Refugees, others, skate in the Netherlands

This 30 November 2015 video, in the Frisian language, is about refugees from Syria learning to skate in the indoor ice rink in Leeuwarden. Eg, young Mohamed really liked this sport, as he said.

Refugee's skating lesson in Ede, ANP photo

This photo shows a refugee learning to skate on ice rink De Uithof in The Hague, the Netherlands. All photos in this blog post are ANP photos. As this blog reported earlier, refugees are also welcome at the indoor skating rink in Ede.

Uithof skating lesson

This is an Uithof skating lesson photo.

Refugee falls in The Hague

As this photo shows, these lessons are not easy in the beginning. The photo shows, again, refugees learning to skate on ice rink De Uithof.

Ede refugees

However, after the first problems …

Refugees in Ede

… things go better, as these Ede refugees photos show.

In the last few days, it started to freeze in the Netherlands. In the east of the country. But also in the west, the river Rhine is frozen at some places. This means it is now possible to skate in the open air as well in quite some villages and towns.

This 18 January 2016 video is about the opening of the outdoor ice rink in Bladel in the southern Netherlands.

At 18:30 local time, the first outdoor marathon speed skating race of 2016 in the Netherlands will start on the Haaksbergen ice rink.

Racist football hooligans in Dutch The Hague

Riechedly Bazoer

This photo shows Dutch Ajax football club player Riechedly Bazoer. Riechedly Bazoer was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands. His parents came from Curaçao island in the Caribbean.

On 17 January 2016 in The Hague, Ajax played against ADO The Hague.

A minority of ADO The Hague fans are extreme right hooligans. They refer to themselves as ‘north side [bleachers] nazis’. They are anti-Semitic.

Whenever Riechedly Bazoer played the ball during the match, the self-styled nazis made ‘monkey-like’ noises, sang about bananas, and shouted that Mr Bazoer’s mother was supposedly a whore.

The Dutch public prosecution service will investigate whether any of the racists will be prosecuted.

Humans swim for fish on New Year’s Day

This video was recorded on 1 January 2016. On the Afsluitdijk, the  causeway separating the salt/brackish water of the Wadden Sea from the fresh water of the IJsselmeer lake in the Netherlands.

That dikes causes problems for fish migration.

The New Year’s Day swim in cold water was to get publicity for the plans to reconstruct the Afsluitdijk, making fish migration easier.

Ice skating on street, video

This 5 January 2016 video is about ice skating on a street in the Netherlands.

There is glazed frost on many roads in the northern Netherlands today, causing big problems for traffic.

However, like flooding in Ireland provided not only big problems, but also an opportunity for a wakeboarder, glazed frost is also an opportunity for some sporty people.

Winter and wildlife in Dutch Drenthe province: here.

Floods in Ireland, wakeboarder benefits

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Floods Yorkshire to Tipperary, but wakeboarder not bothered

28 December 2015

From Yorkshire to Tipperary it’s been a long day of storms and floods but one wakeboarder just took to the water, wakeboarding down the N65 road to Galway.

This Irishwoman wakeboarding on the road from Tipperary to Galway was Lindsay Whelan.

Refugees welcome at skating in Dutch Ede

Learning to skate is not easy in the beginning, photo: ANP

The skating club in Ede, Gelderland province, in the Netherlands announced today that refugees are welcome at the local skating rink IJsbaan Centrum.

In the afternoons, they can get skating lessons from the honorary chairman of the club, Theo van de Rijt. He expects people to learn skating within three days.

Yesterday, refugees in Ede had been invited to swimming in the local pool. However, this was cancelled at the last minute. It seems because of fears about safety after a racist had threatened in a letter to local paper De Edese Post with anti-refugee violence like in Geldermalsen town.

Let us hope that all refugees wanting to skate will be able to without racist threats. And that all refugees wanting to swim will be able to as well.

Racist tide in the Netherlands encounters opposition: here.

Bahraini torture prince succeeding Blatter at FIFA?

This video says about itself:

E:60 – Taken / Athletes of Bahrain

8 November 2011

Produced by Yaron Deskalo of ESPN. Filmed and Edited by Evolve Digital Cinema.

What if a country’s biggest athlete, a legend, a hero, a player who brought the nation some of its biggest sporting moments, was at practice one day and was suddenly taken into custody by masked men? What if he was held for months, tortured, his career ended, banned from his team and for playing for his country, all because he expressed his political views? It’s not a storyline from a Hollywood script — that is what allegedly happened in Bahrain.

Specifically, it’s what Alaa Hubail says happened to him. Hubail is the most famous soccer player in Bahrain and says similar treatment was forced on his brother, Mohammad, also a member of Bahrain’s national soccer team; and to Anwar Al-Makki, Bahrain’s internationally ranked table-tennis champion. In a story largely ignored by the Western world, these athletes describe in detail the horrific torture they endured at the hands of their government — a government that is allied with the United States despite allegations of human rights abuses against pro-democracy protestors. E:60 goes to the Middle East for the first time to investigate how athletes were caught up in the clash of democracy, freedom, repression and politics. Jeremy Schaap reports.

From the International Business Times:

Sheikh Salman: Bahrain royal accused of ‘crimes against humanity’ favourite to replace Fifa’s Sepp Blatter

By Callum Paton

December 22, 2015 13:38 GMT

Fifa’s decision to immediately ban former president Sepp Blatter and Uefa president Michel Platini from football for eight years has renewed attention on Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa. President of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and Fifa presidential hopeful, the Bahraini royal is accused of crimes against humanity.

In the run up to February’s election for a Fifa president to replace Blatter, Salman is odds-on favourite at 6-5, ahead of Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein at 13-8, with UEFA’s general secretary Gianni Infantino 5-2, Reuters reported. Jerome Champagne is a 20-1 outsider, with South African Tokyo Sexwale at 25-1.

Blatter and Platini were found guilty of breaking Fifa’s code of conduct regarding a £1.3m ($2m) payment made to the Frenchman in 2011. Both have also received fines, with Blatter ordered to pay £33,700 and Platini £54,000. Defiant to the end, Blatter questioned his suspension saying he had become a punching bag.

Salman has been accused by local human rights groups in Bahrain and international organisations of crimes against humanity perpetrated during the country’s 2011 uprising which was put down with military help from Saudi Arabia.

In particular, Salman is alleged to have headed a committee which identified dissenting athletes and sports personalities in 2011 and then had them imprisoned and tortured.

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) has said 150 athletes, coaches and referees were jailed as a result of Salman’s actions. It said at least six members of the Bahraini national team were “defamed and tortured following their public identification and humiliation by authorities, including the Bahrain Football Association.”

Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, Director of Advocacy at BIRD, said: “In attempting to get rid of its corruption crisis Fifa is now set to replace one allegedly corrupt official with another. Salman is accused of involvement in a campaign of abuse against athletes in Bahrain, something Fifa is aware of and has refused to investigate. Salman’s appointment would be absurd.”

Ken Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch has said Fifa will sink even lower than its nadir under Blatter if it elects Salman. “Can Fifa stoop any lower? Yes, if it selects as its head [a] Bahrain sheikh complicit in torture,” he said.

Bahrainis Hold 25 Peaceful Protests during 1st Week of December; 13 Citizens Arrested: here.

Bahrain’s security forces have a detained a reporter following the publication of an article on a bill seeking to deprive families of state-provided homes if the household head has had his nationality revoked, according to local human rights activists: here.