is reenacted year after year; but now for the first time on ice.

Pheasant visits house in winter

Pheasant, March 2018

As there is snow and ice now in the Netherlands, this female pheasant visited a house in the Haarlemmermeer local authority.

Pheasant, stone birds, March 2018

She sought the company of other birds (stone ones).

Kingfisher in winter weather

Kingfisher catches fish in hole in ice, photo by Arianna

This photo by Arianna from the Netherlands shows a kingfisher catching a fish in a hole in the ice.

Kingfishers don’t like ice, as it makes it harder to find food. Dutch conservationists advocate making holes in the ice to help kingfishers.

2017 was a good nesting year for kingfishers: about 1000-1300 couples in the Netherlands.