Pentagon whitewash of hospital bombing rejected by Doctors Without Borders

This 4 October 2015 video is called Kunduz attack may amount to war crime – UN Human Rights chief.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

MSF/Doctors Without Borders: Kunduz report leaves important questions unanswered

Today, 20:08

MSF is shocked by the investigation report by the US military about their bombing of an MSF hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz. According to MSF director Christopher Stokes the findings just cause more questions.

Stokes finds it shocking that US troops launched an attack without having a view of the target and without having a list of buildings that should not be attacked.

He also points out faltering communication. During the attack, MSF staff have called the US Americans to say that they made a mistake. Yet the Americans continued bombarding. In the bombardments at least thirty people died.

Huge negligence

The series of faults points according to MSF to a massive failure by the US military. The destruction of the hospital can not be brushed aside by the organization as a human error, as the military does .

“It seems that thirty people died and hundreds of thousands of people in Kunduz are now without life-saving care because the hospital was closest to an open field and roughly resembled the description of the target,” writes Stokes.

MSF again calls for an independent investigation. “Research into this terrible event should not only be done by the parties involved in the conflict in Afghanistan.”

Pentagon report whitewashes bombing of Doctors Without Borders hospital: here.

Dutch ex-Afghanistan military policeman a murder suspect

Medics try in vain to save the life of Rudi Schouten

Dutch NOS TV and Omroep Brabant broadcasters report today that a Dutch soldier who used to participate in the Afghan war in Kabul and elsewhere and is still in the Dutch armed forces, having been both in the army and in the military police, is a suspect in a murder case.

On 3 April 2015, five men attacked and killed 28-year-old Rudi Schouten with a stitching awl, an axe and guns on a parking lot in his city Breda.

One of the suspects is the soldier Gianiro S.

Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan. Murder suspect Gianiro S. is second from right

Gianiro S. is an outlaw motorcycle gang member. The Dutch Defence department cannot legally sack him for that, as motorcycle gangs are not officially considered to be criminal organisations yet. However, 80% of Dutch motorcycle gang members have criminal records, according to the police.

‘US Air Force destroyed our hospital senselessly’, Doctors Without Borders says

This 3 October 2015 video, from the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in England, is called Video shows the bombed Kunduz hospital which claimed 50 lives.

The introduction to a report by MSF/Doctors Without Borders says:

5 November 2015

Public release of initial MSF internal review

Hospitals have protected status under the rules of war. And yet in the early hours of 3 October, the MSF hospital in Kunduz came under relentless and brutal aerial attack by US forces.

Patients burned in their beds, medical staff were decapitated and lost limbs, and others were shot by the circling AC-130 gunship while fleeing the burning building. At least 30 MSF staff and patients were killed.

This week, MSF concluded an initial review of the facts before, during and in the aftermath of the airstrikes. Although our internal review is an ongoing process, we have decided to share these initial outcomes with the public, to counter speculation and to be transparent. Details that could identify individuals have been removed. Explanatory footnotes have been added in places where an external reader may need additional clarification.

This is the view from inside the hospital. What we lack is the view from outside the hospital – what happened within the military chains of command.

The facts compiled in this review confirm our initial observations: the MSF trauma centre was fully functioning as a hospital with 105 patients admitted and surgeries ongoing at the time of the US airstrikes; the MSF rules in the hospital were implemented and respected, including the ‘no weapons’ policy; MSF was in full control of the hospital before and at the time of the airstrikes; there were no armed combatants within the hospital compound and there was no fighting from or in the direct vicinity of the trauma centre before the airstrikes.

What we know is that we were running a hospital treating patients, including wounded combatants from both sides – this was not a ‘Taliban base.’

The question remains as to whether our hospital lost its protected status in the eyes of the military forces engaged in this attack – and if so, why. The answer does not lie within the MSF hospital. Those responsible for requesting, ordering and approving the airstrikes hold these answers.

We know that there were many different forces fighting in the area around our hospital: special forces, regular army, police and the armed opposition. Each of these forces may have been operating according to different understandings or interpretations of how international humanitarian law applies to medical work in war. Any ambiguity has deadly consequences for our ability to work on frontlines.

What we demand is simple: a functioning hospital caring for patients, such as the one in Kunduz, cannot simply lose its protection and be attacked; wounded combatants are patients and must be free from attack and treated without discrimination; medical staff should never be punished or attacked for providing treatment to wounded combatants.

On 7 October 2015, MSF launched a call for an independent investigation by the International Humanitarian Fact Finding Commission. Although the IHFFC has made itself available for an investigation, the United States and Afghan Governments have yet to consent to this request. Consenting to the IHFFC is a critical step in demonstrating a commitment to the Geneva Conventions. Today, we are handing over this internal report to both the public and the IHFFC.

The attack on our hospital in Kunduz destroyed our ability to treat patients at a time when we were needed the most.

We need a clear commitment that the act of providing medical care will never make us a target. We need to know whether the rules of war still apply.


Dr Joanne Liu, MSF International President

While spelling out the carnage inflicted upon wounded men, women and children as well as doctors, nurses and other medical staff that day, the report adds to the already overwhelming evidence that the attack was neither an accident nor a case of “collateral damage,” but rather a deliberate war crime ordered by the Pentagon to further US military objectives in Afghanistan: here.

See also here.

Send Afghan war refugees back, to their deaths, German minister says

This video about Afghanistan says about itself:

6 Reasons for an Independent Investigation into MSF Kunduz Hospital Bombing

26 October 2015

On the morning of October 3rd 2015, a Doctors Without Borders hospital was bombed in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The United States military has taken responsibility for the attack. Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is demanding the activation of the International Humanitarian Fact Finding Commission to partake in an independent investigation on the grounds that bombing a hospital is a war crime under international law. This video is dedicated to that demand, consolidating resources about this event, and with the hopes that more people sign their petition.

MSF’s Petition for an Independent Investigation: here.

All up-to-the-minute MSF statements on the Kunduz bombing: here.

New Articles Published After the Filming of this Video:

– Jason Cone of MSF USA OpEd on the Kunduz strike: here.

– More revelations that the US knew it was bombing a hospital: here.

– US destroys potential evidence: here.

Journalism vs MSF Statements

– This NYT story shows how much an independent investigation is needed, without ever stating that nor quoting MSF: here.

– The ever-changing US story on the bombing (keep in mind those changes have continued): here.

– Another article from Spencer Ackerman on the changing story: here.

NOS TV in the Netherlands writes today about German Minister of the Interior De Maizière (translated):


De Maizière also said that among the refugees there are more and more Afghans, middle class and often young. He called this situation unacceptable and emphasized that they hardly have a chance of asylum.

Moreover, they are badly needed in their own countries for reconstruction, said De Maizière. He said he has also discussed this issue with the Afghan government.

In the closed-minded view of De Maizière and his ilk, whenever NATO soldiers invade some country, that country miraculously becomes a ‘safe country’. No matter how many hospitals or girls’ schools these NATO armed forces bomb.

If the Taliban will not kill these forcibly returned refugees, then ISIS will kill them. Or else, pro-Kabul government warlords cum druglords. Or else, the United States air force, like in Kunduz. Or NATO soldiers from other countries, including Mr De Maizière’s Germany.

In Brussels on Sunday, the leaders of 10 European Union and three non-EU states agreed a 17-point plan to control the movement of refugees on the so-called Balkan route in order to block them from entering Europe and send them back to their countries of origin: here.

The German government is making plans to send another 100 troops to Afghanistan, raising the size of its deployed force to 980 personnel. These plans were reported last week in a blog post by military journalist Thomas Wiegold, who cited sources within the government: here.

105-year-old Afghan woman’s flight from Kunduz to Sweden

Bibihal Uzbeki in a refugee camp in Croatia, photo: AP

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

105-year-old Afghan woman from Croatia on her way to Sweden

Bibihal Uzbeki will not live there for many years, but her goal is Sweden. Together with her son of 67, her grandson of 19 and fifteen family members she is heading to the northern European country. Bibihal Uzbeki according to her documents is 105 years old.

In the refugee camp in Croatia, she was interviewed by a reporter from The Associated Press. Her papers are verified by the Croatian police. She is indeed as old as her papers say, says her grandson. There is no independent source.

All the luck in the world

“My legs hurt, but everything else is fine,” she says. Three weeks ago she left from Kunduz, the Afghan city where Dutch a few years ago were training the police and which was taken a few weeks ago by the Taliban. Since then, her home town is again a battleground in the Afghan civil war.

Including the bombing of the only hospital by the United States air force.

During her flight, Bibihal is sometimes carried by her son or her grandson. They have had many problems and she fell several times. “I have scars on my head,” she says. Her hands tremble as she speaks.

Shortly after the interview with the journalist her grandson carries Bibihal to the train, heading for the next stop in Slovenia. The Red Cross in Croatia wishes the family “all the luck in the world.”

Afghan hospital bombing was not a ‘mistake’, Doctors Without Borders say

This video says about itself:

Doctors Without Borders“: In a bombed hospital in Kunduz burned children alive (06.10.15)

Among those killed in the shelling of the hospital of the international organization “Doctors without Borders» (MSF) in the Afghan Kunduz were children who were burned alive during the air strike, said a member of the organization’s leadership, the president of the operations center for MSF in Brussels Maini Nicholas. “On Saturday morning [the United States air force] began bombing the hospital by air. It lasted more than an hour. There have been several approaches, several planes flew and shot at the hospital. The shelling affected the main building, where the intensive care unit, ambulance and physiotherapy, which was a lot of employees [were hit] ” she said, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the organization, the air bombardment of the hospital started early on Saturday morning. As a result of falling shells in the central building of the hospital a fire started.

“The staff ran out to the street when the building caught fire. Later, we sadly noted that 10 patients died. Six of them were in the intensive care unit and could not leave the building. Some of them were burned alive in their beds, and among them were children. Also killed 12 employees of “Doctors without Borders”. A total of 22 dead and 37 wounded, “she said.

“We do not know the whereabouts of the staff and whether they are alive … A few people left (Kunduz), but we do not know where they are. Because the situation there – it’s chaos” she said.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Afghanistan: US’s hospital attack was no ‘error’ – MSF

Monday 19th october 2015

Charity chief slams deliberate and deadly strafing by gunship

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS (MSF) has rejected US claims that its attack on an Afghan hospital was made in error.

MSF general director Christopher Stokes said in an Associated Press interview that the “extensive, quite precise destruction” of the bombing raid casts doubt on US military assertions.

Mr Stokes said the attack on October 3 that killed 22 patients and staff should be investigated as a possible war crime.

In the interview, held outside the burnt-out main hospital building in Kunduz on Friday, Mr Stokes said MSF wanted a “clear explanation because all indications point to a grave breach of international humanitarian law and therefore a war crime.

“The hospital was repeatedly hit both at the front and the rear and extensively destroyed and damaged, even though we have provided all the co-ordinates and all the right information to all the parties in the conflict.

“The extensive, quite precise destruction of this hospital … doesn’t indicate a mistake. The hospital was repeatedly hit,” he said.

MSF has said the bombing went on for more than an hour despite calls to Afghan, US and Nato forces. The US gunship made five separate strafing runs in that time.

The attack by the AC-130 — the kind of gunship used in the brutal US war in Vietnam — was ordered as Afghan national army troops were fighting to recapture Kunduz from the Taliban.

Associated Press has reported that US special operations analysts were scrutinising the hospital days before it was destroyed as they believed it was being used by a Pakistani operative to co-ordinate Taliban activity.

MSF has denied there were any armed Taliban fighters on the hospital grounds at the time of the attack.

“The compound was not entered by Taliban soldiers with weapons,” Mr Stokes said.

“What we have understood from our staff and guards is that there was very strong, very good control of what was happening in and around the compound and they reported no firing in the hours preceding the destruction of the hospital.”