Child abuse porn discovered in Vatican

This 8 May 2014 video from the USA is called As UN Torture Committee Probes Vatican, Sex-Abuse Survivors Urge Church to End Decades-Long Cover-up.

From daily The Guardian in Britain, by Rosie Scammell in Rome:

Images of child abuse found in Vatican City

Holy See’s prosecutor general says two cases involving indecent material came to light last year, along with other crimes

Sunday 1 February 2015 20.26 GMT

Two cases of child pornography possession were uncovered within the walls of the Vatican last year, along with numerous other crimes in the city state, the Holy See’s prosecutor general has announced.

Following worldwide allegations of sex abuse by priests, Gian Piero Milano, the Holy See’s Promoter of Justice, said the Vatican was now taking action against paedophilia in the heart of the Catholic church.

Unveiling the Vatican’s justice report, Milano stopped short of naming those accused of possessing child pornography. Holy See spokesman Federico Lombardi however identified Josef Wesolowski, a disgraced former ambassador, as one of the people facing charges.

Wesolowski was stripped of his diplomatic immunity last year following accusations that he abused young boys during his time as envoy to the Dominican Republic. The Polish former archbishop is currently awaiting trial at the Vatican, in what will be the first sex abuse trial ever held at the Holy See.

Beyond the child pornography cases, Vatican authorities are battling an array of crimes including drug trafficking and money laundering. Three drug deliveries addressed to the Vatican were intercepted last year, including a packet containing cocaine-filled condoms. The drugs were discovered at Germany’s Leipzig airport and handed to the Vatican in the hope of ensnaring the buyer, but no one came forward to claim the package.

Despite the array of criminal activity, only six people ended up in the Vatican’s prison last year. They include Marcello di Finizio, an Italian protester who climbed atop St Peter’s Basilica, and Iana Azhdanova, a Femen activist who bared her breasts and grabbed a baby Jesus statue from the Vatican’s nativity scene.

Dutch cardinal covered up clerical child abuse

This video from Northern Ireland says about itself:

Chris Moore, ‘Securing justice for clerical child abuse victims’

18 December 2012

Chris Moore is an award-winning investigative journalist based in Belfast, who has written and reported extensively on clerical and institutional child abuse in Northern Ireland. He was the reporter on the UTV current affairs programme Counterpoint which produced the ground-breaking programme Suffer Little Children in 1994, exposing the Brendan Smyth child sex abuse story. His books include Betrayal of Trust, Fr. Brendan Smyth Affair and the Catholic Church (1995) and The Kincora Scandal: Political Cover-up and Intrigue in Northern Ireland (1996).

Chris has continued to cover these and related stories ever since, including the struggle by campaigners for inquiries into abuse in Northern Ireland, on which he has reported critically for The Detail website. He is currently a Senior Journalist at UTV, carrying out a series of Insight investigations, including the recently broadcast Murder in Mauritius programme.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Cardinal Simonis knew of abuse by auxiliary bishop

Today, 10:12

Cardinal Simonis knew in 2000 of abuse by his former auxiliary bishop Jan Niënhaus. He received a letter from a victim, journalist Ton Crijnen writes in a biography of the cardinal which appeared this week.

In the letter, the man wrote that Niënhaus had been guilty of “erotic romps”, writes newspaper Trouw. Simonis decided not to confront Niënhaus with the accusations, because there supposedly was not enough evidence. Two months later the auxiliary bishop died.

In April this year it was revealed that Niënhaus abused young boys in the nineteen sixties. The church had upheld in 2012 four complaints against the auxiliary bishop. That judgment was not then made public, because it was confidential.

“Nicht gewusst”

In 2010, Simonis said that the church for decades had not been aware of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” he said in the TV program Pauw en Witteman. That statement caused a great stir.

These five words were the standard lame excuse in Germany after the downfall of the Hitler regime in 1945; the subterfuge by people who did know about the nazi crimes or would have known if they would have tried, but did nothing against those crimes. If someone says “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” [We did not know], then he presumably lies.

A year later it became known that Simonis in 1991 had helped a priest to go to a new parish in Amersfoort, while he knew the man had been convicted a year previously of sexual abuse of three boys.

Simonis felt he had acted correctly, because the priest had been investigated. There would supposedly be no chance of recurrence. Yet the man committed abuse again.

Uganda: Masaka Catholic Priest Probed for Rape, Child Neglect. Today, Namuddu breaks the silence, revealing that she secretly fathered a child with the priest attached to Buyoga catholic parish in Bukomansimbi district. She not only accuses the priest of rape, but for child neglect and threatening violence: here.

Big clerical sexual abuse scandal in Spain

This video is called Spain’s Stolen Babies – and the Catholic Church.

From AFP news agency, on

Spanish court probes allegations group of priests abused man

17th November 2014

A Spanish court has launched a sexual abuse investigation after a man sent a complaint to the Vatican alleging a group of priests molested him as a boy, officials said Monday.

The alleged abuse happened in the southern Spanish city of Granada and prompted authorities to open a probe targeting 12 people, though it was not clear if all those under investigation are clergymen, a judicial source told AFP.

Pope Francis “forced the opening of an enquiry into abuse in this diocese”, according to religious news site

According to judicial sources, Criminal Court number four in Granada opened the investigation in the beginning of November.

The Archdiocese of Granada said it had suspended an undisclosed number of priests while it waits for the results of the court probe and has sent the conclusions of its own internal inquiry to the Vatican.

“As soon as it was reliably informed of the accusation made to the Holy See by a youth from Granada, of having suffered sexual abuse by a group of priests from the diocese, this Archdiocese has scrupulously followed the procedure for these cases,” it said in a statement.

Pope Francis has moved to crack down on priests who sexually abuse children, but critics say the Vatican is moving too slowly to decide the ultimate fate of these priests.

The Church is sensitive to charges, levied by both the United Nations and thousands of abuse victims, that, for years, it instinctively protected serial sex offenders within the clergy.

Church tribunals have resulted in the defrocking of nearly 850 priest for sex abuse in the last decade, during which time hundreds of millions have been paid to settle compensation claims by victims of abuse.

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