Dutch football cup semifinals

This video shows how professional football team FC Den Bosch on 3 February 2016 lost the cup match in their own stadium against the VVSB amateurs.

Before the match started, FC den Bosch blue and white flags with dragons, symbols of Den Bosch city, on the ground. Then, after the VVSB victory. The colours of VVSB, shown by their supporters, are purple and yellow. But as this was an away match, they played in black and white.

On Wednesday 2 March 2016, there will be the semifinals of the Dutch football cup.

In Utrecht city, FC Utrecht will play against the VVSB amateurs.

In Rotterdam, Feyenoord will play AZ Alkmaar.

Dutch VVSB amateur footballers to cup semifinals, video

This video is about 3 February 2016. When, as this blog blogged earlier, in Den Bosch city in the Netherlands amateur small town football club VVSB from Noordwijkerhout won, 3 goals against 2, against the favourite professional players of home team FC Den Bosch.

This video, by Delano Videoproducties, Voetbal in de Bollenstreek and Bollenstreek Omroep shows highlights of what happened before, during and after the match.

This means they are in the football cup semifinals. That happened only once before to an amateur club, in 1975.

Thai dictatorship arrests people for playing bridge

This 3 February 2016 video is about the Thai dictatorship police arresting people for the ‘crime’ of playing the card game bridge.

The military dictatorship in Thailand arrests people for opposing corruption, for reading George Orwell’s novel 1984, for opposing treatment of workers like slaves by corporations, for ‘insulting’ the king’s dog, and for lots of other stuff.

Including, we know now, for playing bridge.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Elderly people in Thailand arrested because of bridge game

Today, 15:49

Thai police have arrested a group of 32 elderly people in Pattaya because they were playing bridge. They violated a law that stipulates that a person may not possess more than 120 playing cards, local newspaper Pattaya One writes.

The police raided an apartment where there are regular meetings of an English bridge club for foreigners. They had received a hint that there would be gambling, and most forms of gambling are illegal in Thailand.

The elderly people were not playing for money, so the police used an old law from 1935 curbing playing cards. All bridge players were on that basis taken to the police station.

The group consisted among others of British, Swedish and Australian people. Among those arrested was a Dutch 84-year-old woman. They were all released on bail later.

After 12 hours in police cells. And after they had paid fines of 5000 baht.

Dutch amateur football club VVSB beats professionals, to cup semi finals

This video shows the decisive goal in the Dutch football cup match yesterday evening in Den Bosch city between the professionals of the local FC Den Bosch and the amateurs of VVSB (Football Club Saint Bavo) from Noordwijkerhout small town. Not one of the VVSB players had ever played professional football. The VVSB keeper of this game usually plays in the reserve team.

It is 2 goals for each team at the beginning of the video. Just three minutes before the end of the match. Then, the goalie of Den Bosch lets the ball go. And 21-year-old apprentice department store worker Maikey Parami scores the winning goal for the VVSB underdogs.

Maikey Parami

This video shows the VVSB team celebrating at the end of the match with their supporters who had traveled with them to Den Bosch. Den Bosch had admitted only a relatively small number of VVSB supporters to their stadium. Not more than 600.

This video shows 20 buses with VVSB supporters, departing from Noordwijkerhout to Den Bosch earlier yesterday. Fortunately, unlike in Kent in England, this time there were no nazis violently attacking these buses and daubing blood swastikas on them.

This video shows these supporters in Den Bosch at the end of the match, waving yellow and purple VVSB club flags.

As does this video.

And this video.

This video shows the VVSB players celebrating in the Den Bosch dressing room after their unexpected victory.

This video shows VVSB supporters, who had been unable to make the long journey to Den Bosch, celebrating in a café in Noordwijkerhout. THe VVSB club home was full, so some people had to go elsewhere.

And this video shows supporters seeing the match in the VVSB club home in Noordwijkerhout.

This video shows the return from Den Bosch to Noordwijkerhout of supporters and players.

This video shows the celebration after they had arrived.

Good to see that Big Money does not always win in football; as it unfortunately does at other times.

This video shows parts of the match, including all goals.

Already thirty minutes after the match had started, the local professional favourites had scored two goals. It stayed Den Bosch 2- VVSB 0 until ten minutes before the end of the second half.

Then, a VVSB goal by Tommy Bekooij. Then, a goal by substitute Peter van der Slot. Finally, Maikey Parami’s winning goal.

This video shows an interview with VVSB goal scorers Peter van der Slot and Maikey Parami.

This video shows another Maikey Parami interview.

And here is another Parami interview yet.

This victory means that VVSB is now among the four football clubs left to play in the cup semi finals. The other three are Feyenoord, AZ Alkmaar and either PSV or Utrecht who still have to play each other. Since the introduction of professional football in the Netherlands, only one amateur club had ever managed to come this far: IJsselmeervogels in 1975.

I have myself played in Noordwijkerhout against VVSB and have seen that the club generated big enthusiasm in this small town of 13,000 people. The capacity crowd of the bleachers in their small stadium De Boekhorst is 2,500 people. VVSB was founded in 1931. By nurses and other workers of the local psychiatric hospital Saint Bavo, hence the name. Members then paid 25 cents a month contribution.

This video is about VVSB.

VVSB sign

Snowboarding in New York City, USA

This 24 January 2015 video is about snowboarding by Casey Neistat in the streets of New York City in the USA.

A big blizzard has caused many problems in New York and elsewhere in the USA. However, like with the flooding in Ireland, some people use unusual weather for sporting opportunities.

DIGGING OUT AFTER THE STORM The East Coast began the dig out process Sunday after massive blizzard Jonas paralyzed the region with several feet of snow over the weekend. At least 29 people died in the severe weather, and over 12,000 flights were canceled since Friday. And here’s what “Snowzilla” looked like from space. [Reuters]

A strong winter storm system (named “Winter Storm Jonas”) moved through the eastern United States over the weekend, burying major cities and towns from the Carolinas to New York under record-setting amounts of snow. So far, 27 people have been confirmed dead from car crashes, hypothermia and other tragedies that would have been prevented had there been fully funded safety response programs and a safe transportation infrastructure: here.

The death toll from last weekend’s blizzard in the eastern United States climbed to 49 on Wednesday, according to the latest press reports, as the region struggles to bring its decaying infrastructure, devastated by repeated budget cuts, to something like working order: here.

First outdoor speed skating marathon won by Irene Schouten

This video is about the speed skating women, during the first outdoor marathon race of this year, in Haaksbergen in the Netherlands today.

23-year old Irene Schouten, the Dutch champion on indoor ice, won the race, as it snowed.

Irene Schouten wins in Haaksbergen, ANP photo

Later, the men’s race started.

Refugees, others, skate in the Netherlands

This 30 November 2015 video, in the Frisian language, is about refugees from Syria learning to skate in the indoor ice rink in Leeuwarden. Eg, young Mohamed really liked this sport, as he said.

Refugee's skating lesson in Ede, ANP photo

This photo shows a refugee learning to skate on ice rink De Uithof in The Hague, the Netherlands. All photos in this blog post are ANP photos. As this blog reported earlier, refugees are also welcome at the indoor skating rink in Ede.

Uithof skating lesson

This is an Uithof skating lesson photo.

Refugee falls in The Hague

As this photo shows, these lessons are not easy in the beginning. The photo shows, again, refugees learning to skate on ice rink De Uithof.

Ede refugees

However, after the first problems …

Refugees in Ede

… things go better, as these Ede refugees photos show.

In the last few days, it started to freeze in the Netherlands. In the east of the country. But also in the west, the river Rhine is frozen at some places. This means it is now possible to skate in the open air as well in quite some villages and towns.

This 18 January 2016 video is about the opening of the outdoor ice rink in Bladel in the southern Netherlands.

At 18:30 local time, the first outdoor marathon speed skating race of 2016 in the Netherlands will start on the Haaksbergen ice rink.