Swan family try breaking ice

This 12 December 2017 video shows a mute swan family, parents and youngsters, trying to break the ice in a pond in Hardenberg town in the Netherlands.

Jan Kuipers made this video.


Great tits, blue tits in the snow

This 12 December 2017 video shows great tits and blue tits feeding in the snow.

Simone Kuijt made this video behind the window of her home in the Netherlands.

Bulls fighting in the snow, video

This 12 December 2017 video is about two highland cattle bulls fighting in the snow in the Deelerwoud nature reserve in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

Ineke Davidse made this video.

Purple sandpipers in winter plumage

This 4 November 2017 video is about two purple sandpipers in winter plumage at the Brouwersdam in the Netherlands.

More about them is here.

Dipper in winter in Sweden

This February 2011 video shows a dipper in Sweden.