COVID-19 disaster in Trump’s USA continuing

This 4 August 2020 video says about itself:

D.C. Teachers Fight for Distance Learning in the Pandemic

After city officials in Washington D.C. weighed a plan to send teachers back to the classroom as part of a hybrid learning plan, the Washington Teachers Union mobilized a week of actions to push for virtual learning in the fall.

US coronavirus death toll predicted to reach 295,000 by December. By Bryan Dyne, 8 August 2020. The IHME projection of nearly 300,000 deaths by December exposes the lie that it is safe to reopen the schools.

New York Governor Cuomo sanctions statewide reopening of schools. By Evan Blake, 8 August 2020. Cuomo’s mandate provides crucial political support for the Trump administration’s drive to reopen schools irrespective of the cost to human life.

Altered CDC guidelines provide unscientific basis for reopening schools: here.

No masks, crowded hallways. Georgia highschoolers use social media to expose disastrous conditions as schools reopen. By Genevieve Leigh, 8 August 2020. Two students from Georgia’s North Paulding High School were suspended after photos of hallways packed with crowds of unmasked students went viral on social media.

One of Hannah’s original posts revealing conditions in the school

Georgia School Reports 9 Coronavirus Cases After Photos Of Packed Hallways Go Viral. Those who tested positive for COVID-19 at North Paulding High School included students and staff members, the principal said in a letter: here.

“It’s a recipe for disaster”. Autoworkers denounce bipartisan drive to reopen schools. By Tim Rivers, 8 August 2020. Opposition is growing among autoworkers and other workers to the back-to-school campaign, which is threatening the health of teachers, students and their families.

General Motors Spring Hill workers speak out against unsafe conditions amid COVID-19 pandemic. By Zac Thorton, 8 August 2020. The WSWS Autoworker Newsletter has received comments from a number of workers at the Tennessee plant.

Texas attorney general orders in-person education as state cases top 500,000. By Tony Jackson, 8 August 2020. The attorney general and governor of Texas are endangering the lives of teachers and students with a patently unscientific back-to-school pandemic plan.

Columbia University pressures faculty into teaching in-person classes, triggering backlash. By Elliott Murtagh, 8 August 2020. Faculty and graduate instructors have denounced university demands they teach in-person classes during the planned fall campus reopening.

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