Murdered George Floyd buried, not forgotten

This 7 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Bakersfield Police Department Protecting Timothy Keith Moore After He Killed Robert Forbes

Full video which shows Bakersfield Police Department protecting this local Kern County, California racist terrorist criminal which ran over and murdered a peaceful protester named Robert Forbes. At the time, this racist terrorist admitted to being DUI yet BPD never tested him for DUI. Also, Bakersfield Police Department let this racist terrorist roam free for supposedly ”not enough evidence”.

This news article has more information.

Bakersfield, California protester dies after being run over by neo-Nazi. By Adam Mclean, 10 June 2020. The driver, Timothy Keith Moore, was defended by police and subsequently released without charge after he rammed Robert Forbes. … Their kid-glove treatment of Moore, who sports neo-Nazi tattoos, stands in stark contrast with their treatment of the protesters and of the working class more broadly.

Robert Forbes, RIP

George Floyd laid to rest as nationwide protests over police violence continue. By Niles Niemuth, 10 June 2020. The murder of Floyd, caught on bystander cellphone video in excruciating detail, has served as a catalyst for the largest nationwide and international outpouring of political opposition in decades.

USA: Jewish protesters blast shofar at rallies across the country.

UK: Johnson government demands police repression of George Floyd protests. By Robert Stevens, 10 June 2020. Tory MPs, as well as Labourites, denounced “thuggery” and “violent” protesters, focusing on the tearing down of the statue of a Bristol slave trader Edward Colston.

Youth protests and worker strikes show mounting social opposition in Brazil. By Tomas Castanheira, 10 June 2020. Strikes and job actions are intersecting with protests of tens by thousands of youth who have joined the international wave of demonstrations against police violence.

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