Tennis player Coco Gauff, next police target?

This 30 January 2020 video from Australia says about itself:

Some of Coco Gauff‘s best shots during Australian Open 2020, before losing in the fourth round to Sofia Kenin.

Translated from Belga news agency in Belgium today, by Vincent Van Genechten, about the USA:

Tennis talent Coco Gauff after George Floyd’s death: “Am I next?”

George Floyd’s death from police violence in Minneapolis also upsets tennis sensation Coco Gauff. On the social medium TikTok she put a video in which she (tacitly) asks if she will be the next victim.

In the short film, the only 16-year-old Gauff wears a black hoodie and does not say a word. She looks directly into the camera and the message appears: “That’s why I use my voice to denounce racism.” After that, photos are shown of Floyd and other black people who died as a result of violence by white police officers. At the end of the video, Gauff puts his hands in the air and then follows the message: “Am I next?”

Gauff, the sensation at Wimbledon last year where she knocked out Venus Williams and made it to the eighth-finals, isn’t the first black sports star to protest police brutality in the United States. NBA basketball stars LeBron James and Magic Johnson and former NFL American football player Colin Kaepernick (who knelt first during the national anthem in protest) have already sent similar messages.

Just like former NBA player Stephen Jackson, who knew Floyd well:

British COVID-19 disaster, Dominic Cummings and football

This 25 May 2020 satiric song from Britain is called Dominic Cummings – 500 Miles.

It is a parody of the Proclaimers song 500 Miles.

It says about itself:

Obligatory Dominic Cummings Proclaimers cover.


When we lockdown
Well, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who says,“Bollocks to that”
And if I’m caught out
Well, it’s only gonna be
It’s gonna be another practical dead cat
While I’m up there
Well, you know I’m gonna dance
I’m gonna dance around outside to “Dancing Queen
And when I go back
Yeah, I’ll plan another trip
‘Cause my brain’s too massive to be quarantined

So I will drive 500 miles
And I will drive 500 more
Just to be the man who broughtCoronavirus to my parents’ door

When you’ve FaceTimed
Well, you know you’ve had to face
A socially distanced farewell with a relative
Me and Boris
We’ll get Laura from the Beeb
To help us clarify just how few fucks we give
When I’m nudging
Well, I know I’m gonna nudge
I’m gonna nudge you back outside to certain death
And when immunity fails to permeate the herd
You’re gonna curse my name with your last failing breath

So I will drive 500 miles
And I will do it while diseased
Just to be the man who superspreads
COVID-19 in the North East

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today, about football:

Champions League game in Liverpool caused 41 extra coronavirus deaths’

The Champions League match between Liverpool-Atlético Madrid on March 11 may have killed 41 people. Their coronavirus infection could be traced back to Anfield Road stadium.

The Sunday Times writes this on the basis of calculations by Imperial College London and Oxford University.

‘No Russian roulette with British footballers’ health’

This 18 May 2020 British TV video says about itself:

Troy Deeney Worries Footballers Will Be Blamed for Wasting Covid-19 Tests | Good Morning Britain

Today Premier League clubs are expected to vote on whether to return to non-contact training. Watford captain Troy Deeney says he is not even talking about football at the moment and won’t put his family at risk.

Dutch NOS radio says that at Watford Football Club, three people are infected with COVID-19. There are also cases at Burnley and an unnamed other club. They write (translated):

Watford captain Troy Deeney revealed yesterday that he will not resume training. He doesn’t want to risk infecting his son with the coronavirus. His five-month-old baby is struggling with breathing problems. “I have already lost my father, grandmother and grandfather. Almost everyone I care about. That is more important to me than a few pence,” said Deeney in the podcast Talk The Talk. “You only need one person to get infected. I don’t want to take that virus home.”

COVID-19 infects British Premier League professional footballers

This 4 April 2020 video says about itself:

How a football match in Milan impacted the Covid-19 pandemic

This is the story of how a Champions League football match between Atalanta and Valencia became a “biological bomb” in Italy.

Dutch NOS radio reports today that at least six British Premier League professional footballers are infected with COVID-19. On Saturday, that number may increase when more test results will become known.

The six players play in three clubs. Names have not been published.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Men’s football PFA: BAME members are concerned about return

Troy Deeney has said he is not returning to training with Premier League club Watford

PLAYERS from ethnic-minority backgrounds have expressed their concerns about returning to action amid the coronavirus pandemic to the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).

Data from the Office for National Statistics suggests that black men and women are almost twice as likely to die from Covid-19 compared with non-whites, even when factors such as health, disability, household composition and area deprivation are taken into account.

Director of player welfare at the PFA Michael Bennett said that he has been called by players who are concerned about the risks. The PFA has called on the Premier League to conduct further research into the issue.

Footballers oppose Russian roulette with their lives

This 2017 video from England says about itself:

Danny Rose | The Ultimate Compilation | Tottenham 2016-17 (HD)

Video of some of the best passes, assists, tackles, interceptions, goals (you name it), from one of our excellent full-backs, Danny Rose.

From daily The Morning Star un Britain today:

ENGLAND and Tottenham defender Danny Rose has again criticised the level of punishment that countries receive for racist abuse, describing it as “bollocks”.

And England defender says that people are at risk if league returns

In an Instagram Live discussion with musician Don E, the left-back, currently on loan at Newcastle, said that he would try and “write someone off” if racism occurred when his side was losing a match.

It was just one of a number of issues that the outspoken Rose talked freely about. On the prospect of a Premier League resumption, he admitted: “I don’t give a fuck about the nation’s morale, people’s lives are at risk.”

A reaction to British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanting to play Russian roulette with the health and lives of footballers; and of workers.

Rose has spoken out before about the racist abuse he received when playing for England in Montenegro last March, when he and several team-mates were subjected to monkey chants.

The Montenegro FA received a €20,000 (£17,253) fine and were ordered to play a game behind closed doors; Rose says not enough is being done. …

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Rose, a 29-time England international and hired by Newcastle from Tottenham Hotspur, was particularly angry about a remark by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He said that the return of football would provide a “much-needed boost to the nation”.

32,000 corona deaths

“I don’t give a fuck about the nation’s morale, people’s lives are at risk”, Rose fumed in conversation with singer Don-E via Instagram Live. “There shouldn’t even be talk of a return of football until the COVID-19 numbers drop.”

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many victims in the United Kingdom. In fact, with over 32,000 deaths and 223,000 infections, the British are the hardest hit country in Europe.

On Sunday, Raheem Sterling also expressed his concerns about a restart of the competition. The Manchester City and English team attacker insisted that the decision about a return of the Premier League should not be made just for football reasons.

This 10 May 2020 video shows Raheem Stirling on the coronavirus crisis.

The intention is to rapidly complete the remaining 92 Premier League matches on neutral ground from June. Players would be tested extensively, but club doctors do not think they can guarantee the health of the footballers.

Aston Villa and England defender Tyrone Mings and Norwich City talent Todd Cantwell also made themselves heard on social media. Mings with a sarcastic post on Twitter, while Cantwell once again pointed out that footballers are human too.

UK rail worker dies of coronavirus after being spat at while on duty. Family of Belly Mujinga, a ticket officer in London, voice concerns over lack of PPE: here.

Brazilian footballers, die, far-right President Bolsonaro says

This 30 April 2020 video says about itself:

‘So what’? Bolsonaro‘s response to coronavirus deaths riles Brazilians

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro angered many in Brazil after he answered questions about the country’s death toll from Covid-19 by saying: ‘so what?’. This week, Brazil‘s coronavirus death toll topped 5,000 and there are more than 73,000 confirmed cases reported.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 1 May 2020:

Jair Bolsonaro: Football can return because players have a ‘small chance of dying’ from Covid-19

BRAZIL’S right-wing President, Jair Bolsonaro, wants to see football competitions start back up again soon despite the country’s high number of coronavirus cases, arguing on Thursday that players are less likely to die from Covid-19 because of their physical fitness.

Bolsonaro is one of the few world leaders still downplaying the serious risks brought by the pandemic, which he has likened to “a little flu“.

Most football tournaments in Brazil were suspended on March 15. The Brazilian championship was scheduled to begin in May, but that looks unlikely as the country has become Latin America’s coronavirus epicentre with more than 5,900 deaths.