Trump in Poland, neglects nazis’ Jewish victims

This video from the USA says about itself:

6 July 2017

In a major speech in Poland, President Donald Trump said Western civilization is at stake, as he warned about the threats of “terrorism and extremism”. He was cheered on by supporters of Poland’s right-wing government, who were bused in to the speech. Meanwhile, Trump is facing criticism after becoming the first U.S. president in decades to skip visiting the Warsaw ghetto uprising monument. We speak with Polish-Nigerian journalist Remi Adekoya, a regular contributor to The Guardian and the former political editor of the Warsaw Business Journal.

Jewish leaders in Poland criticized President Donald Trump for not including a stop at a Warsaw Ghetto Uprising monument on his itinerary while visiting their country. The rebuke Wednesday came in a joint statement from Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich; Anna Chipczynska, president of the Jewish Community of Warsaw, and Leslaw Piszewski, president of the Union of Jewish Communities of Poland, in which they called the absence of a presidential visit to the Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto a “slight”: here.

Poles demonstrate against government attack on Bialowieza forest

This 2016 video is called Wild Things – Wildlife in Bialowieza, Poland.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Polish people demonstrate for preservation of last virgin forest

Today, 01:48

In Warsaw, thousands of people have demonstrated against further logging in the Bialowieza forest, the last European virgin forest. The Polish government wants to increase deforestation in the area, but environmental groups are strongly opposed to that.

Greenpeace calls the logging “a crime against our heritage”. “You just have to look at satellite photos to see that Europe’s last virgin forest is becoming a plantation,” says Greenpeace’s leader in Poland.

Prime Minister Szydlo’s conservative government decided last year to triple the wood harvest in the forest. This, they said, was necessary, inter alia, to effectively combat bark beetles.


Conservationists call this a nonsense argument. According to them, healthy trees of sometimes one hundred years old are also cut down. Out of protest, they have blocked bulldozers and other heavy equipment for deforestation in the woods in recent weeks.

This Polish 30 May 2017 video is about an anti-deforestation protest in Bialowieza forest.

The forest of Bialowieza is as big as the Dutch province of Utrecht and lies in the border area of ​​Poland and Belarus. It is the natural habitat of the European bison, the wisent. However, only a part of the area is protected on the Polish side.

If it is in the hands of the activists, then the whole area would get national park status. Thus it would be protected automatically against logging. But the Minister of Environment sees nothing in protecting the special forest. He also wants to get the area off the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Young cuckoo, reed warbler hatched at webcam

This video says about itself:

Common Cuckoo chick ejects eggs of Reed Warbler out of the nest. David Attenborough‘s opinion.

4 June 2013

This is a clip from “RHYTHMS OF NATURE IN THE BARYCZ VALLEY” movie.

This film tells the story about nature in the Barycz River valley and enormous Milicz ponds. This area is located in the south-western part of Poland (in the middle of Europe). I and my wife made it for 2 years.

Sir David Attenborough, a world-famous BBC nature documentary film maker, after watching the film “Rhythms of Nature in the Barycz Valley” wrote:

“I have viewed Rhythms of Nature with great pleasure.

A lovely place, beautifully filmed”.

For the first time ever worldwide, there is now a life webcam of an Eurasian reed warbler nest in which a female cuckoo had laid an egg.

At that reed warbler nest webcam in the Netherlands, on 5 June 2017 the young cuckoo hatched. A few hours later, the other (reed warbler) egg hatched.

Because it is now bad weather in the Netherlands, the reed warbler parents often stay on the nest; meaning the cuckoo baby has now no chance of expelling the reed warbler baby from the nest.

Polish pro-equal rights march

This video from Poland says about itself:

Parada Równości (Equality Parade) 2017 Warsaw

3 June 2017

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Poland: Gay rights marchers stand up to intolerance

Monday 5th June 2017

TENS of thousands of people marched and danced through the streets of central Warsaw at the weekend during the city’s 17th annual Equality Parade.

The marchers, estimated at 50,000 by organisers and 13,000 by police, appealed for stronger defiance of discrimination and greater acceptance of same-sex unions and marriages.

The annual event is intended as a demonstration of tolerance not only for gays and lesbians but also people with disabilities and other marginalised groups.

Participants carried balloons and the rainbow flags that are the symbol of LGBT rights.

One banner read: “Homophobia causes heart disease.”

Far-right nationalists tried to block the parade at one point, but were removed by police.

Gays and lesbians continue to face significant discrimination in mainly Catholic Poland.

While cities such as Warsaw have grown more tolerant, most gay and lesbian couples are still too afraid to walk down the streets holding hands.

Red-breasted flycatcher video

This is a red-breasted flycatcher video.

I was privileged to see this beautiful bird species in Poland.

‘US, Turkish, Polish governments against free press’

This video from the USA says about itself:

UK: Journalism Helps Terrorism

20 August 2013

“David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, has threatened legal action against the British government after he was detained and searched at Heathrow airport over the weekend, his lawyers said Tuesday.

Miranda argues it was illegal for police to seize data from him and wants to ensure that they do not do anything with the material until a judge has heard his claim…But Britain’s Home Office on Tuesday defended Miranda’s detention, saying the government and police “have a duty to protect the public and our national security.” “If the police believe that an individual is in possession of highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism, then they should act and the law provides them with a framework to do that,” it said…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Laura Smith-Spark /

Freedom House is a pro-Establishment organisation in the USA, financed by the United States government. They usually attack governments which have conflicts with the United States government for real or imaginary violations of human rights. While rarely mentioning such violations in the USA itself, or by governments allied to it.

Now, however, reality has become so blatant that even Freedom House cannot completely neglect it any more.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Worldwide creeping war against journalism

Today, 00:01

Press freedom is under pressure worldwide, research organizations Freedom House and Free Press Unlimited say. In a report, they write that journalists and media organizations have not had such a difficult time since 2003.

The two organizations each year map all kinds of forms of freedom. The researchers conclude that in 2016 press freedom in many countries has deteriorated. As examples, they name Poland, Turkey and the United States.

Governments in the NATO military alliance, all three of them. Like the British government.

“There has never been a president who has shown so much disdain for the press as Trump,” says the report. According to the organizations it is dangerous that the US in the field of press freedom no longer represents a model for other countries.

The USA was already no ‘model for other countries’ when journalists reporting on the protests against the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri were arrested and persecuted for journalism. Long before Trump became president, documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras was already harassed and arrested for making films.

In Poland, the situation has worsened most: that country dropped six places in the ranking.

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